Kassatex Lorimer Percale Sheets Review


    Here I’m reviewing the Lorimer Washed Percale sheet set from Kassatex.

    If you’ve been in the market for a cozy set of cotton percale sheets, stick around because I’m about to show you one very cozy example.

    First Impressions

    The first thing I was thinking when I was dressing the mattress with these sheets is they’ve got this rustic casually-lived in aesthetic that I’m into. Got these casually creased, and they’re super soft to touch.

    As a hot-sleeper, the thing that’s standing out the most to me is how breathable these are.

    A little pro-tip is if you’re ever trying to figure out how breathable a set of sheets is, hold the top sheet up to the light and see how much light shines through. The more light that shines through, the more breathable it’s going to be.

    I did that, lots of light shining through, so I’m not surprised to feel how super airy and breathable these are feeling on me. Most are into the way they look.

    Not only the casually-creased look, but also the color. The color I’ve got is called oatmeal. It’s a nice, refreshing break in my opinion from white cotton bedding that I’m used to.

    There are more colors available online.



    Let’s take a close look at what exactly these sheets are made of.

    These sheets are made from a blend of long staple cotton and Tencel. They feature a 300-thread-count of percale weave and have been garment washed.

    What does all that mean? Let’s take it piece by piece.

    First of all, the long staple cotton is bringing great durability to the table. When you’re on the hunt for cotton sheets, a good thing to note is the longer the staple, also known as fiber, the more soft and durable the cotton sheets are going to be.

    Essentially, because shorter fibers need to be spliced together more than longer fibers. You’re going to get more of a coarse feel when the cotton fibers are shorter.

    What about the Tencel?

    Tencel is actually the name brand for lyocell, which is a sustainable material made from dissolving wood pulp. In the case of this particular sheet set, wood pulp from eucalyptus trees.

    Tencel is a super eco-friendly material. The whole Tencel production process is environmentally-sound.

    But because the Tencel in this particular sheet set is eucalyptus-based, you’re getting some extra perks from the eucalyptus. For example, eucalyptus is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why these sheets feel cool and soothing on your skin.

    Also eucalyptus is known for its anti-microbial properties, which is going to be extra-resistant to mildew and mold and help keep those allergens at bay.

    The 300-thread-count is nice and high for cotton sheets, so that’s contributing to this impeccably smooth finish.

    The percale weave is making it matte in appearance, and more crisp than silky smooth. When you’re on the hunt for cotton bedding, you’ll notice that you’re frequently posed with a question. Percale or sateen? This is percale.

    A sateen weave usually makes a set of cotton sheets silky and very lustrous and shiny. This is matte in appearance. It is more crisp. Percale sheets are also usually more light and breathable.

    Because they’ve been garment washed, they’re actually a little less starkly crisp than you might get from a set of cotton sheets that have not been garment washed. That’s what’s contributing to this sort of rustic aesthetic.

    The garment washing process is a textile manufacturing technique used to boost the softness of cotton bedding and also contribute to this casually-lived in look.

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    What You Get?


    Now that we’ve taken a very close examination of what these sheets are made of, let’s talk about what you get with each set.

    You get one top sheet, two pillow cases, which I have to say are surprisingly large. I have a queen size set with a queen size pillow. You’ve got a lot of room to spare here. I’m not crazy about how baggy this fit is, but if you do have king size pillows of course that’s going to work for you.

    Then one fitted sheet capable of accommodating mattresses up to 18 inches deep, which are super deep pockets. Even folks with taller mattresses should be able to find it a pretty good fit.


    Let’s talk about who’s going to be most compatible with this sheet set.

    First of all, hot sleepers. This is going to be a great pick for you. The percale weave is lending itself well to great breathability. When I was rolling around in these sheets, I noticed how light they lie on my body. They’re very airy and breezy and kept me cool.

    Additionally, Tencel is naturally moisture wicking. You’re getting that cool, crisp feel from the percale weave but you’re also getting that extra moisture wicking ability from the Tencel. That’s going to help you stay fresh and dry.

    Like I said, Tencel is eco-friendly. It’s sustainably source material, so those of you looking to sleep green Tencel is always a good option.

    The Tencel in this particular sheet set is also eucalyptus-based. You’re getting those nice, uniquely-soothing anti-inflammatory properties that feel cool and soothing on your skin.

    Also, you’re getting the nice anti-microbial properties, which like I said are working hard to keep those allergens at bay. It makes this whole sheet set more resistant to mold and mildew and anything else you don’t want crawling into your sleep space.

    Something that I like about this sheet set is that it’s been garment washed. The garment washing process is contributing to this causally-lived in look, this rustic aesthetic that I find to be particularly charming. It’s also boosting the soft smoothness.

    Something great about Kassatex is with this particular sheet set, you are offered a 60-day trial period. You can try these sheets out for 60 days. See how you like them and if you decide it’s not the right fit for you, send them back for a refund.


    A few things to consider about this sheet set before you make your purchase.

    First of all, the pillow cases. If you have an exceptionally large or really lofty pillow, then I guess it’s really not going to be a problem. If you’ve got a standard or queen size pillow, I have to say the pillow cases are surprisingly large and look a bit baggy.

    Another thing is these are garment washed and that is bringing that crispness down a little bit and boosting that soft, smooth feel. That crisp feel of percale cotton sheets is base of appeal for some sleepers. If you’re a sleeper who likes a really crisp set of cotton sheets, you might want to try these first.

    Another thing to know is, ranging from $105 to $225, depending on the size set that you get, the truth is these sheets aren’t going to be in everyone’s budget. Of course, a nice 60-day trial period does help, but there are some less expensive options on the market.

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