Peacock Alley Sheets Review


    Here I’m taking a look at two of the most popular sheet sets from Peacock Alley, both the Soprano Sateen set and the Lyric Percale set.

    Peacock Alley has been serving up luxury bedding since the ’70’s, but will these sheets live up to the hype?

    Let’s take a closer look.

    Since I’m testing both the Lyric and the Soprano set, I’ll do a little mix and matching so we could get a good sense of both of them at the same time.

    The first thing I’m noticing is that this is definitely luxury bedding.

    Both sheet sets have a really high quality, very durable, but also impeccably smooth feel to them, but, of course, the characteristics are a little bit different. I’ll talk more about why that is in a moment.

    Let’s take a deeper dive into what exactly each one is made of.

    The first sheet set I want to take a look at is the Lyric Percale sheet set, which is woven in Italy from extra-long staple cotton, features a 500-thread count, which is luxuriously high, and a percale weave.

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    Let’s take that piece by piece.

    When you’re on the hunt for cotton bedding, you’ll notice that you’re frequently posed with some questions.

    First of all, percale or sateen?

    These terms refer to the style used to weave the fabric on the loom. Each weave style comes with its own set of unique characteristics.

    When it comes to percale, you’re getting that classic crisp cotton feel, also tends to be more light in weight, more breathable, and better at keeping sleepers cool.

    Regardless of the weave style used, something to always pay attention to is the length of the cotton staples, also known as the cotton fibers, themselves.

    Basically, the rule of thumb is the longer the cotton staple, the more soft and durable the sheet set will be. Extra-long staple cotton is kind of a best-case scenario in the world of cotton bedding.

    The thread count, like I said, is very high. It’s 500.

    Just to give you a refresher about what thread count means, it refers to the amount of individual yarns per square inch of fabric. The more yarns per square inch of fabric, the higher the count. The higher the count generally means the more impeccably smooth the hand feel will be.

    There are some misconceptions around thread count. A lot of folks think that a high thread count automatically means a really high-quality sheet. That’s not necessarily the case.

    When you’re dealing with high-quality, extra-long staple cotton and a high thread count, it usually is going to produce a very high-quality set of sheets.

    This is what I’m noticing for sure about the Lyric.

    What are you getting with each set?

    You get a top sheet, two pillowcases, and a fitted sheet capable of accommodating mattresses up to 17 inches deep. That’s super deep pockets. Even those of you who sleep on luxuriously tall mattresses should be able to find a good fit.

    When it comes to the Soprano Sateen sheet set, I have to say it’s really pretty.


    This is also woven from extra-long staple cotton. It’s woven in Portugal.

    It’s got a very high thread count of 420, but it features a sateen weave which, like I said, is going to bring some different traits to the table.

    With the percale, you’re getting that light, breathable, crisp, cool feel. With the sateen, you’re getting a really elegant, lustrous sheen.

    It lies heavier on the body, which allows for this pretty, elegant drape that kind of silhouettes your shape and the mattress.

    One of my favorite things about sateen-woven bedding like this is its super silky hand feel.

    As far as what you’re getting with the Soprano Sateen set, it’s the same as the Lyric Percale. You’re getting one fitted sheet, the super deep 17-inch pockets, one top sheet, and two pillowcases.

    Just a few things to note about the top sheet and pillowcases, each have their own elegant flair going on.

    With the Lyric Percale, you’ve got this pretty double-open hem stitch that borders the cuff of the top sheet as well as the pillowcases.

    With the Soprano Sateen, you get this pretty satin stitch that also borders the cuff of the top sheet and the pillowcases.

    Like I said, they’re each bringing their own hotel feel to the table.

    Now that we’ve taken a close look at exactly what these are made of, let’s go ahead and dive deeper into which sleepers are going to be most compatible with each set.

    After thoroughly testing both of these sheet sets, I can safely say that this is definitely high-quality, luxury bedding.

    Of course, some sleepers are going to be more compatible with the sateen, and some are going to be more compatible with the percale.

    First of all, just remember that both sheet sets are woven from extra-long staple cotton, which enhances resistance to pilling, boosts the durability and the super soft feel.

    I can definitely say that both are super soft. They also both feature high thread counts. Just remember that both are built to last.

    However, with the sateen, you’re getting this silky smooth feel, this beautiful lustrous sheen, and drapes over the mattress in a really elegant way.

    With the percale, on the other hand, you’re getting that crisp cotton feel that reminds you of a freshly ironed dress shirt.

    Folks who are more into that crisp hand feel are probably going to be more compatible with the percale. Additionally, those of you who sleep hot are probably going to be more compatible with the percale.

    As I was billowing it over the mattress, I could feel a lot of air flowing through the fabric and served to help me sleep cool.

    Something that I appreciate about both of these sheet sets is they’re both machine washable, and wash care is pretty easy.

    Just wash on a warm, gentle cycle with a mild detergent, preferably mild liquid detergent, then tumble-dry on low heat or air dry if you prefer.

    Lastly, I appreciate the little hem stitching details on both sheet sets. It just brings this high-end hotel aesthetic to the table that I really like.

    Additionally, both sheet sets can be monogrammed if you want to personalize your bedding. It is a small additional fee of average about $20. There are 20 different font styles from which to choose, and they’re all very pretty.

    If you’re the type of person who likes to personalize your bedding like that, this might be right up your alley.

    Of course, there are a few things to consider about these sheet sets before you make your purchase.

    As far as quality goes, I don’t have any complaints. Both sheet sets are expertly made from very high-quality materials which, frankly, didn’t surprise me because Peacock Alley has been in the luxury bedding game since 1973.

    However, with luxury bedding usually comes a luxury price tag. These sheets are no exception.

    With the Lyric Percale, price ranges from $770-$850 depending on the size you get. It’s also worth noting that sizes only come in queen, king, and California king.

    With the Soprano Sateen sheet set, you get a much more wide range of sizes from twin to split king, but prices are still $435 to $700.

    Of course, these just aren’t going to be in everyone’s price range. You do get a 60-day return policy with each sheet set.

    However, it’s important to note that sheet sets cannot be returned if they’ve been monogrammed or washed.

    Since it’s generally a good idea to wash your sheets before you sleep on them, you have to be pretty sure that these are the sheets for you before you make your purchase.

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