Bedroom Cleaning Hacks & Tips

    Bedroom Cleaning Hacks & Tips

    Some of it glaringly obvious, some of it not so much. In your bedroom there are tons of little places that you need to think about cleaning that when you’re doing a rush clean of your bedroom, you’re probably not thinking about.

    In this article we’re just gonna unpack the bedroom, we’re going into all of it and we’re talking about how to clean everything in your bedroom. This is the definitive guide to bedroom cleaning.

    Whenever I approach a room and I talk about the method for cleaning it, I always talk about my three wave system.

    The first wave is tidy and organize, the second wave is to actually clean and the third wave is to take care of the floors and garbage.

    The idea is that you have three definitive things that you’re doing in one pass around the room, so you do three total passes.

    In this article we’re focusing specifically on wave two and all of the things that you can do to deep clean your bedroom. Again, areas that you probably think about when you’re cleaning and definitely some areas that you don’t.

    Bedroom Cleaning Hacks & Tips

    The Bed

    We will start by talking about the bed.

    If you have a headboard or art above your bed, you always want to make sure that you’re dusting that headboard or the art. You need a microfiber cloth, a little bit of water and you just need time to give it a good dust.

    If it’s a fabric headboard, you can use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment and you can do the exact same thing. You want to keep your headboard healthy or dust free, because it makes it easier for you when you’re sleeping to breathe comfortably.

    We can also talk about bedding, so your pillows and your comforter. That goes for the stuff you sleep on and in, as well as the fancy stuff that goes on top that you chuck on the floor.

    Your pillows and your comforter should be cleaned every three to six months depending on where you live and how sweaty you get.

    Sheets should be laundered once every week and if you really need to push it, every two weeks, but your sheets absorb your sweat, your dead skin cells, your body oils, so it’s important to keep them clean. Just think about them like another garment. It kind of gets yucky. Sleeping in them and your room can start to smell.

    Also your pillowcase can absorb oils and dirt and can eventually cause acne, especially if you’re an acne-prone person. So you really want to make sure you’re staying on top of those sheets.

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    Your mattress is another area that you want to think about cleaning. I hope that you have a mattress protector. Here are some of the best mattress protectors.

    Mattress protectors are crucial to have because they actually protect your mattress from the same stuff we were just talking about with sheets and also spills. Just do yourself a favor and get a mattress protector.

    Remove your mattress protector and vacuum your mattress using a clean upholstery attachment or a brush attachment. It just needs to have power on it and you want to vacuum your mattress really well.

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    Under The Bed

    We’ll move straight from the mattress to the area under your bed.

    Some people use this for storage, other people just keep it empty. Either way, it’s gonna get dusty under there, so if you do keep things under, you’ll have to pull them out. I would also recommend sorting through that stuff, because it’s very easy to put things under the bed, forget about them until whenever and then have a huge decluttering job on your hands.

    But when you pull that stuff out or if you don’t have stuff under there, regardless you want to make sure that you’re giving the under bed area a good vacuum every now and then. That is where all of those dead skin cells end up falling, because remember, dust falls from the top to the bottom. And you will often find some of the most massive dust bunnies under your bed.

    Nightside Tables

    They generally come with drawers and shelves and they look so cute to place all your cute stuff, but the problem is sometimes we put too much cute stuff and then we forget the other cute stuff that we have that’s sitting at the back of the drawer.

    So one of the things to keep in mind when you’re tackling your nightside tables for cleaning, is to pull everything out, sort through it. Give it a little wipe down on the inside, it does get dusty, you can also use a vacuum with a little attachment.

    And then neatly place everything back in there. Really and truly the function of nightside tables or bedside tables is to have things that you need immediately when you are in bed. So don’t stack it up with superfluous stuff that you just don’t need there.

    Your nightside table also has a horizontal surface, like the majority of your furniture. That is very easy to get cluttered up, if you don’t keep it at bay. You need to keep your horizontal surfaces neat and tidy because when you walk into a room, if you see a cluttered space, even if your room was just professionally cleaned, if there are like 12 things on there and they’re disorganized, it’s not going to look or feel clean or tidy to you, which is why keeping your horizontal surfaces clean and organized and minimal is so important.

    It doesn’t have to be minimal, like two things, it has to be minimal like what feels good and right and peaceful and easy for you to look at. So if that’s six things, great. If it’s two, fine. Whatever works for you and feels right that is what you want to think about when you’re tidying and organizing your horizontal surfaces.

    A good trick is to remove everything from the horizontal surface, clean it with the appropriate cleaning product and tools. You can just use a microfiber cloth and some all-purpose cleaner. Treat the horizontal surface. Wipe it down with a cloth using an S pattern and then gently pick up each item, give it a wipe down, and place it down mindfully on the surface, lining the item up either parallel to the edge of the surface or perpendicular to the edge of the surface.

    That way you always have straight neat lines and it always makes a room look neater and more tidy.

    This applies for all horizontal surfaces in your bedroom, so not only your nightside tables, but also your dressers or any other furniture that you have.

    The Closet

    No matter how big or small the closet is in your bedroom, it’s a place that definitely needs to be organized, because closets are so easy for them to just get completely out of control.

