Best Pillow For Hot Side Sleepers


    In this article I’m going to be reviewing the best pillow for hot side sleepers – a cooling foam pillow from Bear.

    This pillow has a medium firm feel that should appeal to a lot of sleepers. It’s also super cooling, so hot sleepers like myself should really like this pillow.

    Throughout this review I’m going to be telling you what this pillow is made of, what it feels like and which sleepers I think might like it best.

    Let’s get started!

    If you haven’t already heard of Bear, they’re the mattress brand that I really like. They offer three mattresses and I’ve reviewed them all. They’re Original, Bear Hybrid and the Bear Pro.

    One thing I personally really like about the Bear mattresses is that they sleep super cool. Bear really thinks about hot sleepers when they make their products.

    I was excited to put this cooling pillow to the test and see if it lives up to their mattresses.

    Best Pillow For Hot Side Sleepers


    Now I want to get into the material section of review, but before I start, I want to mention that the Bear pillow comes in two sizes. It comes in a standard size and it comes in a king size.

    The standard size measures 15.75 inches wide by 25 inches long by 5.5 inches high and it has a weight of 5 pounds.

    The king size measures 15.75 inches wide again, but it has a length of 34.4 inches and a height of 5 inches and it is seven pounds.


    Now let’s get into the materials.

    The materials are same for both pillows and both pillows have the same firmness. I know some pillows come in different firmness levels, but this one comes in just one.

    So first up we have the cover.

    The cover is made from double ice fabric and it feels really cool to the touch. I was actually surprised how cool this pillow felt when I first touched it. When you place your hand on a certain part of it, you can really feel how cool it is.

    It also has these mesh panels on the opposing corners and these allow for some more airflow, which is going to help keep it cool.

    This cover is also machine washable, which is a great perk.

    Underneath the cover we have a layer of Bear’s hybrid foam. This foam has a pretty unique feel. It doesn’t have that super slow response to pressure you get with memory foam. It doesn’t have much contouring, but then again, it feels super different from down.

    It has a medium feel and it’s going to give you a nice bounce and buoyant feeling.

    I’d also like to mention that all of these materials are hypoallergenic, so if you have allergies, this could be a really good pillow for you.

    Also I think that these materials are actually pretty durable. The fabric has a really thick, luxurious feel. The foam is nice and solid.


    Now that you know a little bit about what this pillow is made of, I’m going to give you my best description of how it feels.

    It has a medium firm feel that I think is going to appeal to a lot of sleepers. Typically side sleepers need a firm pillow, back sleepers need a medium firm pillow and stomach sleepers need a very soft pillow.


    Sleeping Positions

    And the reason for that is that you want to maintain a neutral spinal alignment when you’re sleeping.

    When you’re sleeping on your side, you really need something to prop your head up in line with your shoulders. When you’re sleeping on your back, you need a little bit less of propping up and when you’re sleeping on your stomach, you need almost none.

    I think that this pillow is really good for back and side sleepers. I do think it’s going to be a little bit too firm for stomach sleepers. I think they should go with something with a lower loft.

    If you’ve gotten confused by what I mean by loft, I did mention it early in this article, but not everyone is familiar with this term. Loft refers to the pillow’s height. Pillow lofts typically range from two inches to as high as seven inches.

    As I mentioned earlier, this pillow comes in a standard size and a king size. In the standard size the loft is five and a half inches and in the king size loft is five inches. That’s on the higher side.

    Generally I’d say this is good happy medium for back sleepers or side sleepers. Some side sleepers, those who have neck pain, I would maybe go with something with a higher loft, but for most side sleepers I think that this is going to be just fine.

    Who Should Get The Bear Pillow?

    Now that we’ve talked about materials and we’ve gotten feel and firmness out of the way, I want to give you a quick recap on who I think should buy this pillow.

    Number one, hot sleepers. Hot sleepers definitely need a cooling pillow. To me, nothing feels better than flipping the pillow over to the cool side and this pillow feels like that all the time. You’re always on the cool side of the pillow. If you’re looking for a cooling pillow, this might be the one for you.

    I also think that this pillow is great for back and side sleepers. I felt really nice and supported in both of these positions and that also means it’s good for back and side combination sleepers, as it was comfortable in both positions.

    I like the fact that this pillow maintains its shape. Because the foam is solid, it’s not moving from one side to the other like you get with some down pillows. You’re gonna feel the same firmness level all throughout this pillow, which is especially good for combination sleepers, because while they’re moving around, they tend to displace a fill if it’s very movable and malleable. But this pillow isn’t like that.


    Who Should Not Get The Bear Pillow?

    Now I want to tell you guys who I think maybe shouldn’t buy this pillow.

    If you are a stomach sleeper I would say that this pillow is too high loft for you. I would go with a pillow that has a really low loft. Some sleepers actually need a really unique pillow, so I think that a lot of the pillows I review I generally wouldn’t recommend for stomach sleepers unless they have a very low loft.

    I also wouldn’t recommend this pillow to anyone who likes to have that malleable, soft downy feel, because this pillow does not have that at all. It has a really solid feel, which can either be a pro or con. For me, I like that, but some sleepers want to be able to kind of fluff down their pillow in that classic way.

    Lastly this pillow might be on the pricier side for some shoppers. There are cheaper options on the market.

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    To round out this review, I want to share some of Bear’s policies.

    First of all, this pillow comes with a hundred night sleep trial. This is pretty rare. A lot of pillows don’t come with a sleep trial at all. It’s kind of you buy it and that’s it or maybe they’ll have a return policy. But a hundred night sleep trial is really great. It’s one of the longest that I’ve ever seen.

    Bear really set in the standard for the pillow sleep trials.

    Next up it comes with a two-year limited warranty. Again this is really generous warranty for a pillow. A lot of places don’t even offer warranties on their pillows. But I would say that this is a luxury pillow, so it’s really nice to give you that warranty.

    Lastly Bear offers free shipping and they say that your orders should ship within two to seven business days.

    That’s it for my review of the Bear cooling foam pillow.

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