Parachute Percale Sheets Review


    If you are looking for comfortable yet durable sheets, then you’ve come to the right place.

    Here I’m going to be reviewing the Parachute percale sheets.

    I’ll be going over their construction, feel and care instructions, so that you can decide if these are the right sheets for you.

    Let’s get started.

    Parachute is a family-run company from Portugal that’s known for making quality sleep accessories.

    The percale sheets are no exception.

    These sheets are made with premium materials to give you a premium sleeping experience.

    Want to learn more about them let’s dive into their construction?



    The first thing to understand about the construction of these sheets is that they are made of a hundred percent Egyptian cotton. This is some of the softest cotton in the world and so it’s going to offer a great sleeping experience.

    However they have a crisp finish on these sheets so they’re extra durable.

    The thread count on these sheets is 300, which is an extremely exceptional thread count and means that these are high quality sheets.

    These sheets also have an elastic hem that’s going to make sure they fit snug around the mattress and they can fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep.

    They also are not made with any harmful chemicals or any artificial fabric softener, so you can rest assured that these sheets are going to offer a great sleeping experience.

    See antibacterial silver infused sheets.


    Speaking of your sleeping experience, let’s talk about what these sheets feel like.

    The website describes these sheets as having a crisp cotton shirt feel. And I have to agree. These sheets are soft yet crisp and extremely light.

    These sheets are also going to be a great pick for hot sleepers because they’re going to sleep cool.

    Due to the nice light cotton material they’re made of, they’re going to sleep cooler than other sheets on the market, but they don’t have any specific cooling features.



    When you’re buying sheets it’s important to know what the care instructions are for them.

    These particular sheets are machine washable though you should be washed on tumble dry low and no bleach used.


    So who might like these sheets?

    They’re going to be a great choice for folks looking for the lightest sheets possible. I cannot stress how lightweight these sheets truly are.

    They’ll also be a really great pick for people who are fans of a cotton feel.

    These sheets have that classic cotton feel and they’re going to be extremely crisp.

    Finally they’re also going to be a great option for those who are looking for a chemical free option when it comes to their sheets.



    So who might not like the Parachute percale sheets?

    If you’re looking for the softest sheets on the market these might not be it. While they are soft, I’ve tested softer sheets before.

    They’re also not going to be great if you’re concerned about your sheets wrinkling. They will stay snug against the mattress, but there might be some wrinkles over time.

    Finally those who are extremely hot sleepers might not like these sheets because they don’t have any additional cooling features.

    However it is important to note that that’s just for extremely hot sleepers because they do sleep cooler than your average pair of sheets.


    Let’s go over some additional company policies for these sheets.

    The set of Parachute percale sheets are going to include one top sheet and one fitted sheet.

    They’re also going to have a 60 night sleep trial so you can try out these sheets from the comfort of your own home and they offer full refunds during that 60 night sleep trial.

    Finally they’re also going to come with a three year warranty.


    Before I wrap up I wanted to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these sheets.

    Are Parachute sheets worth it?

    Yes, these are extremely high quality sheets and this particular pair, the percale pair from Parachute, is going to be their lightest pair of sheets.

    What do percale sheets feel like?

    Percale sheets are going to be made of Egyptian cotton so they’re going to be extremely soft, crisp and light.

    Finally one question that was associated with these sheets was what sheets are used in five star hotels? Five star hotels usually use sheets made of the percale fabric that these sheets are made of.

    That’s about it.

    If you’re looking for soft, crisp sheets then you should definitely consider the Parachute percale sheets.

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