How to Keep My Fitted & Flat Sheets on The Bed


    While I typically review mattresses, I also know a thing or two about solving some common household bedding problems.

    Like how do I keep sheets on a mattress.

    To solve this problem, I’ll go over some tips, tricks, and DIY options.

    For this article, I’ll review things that will help both fitted and flat sheets stay on your mattress.

    But before we get into all the DIY options, let’s look at some easy ways and products you can buy off the internet to help solve this issue, starting with mattress suspenders.

    How to Keep My Fitted & Flat Sheets on The Bed

    Mattress Suspenders

    These cost about $10 when you order them online, and they’ll arrive really quickly and they’re pretty easy to use.

    What you’re going to want to do is turn your fitted sheets inside out and put one side on the corner and the other two on the opposite sides.

    You can also adjust the length of the elastic here depending on the height of your mattress, and then you’ll fold it over the side and you should not have any issues or worries about your fitted sheets moving around.

    Stretchy Band

    Another great product to use is a long stretchy band.

    These look just like giant rubber bands, and they’re available in many different sizes depending on which bed you have.

    What’s great about these is that the work for both fitted sheets and flat sheets.

    If your fitted sheets are losing elastic, you can just place it around the outside and it’ll stay put.

    But if you’re also having issues with your flat sheets, just tuck it in around the sides and keep it really nice and secure.

    Solutions For Silk Sheets

    Silk sheets are a lot more likely to shift around throughout the night than cotton sheets.

    So if you’re running into this issue, one easy solution is simply place a cotton fitted sheets underneath your silk fitted sheets.

    This will create a little bit of friction and prevent it from slipping around too much.

    Another easy solution if you’ve got silk sheets is to simply add a mattress topper right on top of your bed underneath your fitted sheets.

    This not only creates a little bit of friction, but it adds some nice comfort. So this is a great choice if you also need some pressure relief whenever you’re side sleeping.

    DIY Options

    If you’re in a pinch and you need to solve your problem right away, here are some DIY options using common household items.

    First up, grab yourself some binder clips. This is going to be a great tactic if your top sheet keeps flying off in the middle of the night.

    All you need to do is clip it to the side of your mattress and attach it to your fitted sheets.

    Now when you place it in there, these pesky metal bars are going to kind of get in the way, so make sure to pinch them and take them out.

    If you’re crafty, you can also make your own mattress suspenders at home using only safety pins, elastic, a measuring tape and some scissors.

    So what you’re going to want to do is flip your fitted sheets inside out and stretch out the corners.

    Measure six inches from the corner to the outside on both ends.

    Then you’re going to want a safety pin, six inch pieces of elastic on the sides and one right in the center.

    Combine them all together so that it makes a nice triangle shape and then place around the corner of your mattress.

    This should keep it nice and secure.

    I will say that both of these DIY options are not ideal for long term use, so it might just be something to use for a weekend until you find something a little bit better.

    Well, by now you should have some great ideas of ways to keep those sheets on your bed.

    But if they’re not working for you, it might just bed time to buy a new set of sheets.

    If you’re in the market, make sure you check out these antimicrobial silver-infused sheets.

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