    So depending on how much time and heart you want to put into this, what you would want to do when you’re cleaning your closet, at least the proper way to do it, would be to take everything out of your closet, put it on your bed, vacuum the inside, dust the inside, because for sure it’s going to be dusty in there.

    You also want to be mindful of the shelves above and the space below, where all of your clothes hang. You might want to pull anything out from there and get rid of it if you no longer need it.

    And then when you’re going through your clothing, just pick out anything that you don’t fit into anymore, that you don’t love, that you know doesn’t look as great as it used to. There’s no point of something taking up real estate in your closet.

    Then you can tackle all the stuff on your bed, start putting everything back, the stuff that you plan on keeping and when you hang your stuff up, organize your garments by type of garment and by fabric weight and then you can go by color if you want to do that as well.

    There are plenty of different ways that you can make your closet look great. The most important thing to do is to slim it down, clean it out and put a system back in place that makes sense for you and your lifestyle.


    One of the areas that is the most challenging to keep clean in the bedroom would be drawers.

    Drawers usually look like crap and that’s just because people don’t care enough about them. People don’t love cleaning and keeping their drawers clean and organized. It is definitely not a priority for them.

    But don’t let that bring you down when you’re cleaning your room. You should tidy and reorganize your drawers. It’s a pretty painstaking process because you got to take everything out of your drawers, you’ve got to refold it and put it back, but the efforts are worth it. It’s easier to get dressed and find things.

    The hardest part about drawers is trying to keep them clean when you’re in a rush. So if you’re putting laundry back quickly or you’re trying to find that shirt, that’s when things can get a little bit messy. Like everything else in your room, it’s really important to manage it day to day and tuck things back and make them look neat as you go, instead of letting them get out of control.

    But either way no matter what your drawers look like, unless they look pristine, what you would want to do is take everything out of your drawers, and you don’t have to do all your drawers at once, you can do one a day or one a week, until it’s all done.

    But what you would want to do is take everything out of your drawers, sort through it, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or it has a hole in it or that you’re just not using anymore. Fold the rest of the stuff back and replace it neatly. You can vacuum your drawer before you put everything back.

    Floordrobe / Chairdrobe

    Another area that the majority of us will have to clean when they are cleaning their bedroom is the raging pile of clothing, whether it’s the floordrobe or the chairdrobe.

    Wherever you end up taking your clothes off and chucking them at the end of the day, when you’re too tired to deal with them, you’ve got to clean that area.

    This area is actually fairly simple to manage. If you stay on top of it and build that in as part of a habit, you won’t have that pile build up and build up.


    One of the biggest cleaning tasks to do in a bedroom is to manage the dust. That can look like a lot of different things, depending on what you have in your bedroom.

    As you do with cleaning, start at the top and work your way to the bottom, when it comes to talking about different things to dust.

    When we talk about dusting light fixtures, any moldings or corners in a bedroom, even over the door, like over the door frame, what you would want to do is take a microfiber cloth and a fix it over the back end of a mop pole and you can just run it along the top edge of your bedroom, door frames, anything like that, and do your high dusting.

    When it comes to things that you have on the wall, such as mirrors or artwork, what you would want to do is dust the frame first so you can just use an all-purpose microfiber cloth, even dry is fine. You can just quickly give a wipe to get rid of any of that dust.

    Let dust fall to the bottom because you are going to be vacuuming up afterwards, so don’t get too finicky about where it flies.

    Next take a flat weave microfiber cloth, treat it with a little bit of glass cleaner or use equal parts vinegar and water, spray your cloth or the glass, whatever makes sense for the piece, and then do a quick wipe down using the S pattern. When that’s done, move on to the next piece.

    This isn’t quite dusting, but I do want to mention it. Points of contact in a bedroom are very important to clean. From light switch plates to drawer pulls, doorknob, handles, remotes, anything like that that you’re constantly touching. You’d want to make sure that you’re giving that a clean with some disinfectant.

    Other things in your room that you should think about dusting every now and then will be your windowsills. These are sort of things that you can clean on an as needed basis, but just eyeball them and if you notice they’re a little bit dusty, you can use a microfiber cloth and water and give them a wet wipe.

    For window coverings and lamp shades that’s another thing. That can get dusty, depending on the type of window covering that you have. It might make sense for you to vacuum it using a brush attachment. It also might make sense for you to use a microfiber cloth.

    Window cleaning, I would say to only do a couple times a year, whenever it really bothers you. I would also caution you that you can clean your indoor windows as much as you want, but your outdoor windows eventually are going to have to be cleaned as well.

    The Floor / Vacuuming

    Now that we’re done wave 2, we can move right on to wave 3, which is removing any garbage from your bedroom and cleaning the floors.

    Clean the rug really well, if you have a carpet or a rug in your room, you want to make sure that you vacuum it really really well. Your bedroom is super dusty just because you’re sleeping there and there are lots of dust mites. You have to stay on top of that.

    If you’re someone who has a vacuum that doesn’t love cleaning hardwood floors, you can always use a dry dust mop.

    Make sure that you finish off by giving your floors a really good clean.

    That’s a pretty exhaustive list on all the things that you need to clean in your bedroom, but that was the point of this article. I wanted you to know any and all things that you needed to think about when it came to cleaning this room, so that way you’ve got your definitive guide.

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