Molecule Sateen Sheets Review


    Here I’ll be taking a look at the Sateen Sheet set from Molecule.

    I’m going to show you what they’re made of, how they feel. I’m also going to dive a little deeper into the special features these sheets have to offer, so you can determine if this is the right set for you.

    If it’s not, don’t worry, the perfect bedding is out there. Just search this website and I’ll help you find it.

    Let’s get started.


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    These sheets are made from a proprietary blend of cotton and Tencel. They feature a 300-thread count.

    These are sateen-woven sheets, although Molecule does offer a percale-woven sheet set as well.

    These are sateen-woven, and you can tell that because it’s giving it that really luminous sheen that’s so characteristic of a sateen weave.

    It’s got this pretty drape, and just a super silky smooth hand feel. These sheets are smooth in part, thanks to the Tencel.

    In my opinion, Tencel is a great extra ingredient to add when you’re blending fabrics like this, because Tencel is very absorbent. It’s naturally moisture-wicking.

    It’s going to work to keep you feeling fresh, keep you feeling dry. Also, it’s derived from a sustainably sourced wood pulp. There’s a nice eco-friendly perk there.

    My favorite thing about Tencel is how super soft it feels. You’re getting this silky smooth hand feel.

    The cotton and the Tencel are combining and the sateen weave is feeling silky smooth.

    I’ve got the white set, but there are other colors available. The white is adding this nice sheen to it.

    You get a fitted sheet, a top sheet, and two pillowcases. The pillowcases open on the side. There’s this nice flap of fabric, which is always a nice aesthetic perk, because you can’t see directly into the pillow.

    The fitted sheets are able to accommodate mattresses up to 15-inches deep. The mattress I’m using right now is almost 14-inches. The fitted sheet is pretty filled out although, and there is a little bit of room to play. I just tucked that excess fabric under the mattress to get a tight fit.

    My first impressions of these sheets right is they just feel very luxurious, I’m loving the way they drape and this pretty sheen. The Tencel is feeling super smooth.


    The reason why I love sateen-woven sheets is this pretty billowy, luminous sheen. It’s got this billowy, nice drape. From an aesthetic standpoint, these sheets look pretty.

    As far as what they feel like, it’s definitely my favorite part about these sheets.

    The Tencel and the cotton, combined with the sateen weave is making them so silky smooth, just this smooth hand feel that you just can’t stop rubbing your hands all over.

    One thing I am noticing though is that this silky smooth nature is creating a swooshing sound. The fabric is a little bit noisy.

    If you are a sensitive-to-sounds-sleeper, it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

    Another thing is I’m a very warm sleeper. While they felt cool to the touch at first, after rolling around in these sheets, I’m definitely feeling a little bit warmed up. They’re certainly not as breathable as percale-woven sheets, for example.

    Hot sleepers, sleepers prone to night sweats, something to keep in mind that these might be a little better suited for the cooler months.

    Another thing I’m liking, sort of a pet peeve of mine, especially as a combo sleeper who rolls around a lot, transitions positions a lot, the fitted sheet can sometimes come untucked, but that was not the case with this fitted sheet, which I appreciate.

    Like I said, it’s capable of accommodating mattresses up to 15-inches deep, which are fairly deep pockets.

    My mattress is almost 14-inches. It definitely fills it out, but even amidst all my rolling around, it never became untucked, which I appreciate.

    The pillowcases, I loved them very much because they feel nice on my skin, I do have sensitive skin. I’m loving that, but also I just appreciate when pillowcases have this extra flap of fabric, that when you’re flipping your pillow, or switching positions, you don’t have to worry about the pillow slipping or sliding out of the case.

    Overall, I have to say I’m a big fan of these sheets. They’re so pretty. They do just have this luxurious nature about them.

    I do think they make a little bit of noise. They are a little less breathable than I would like, but overall, I really like them.

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    There’s a lot to love about these sheets, but just to name a few of my favorite things.

    I’m already a fan of sateen-woven sheets, but the way this sateen weave is interacting with the super soft Tencel is just giving it this super buttery smooth hand feel.

    I love the way it feels on my skin.

    It has this pretty luminous sheen, this luxurious drape.

    First and foremost, I’m just loving the way it feels on my skin, which is the biggest factor for me.

    Another thing I love is that we know the Tencel is sustainably sourced. It’s a nice eco-friendly perk there.

    Tencel is also super absorbent and moisture-wicking, which is going to be great for folks who are prone to night sweats.

    Also, the hydrophilic nature of Tencel fibers is working extra hard to keep bacteria at bay.

    The Tencel is essentially working hard to keep your sheets feeling super fresh.

    Lastly, something that always takes the pressure off for me is a trial period. Molecule offers a generous trial period of 30-nights. You can test the bedding out, see how it fits into your life.

    If it’s not the right fit, you can just send it on back for a refund.


    Of course, there are going to be a few things about these sheets that some folks consider to be drawbacks.

    Firstly, while I do love sateen-woven sheets, a sateen weave does tend to be a little less breathable. I did find that to be the case with this particular set.

    I am a hot sleeper. I do prioritize sheets that are going to keep me feeling cool. While they are initially cool to the touch, once I got to rolling around in bed, I didn’t feel like they were keeping me cool. That’s something to keep in mind.

    That being said, I do think that the thicker weave of the sateen sheets is going to be good for the winter time and those cooler months, but I would probably tag in some crisp, breathable percale sheets once the warmer months roll in.

    Another thing worth noting is that right now, Molecule only makes their fitted sheets able to accommodate mattresses up to 15-inches deep.

    Obviously, that’s fine for what I’ve got here, but for folks who are looking to accommodate taller mattresses, you need deeper pockets for your fitted sheets. Tt’s something to keep in mind.

    Although I am pleased to report that Molecule is thinking about introducing a fitted sheet with deeper pockets.

    Lastly, while I do love the silky smooth nature of these sheets, they are a little bit noisy. Not too much, just a little bit of swooshing that goes on.

    If you are a light sleeper or you’re sensitive to those sounds, you might want to test them out first.

    Well, that wraps up this review.

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