Nolah Soft Bamboo Viscose Sheets Review (Cooling)

    bamboo cooling bed sheets

    Here I’ll be reviewing the Nolah Bamboo sheet set.

    It comes in a cute reusable bag. A lot of what I’ll be talking about is sustainability. It’s good for the planet, good for your body.

    It was a really neat way to bring in bamboo sheets into my home in a packaging that I can reuse.

    bag for Nolah bamboo bed sheets

    Now let’s talk about the bed sheets.

    They are heavenly soft, silky soft, silky smooth. Call it the way you want, but bamboo is my absolute favorite material to sleep in.

    And Nolah has produced a sheet set that is absolutely wonderful.

    The sheet set comes with a flat sheet, which is going to be that upper layer. It will come with a fitted sheet that goes around your mattress, and two pillow cases.

    If you’re buying the twin, twin XL or full, you’ll be getting just one pillowcase.

    100% viscose from bamboo is a very breathable, cool sleeping material that wicks your body moisture away. That then allows the moisture to evaporate into the air, which means that you’re sleeping cool and dry.

    That’s a huge thing.

    best bamboo viscose sheets

    There a lot of hot sleepers, a lot of people that sweat at night, that wake up from hot flashes, or just simply sleep in hot climates. This is going to be a great material to sleep in.

    I’ve tested them in really hot nights and I wanted to make sure that it passed the sweat test. And it did beautifully.

    I did not sweat, my wife is a very hot sleeper and she did not sleep hot. We did not wake up wet in any way, no sweat, nothing going on on that front.

    So really great bed sheets to sleep in hot climates.

    But do not shy away from them if you’re sleeping in cold climates.

    If you’re someone who sleeps cool, what bamboo does (knowing from experience having testing many bamboo sheets) it helps you naturally regulate your body temperature.

    If you’re sleeping in a cool climate, if you’re cold, you’ll just be able to keep in your heat and it will ensure that you’re sleeping at a comfortable temperature. It’s not going to cool you down further.

    However in conditions that are hotter, where you’re sweating, it does wick your moisture away and keeps you cool at night. It doesn’t mean that it keeps you cold on cold nights.

    Bamboo has those natural antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, which means that there’s not going to be mold, there’s not going to be mites, there’s not going to be bacteria crawling up on your sheets.

    This is going to be a very clean product.

    soft bamboo sheet sets

    Great if you have skin conditions, great if you’re suffering from allergies. It will sleep a lot cleaner than cotton and be a great option for those population.

    Looking at the feel of the sheets, which in my opinion is what matters most, you want to slide into your bed and feel like you’re on a cloud, and this is really the best way to describe those bed sheets.

    They have a bit of a shine to them. That is due to the material. They’re extremely soft and the closest thing to that feeling might be silk, even though silk has that cold feel to it that doesn’t really go away.

    Nolah Bamboo sheets are going to sleep at just the right temperature, but still have that buttery smooth feeling to it.

    It is going to be the softest sleep that you can get on the market today. I absolutely love these bamboo sheets. It is the go-to material and something that that everyone should be testing out.

    See silver infused antimicrobial bed sheets.

    The Nolah sheet set comes with a 10-year warranty.

    That just tells you about the quality of the product and the trust that the brand has in the product that they put into your home.

    In 10 years you can still sleep on those. You know how some sheets will sometimes crumble. Those will not. I expect them year after year to remain in a condition that feel like new.

    If not you have a 10 year warranty to return the product and work with Nolah on a replacement option.

    Looking at certification, they are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which means that the bamboo was collected in farms that are sustainable. This is going to be a sustainable option for the planet.

    bamboo cooling bed sheets

    As well as Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which is going to be free from harmful chemicals. They’re not adding chemicals to make the sheets feel softer and that makes them safe for your body.

    This product is going to be good for the planet and good for you. Just a good option for your home.

    You do have the option of washing those in your washing machine, and that’s my favorite way of washing bed sheets. I never had an issue washing bamboo and those will wash perfectly well as well. Feel free to throw them in the washing machine.

    Those sheets will sleep cool, they will be extremely comfortable, they will be very soft and a great option if you’re suffering from allergies, if you have skin conditions.

    You will really enjoy those bed sheets.

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