How to Make a Bed Like a Designer (7 Ideas)

    how to dress a bed like a designer

    Here are seven simple ways to improve your bed game.

    My very wonderful amazing beds have made me famous. I’ll show you precisely what I do with them, as well as pro tips on how to obtain that extra little something for your bed.

    Bedding is a really personal thing.

    Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what they want. Do they want something firm, hard, and warm? Are you always sweltering? You’re removing your blankets. Are you constantly freezing? A lot of layers are involved.

    All of this is possible, but you must first understand how a bed is constructed.

    And if you understand how it’s constructed, it’s simple to make decisions for yourself.

    It ought to be in line with, or make a statement about, your design style, just like everything else you’re going to design. That is extremely crucial.

    Do you consider yourself to be a minimalist? Maybe you’re a boho or a millennial with a lot of money. It makes no difference.

    A designer bed is made up of layers, which is how you should think about it.

    Layers for a Designer Bed

    Your actual frame is the first one.

    Do you own a four-poster bed? Perhaps you sleep on a platform bed. Perhaps you have one of those frames that simply does not show up.

    All you have to do is figure out what you’re dealing with, or what you want to work with, and then create design solutions around it.

    We’ll get to that in just a minute.

    The combination of your mattress and box spring comes in second. Some beds, such as the huge frame four poster, feature box springs, while others do not. It doesn’t matter; all that matters is that you understand what you’re up against.

    That completes the second layer.

    Your sheeting is actually the third layer. That’s a large topic, and I’ll get to it in a minute.

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    Your pillows, or the actual head pillows you’re sleeping on, make up the fourth layer. There’s usually one that you’ll sleep on, and then there’s another one with a gorgeous sham.

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    In a moment, I’ll go through that in further depth.

    The fifth component is what I refer to as the top element. And it varies a lot based on your design style, where you reside, and what time of year it is.

    If you live in South Carolina, it could be as easy as a cotton blanket, but if you live in Alaska or Canada, you might need a lot of extra puffy duvets and other items.

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    I’ll go through everything with you.

    Finally, the sixth layer includes any decorative items such as accent pillows, a foot band, or a throw, or anything similar. It’s quite easy to get distracted with that.

    I’ll discuss some excellent options for making your bed appear designer.

    Beds can be made in a variety of ways. It’s quite detailed.

    I’m going to start with the basics.

    So, what I’d want to do here is go through a number of very lovely designer beds that everyone can enjoy.

    Let’s disassemble them and see how those layers are put together, so you can figure out how to make a bed for yourself.

    Idea 1

    Let’s start with the first one.

    how to make a bed like a designer

    I adore this lovely four-poster bed. Because the four poster itself has a bit of a traditional feel to it, this will be a transitional bed.

    However, we constantly reinterpret a number of things in transitional.

    They’ve done it in a really simple manner, so the frame reads as transitional throughout. Then they kept it in an all-white color scheme, which is a classic and perhaps my favorite style of bed.

    They’ve piled it with lovely white sheeting, a big puffy duvet, and an all-white quilt on top of that. Then there’s their ornamental sham, which is just a smidgeon of something with a white and linen color scheme.

    That is probably one of my favorite bed styles since it works with so many different style statements, is extremely transitional, has a lot of fun layers, and always feels fantastic. You want to dive right in.

    My first piece of advice is that an all-white bed may be done in any of the style statements.

    Idea 2

    This second bed, which we’ll examine, is also transitional, but it begins to interact with colors and things in a somewhat different way.

    how to dress a bed like a designer

    Tip number two on this is that if you’re in the transitional area, you can start combining a couple of patterns, but put in some planes so it doesn’t get too overwhelming, since then you’ll be pushing towards traditional styling.

    But have a look at this great bed; it has a lovely tiny pinstripe percale sheeting set, as well as a lovely quilt at the foot of the bed with these lovely florals in navy and red.

    It has a really Eastern seaboard feel to it, which is very appealing. Outside, the sham pattern reflects that.

    This is a stunning transitional bed.

    The trick is to start introducing a little bit of color while yet keeping it calm with some matching solids.

    Natural materials are used in the next couple of beds. And that is actually suggestion number three, which is that if your design statement falls into the boho, beachy, or any of those categories, you should definitely use some of these natural materials.

    Idea 3

    how to layer bedding for designer look

    I like how this bed has a natural linen aspect to it, and then there’s a big wonderful weave on the end. We have a lot of wonderful fringe as a huge blanket.

    This is the bed for you if you’re a boho. That is something you should absolutely look into.

    Idea 4

    how to design a bed

    Natural materials can also be used. For those who wish to make a more masculine statement, natural materials, such as the two little leather stools at the bottom, or even a leather accent pillow, can be used.

    Instead of an extremely puffy top finish, this bed features a flat quilt in this gorgeous oatmeal linen finish.

    That’s a fantastic appearance. Natural materials offer you a little more of that mix, whether it’s boho or transitional, but a little more of that manly vibe, which makes for a great-looking bed.

    Idea 5

    how to layer a bed like a designer

    The next type of bed we’ll look at is one that falls into one of the more traditional classifications.

    And this one has a very big millennial feel to it. And the advice here is that if you’re going for the traditional or granted millennial look, you can layer on the patterns and go all out.

    The idea is to keep the color narrative consistent throughout each pattern so it doesn’t end up looking like a crazy quilt.

    There’s a wonderful tiny floral wall to go with this lovely little bed. That’s a separate layer.

    But then they incorporated patterned roses to both the quilt and the shams, as well as a beautiful little green and white gingham. There’s a green note running through all four of those patterns, so it obviously indicates traditional, but there’s lots of empty space in between.

    There are a lot of patterns here, but they’re all tied together by that one hue, and it’s a terrific way to make a traditional style bed.

    Idea 6

    how to design bedding

    If you’re searching for something more modern but still want your bed to feel warm and inviting, this bed is perfect for you.

    The key is to keep patterns to a minimal, if not none at all, then layer texture on top. This is just incredible. The bed frame is actually made of cognac shearling. It’s incredible.

    However, they also added a large duvet cover with a natural linen finish. There are several linen sheets in a different color. There are a lot of various textures going on.

    They’ve got a fur thing going on and a small accent pillow. As a result, there’s a lot of texture.

    If you want warm and cozy yet lean a little more towards the contemporary vibe, that’s your advice. That’s how you’ll be able to cover it with style.

    Idea 7

    bed design ideas

    We’ve got a little something for all of you who fit into the contemporary, Japandi, Scandi, minimalist group. It still looks designer, but it’s incredibly simple.

    So the advice is to keep things simple. There are no patterns, none at all.

    This bed appeals to me because it is nothing more than a low statement piece with a wonderful linen duvet cover that looks incredibly sleek and elegant.

    Sheets, pillowcases, and two small Euro shams are all white and made from the same linen as the duvet cover.

    You’ve completed the task. You’ve made a lovely statement there, incredibly simple but still appealing. On a Sunday morning, it still seems like you want to go inside and cozy up.

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