Alterra Pure Sheets Review


    Here I’m taking a look at Alterra Pure sheets.

    If you’ve ever heard about this bedding brand then you already know it’s all about organic, ethically-sourced bedding.

    But what does it feel like? Does it sleep hot or cool?

    Let’s take a look.

    First I just want to take a second to acknowledge the packaging that it came in. It’s made from 100-percent recycled materials. It’s in my opinion really cute, but also really sturdy.

    So should you want to re-purpose it to store your books or magazines, you totally can.

    Another thing that I like is it hits you right away with the wash care instructions so you don’t have to go digging through the website to find out how to care for them.


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    My first impressions is that this is a very stylish set of sheets. I’m loving their charcoal color. which the folks in Alterra Pure call Moon Shadow, There are other colors available but I really like deep gray color.

    Additionally, there’s this really pretty orange and white double-stitching that borders the top sheet and the pillowcases.

    The thing that I’m noticing more than anything is how super crisp these are. These are definitely some of the crispest sheets I’ve ever tested, so let’s take a closer look at exactly what they’re made of.

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    These sheets are made from 100% certified organic cotton. That means no synthetic pesticides, no harsh chemicals, no genetically modified cotton seeds.

    These factors are important for a lot of sleepers, especially for those with sensitive skin.

    These sheets are woven into a very tight percale weave, which is responsible for this super crisp feel, but it’s also responsible for how lightweight they are.

    They’re cool to the touch, very breathable.

    Definitely getting a sense they’re going to be good for summertime or for those of us who run hot.

    When you’re on a hunt for cotton bedding, it’s worth noting that you’re often posed with two different weave styles.

    Either percale or satin.

    With percale, you are getting that crisp, cool, breathable set of sheets that’s going to be matte in appearance . With satin, you’re getting more of a silky, smooth feel and more of a shiny luster.

    I would say this is very true to the percale weave.

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    With each sheet set comes one top sheet, two pillowcases which, by the way, features these envelope closures which I love because it prevents pillow spillage out of the side.

    Also a fitted sheet is capable to accommodate mattresses up to 17-inches deep. Those are very deep pockets so even sleepers with really tall mattresses should be able to find a pretty good fit.

    It’s also worth noting that the folks from Alterra Pure suggest that you wash sheet set twice before you actually sleep on it.

    After running these sheets to the wash, I have to say that, first of all, they actually seem to get crisper. Sleepers who are really into that very crisp feel are probably going to be most compatible with these.



    Let’s recap these sheets, highlights and potential pitfalls, so you know if they’re the right sheets for you.

    So there’s a lot to like about this sheet set.

    First of all, for you sleepers who just won’t sleep on cotton sheets unless they’re certified organic, don’t worry.

    Not only are these 100-percent certified organic, but they’re also a product of Fair-Trade manufacturing. Which means that the farmers who harvest this cotton must be paid a living wage.

    Now I don’t know about you but I like a little extra guarantee that my bedding is both ethically sourced and organic.

    Now something that I am personally liking about this sheet set is the style.

    I do get tired of white cotton bedding, and so I like that there’s not only a lot of colors to choose from on the website, but this particular color, the Moon Shadow, is really pretty and I think the double-stitching that borders the top sheet and the pillow cases adds a nice aesthetic flare.

    Now sleepers who can’t get enough of that crisp percale feel are going to be particularly compatible with these sheets.

    They’ve got a very crisp feel, but they’re also cool to the touch and very breathable, which is going to be beneficial for hot sleepers as well.



    So a few things to consider about this sheet set before you make your purchase.

    First of all, as of right now, this is the only sheet set offered by Alterra Pure.

    So if you were dead set on sateen or linen or something other than cotton percale, sorry, but this is it for now.

    Another thing that is definitely characteristic of percale and not just this specific sheet set is prone to wrinkling.

    So these sheets are definitely really susceptible to wrinkling.

    In my experience, it didn’t even really take that much rolling around before the wrinkles started to form.

    Luckily these sheets are, like I said, machine wash and dry-able.

    So if I were you I’d yank them out of the dry cycle as soon as it’s finished so that you can spread them out over the mattress when they’re still warm and that should serve to keep the wrinkles at bay.

    These aren’t the least expensive set of cotton percale sheets on the market and frankly they’re just going to be out of some sleepers’ price range.

    Additionally, there is no trial period offered with this bedding so you have to be pretty sure this is the bedding for you before you make your purchase.

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