Best Organic Wool Filled Bedding

    organic wool mattress topper

    Here you will find the best organic wool filled bedding products.

    They are produced by Sleep & Beyond, a company with many awards and certifications.

    Wool Filled Pillow

    myDual Side Pillow

    wool filled pillow

    myWoolly Pillow

    organic wool pillow

    myWoolly Side Pillow

    sheep wool pillow

    These are adjustable, hypoallergenic and machine washable pillows. Filled with pearl-sized puffs of 100% natural Shropshire wool.

    Encased in 100% natural cotton sateen, 300TC.

    They come in high loft, but you can remove woolly puffs to achieve your perfect support level.

    They provide support and pressure relief for the neck, while promoting proper spine alignment. They eliminate the overheating and night sweats.

    The “woolly puffs” work in tandem with the quilted outer shell to create the sense of muscles relaxing and joints releasing tension.

    Good for all sleeping positions: side, stomach and /back.

    5 year warranty.

    Three sizes: standard, queen and king.

    Wool Filled Comforter


    best wool filled comforter, organic

    This is an eco friendly comforter for all four seasons. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

    Filled with 100% washable wool. Encased in 100% natural cotton sateen, 300 TC.

    Quickly wicks away moisture, regulates body temperature and breathes more naturally than down and synthetic products.

    myComforter Light

    lightweight wool comforter

    This comforter is designed for warmer seasons and climates, or for those who keep their bedroom temperature cool, from 69°F to 74°F.

    Wool Mattress Topper


    organic wool mattress topper

    Perfect for year round comfort, this 1.5” mattress topper is filled with 100% Shropshire wool and encased in 100% natural cotton percale, 270 TC. 5 year warranty.


    wool mattress protector

    This unique 2-in-1 waterproof protector adds a protective layer to the mattress, protecting it from stains, spills, and bacteria.

    Filled with 100% washable wool, with top fabric made of 100% natural cotton percale, 270TC.

    The fitted skirt can easily accommodate a mattress up to 18” pocket.

    10 year warranty.

    myDual Pad

    myDual Pad

    This is a reversible mattress pad for year-round comfort.

    The Fleece side is ideal during colder seasons, while the cotton/wool quilted side is good for warmer months.

    Both sides are soothing and soft against skin.

    Filled with 100% natural washable wool.

    5 year manufacturer warranty.

    If you want to buy any of these wool bedding products, please click this button:

    Sleep & Beyond offers a range of incredibly quality organic wool filled bedding products.

    It’s a family owned business and have factories around the world. These are organic bedding supplies and they produce their products in an ethical sustainable way.

    Merino sheep are not harmed in the harvesting of their incredible wool and five percent of all sales from Sleep & Beyond products goes to charity.


    The awards that they’ve won and the reviews on their website speak for themselves.

    So I’m talking about a great brand.

    Everybody’s saying how important bedding actually is, the choice of your pillow, your mattress, your duvet cover, your sheets.

    You’ve never realized it as much as when you go to stay in a hotel or go stay at a friend’s house. Then you realize ‘oh wow, there’s a difference here’.

    Have you ever stayed in a hotel where the sheets literally stuck to you or they were so hard you could break a glass on them?

    Or maybe it was the pillow that just had nothing to it, either too soft or too hard.

    Maybe you’ve even tried some expensive new technology pillows, latex pillow, specially shaped, weird colored pillows.

    If you’re tired of your bedding and you’re not sleeping well because of it, you’re not the only one. Millions of people around the world suffer with this exact same problem.

    That’s why I’m so excited to share Sleep and Beyond with you.

    So let me introduce you to some of their products.

    First of all, it is this wonderful Organic Sheet Set from Sleep and Beyond. It’s 300 thread count and it’s a wonderful 100% organic cotton sateen.

    This is such superior quality. This is hypoallergenic, it’s free from any harmful dyes and chemicals and it has a wonderful ability to control moisture.

    It’s really soft and soothing and relaxing.

    Now this sheet set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases. It’s got basically everything you would need to set up your bed in a comfortable, soothing, organic way.

    You can just feel the quality.

    It feels so good, beautifully stitched. Speaking of stitching, the fitted sheets are double stitched in the corners for extra durability.

    Now many people ask why organic cotton?

    Organic cotton is made from seeds that have not been genetically modified. You support the local economy, you protect the environment, it’s better for your health. Why not use organic cotton?

    Then with your sheets you need pillows, right?

    Sleep and Beyond have the best pillows and the ones that actually helped me sleep every single night.

    I’ve been using them now for a few months.

    They have myWoollly Side Pillow and myWoolly pillow.

    There’s something quite unique about these pillows.

    Firstly is odd shape of the pillow. I don’t know how you sleep. Do you sleep on your side or on your back?

    I sleep on my side with my arm underneath my head in a very strange-looking position and I always battle to find a pillow that can accommodate my strange sleeping style.

    What makes the myWoolly side pillow unique and helpful for me is that you can actually take the clumps of wool from inside the cushion and you can actually take them out. You can position them and adjust them to suit your weird sleeping position.

    These pillows are hypoallergenic and made from a British Shropshire wool.


    I find with the down and synthetic pillows they often make me quite sweaty, you get night sweats, but with this pillow, there is a temperature control. It maintains its temperature and just keeps me refreshed and calm and relaxed the whole night long.

    It’s a perfect pillow for me and I guess that’s what it comes down to – trying to find products that are perfectly suited to your sleep patterns, to your body, to your ailments.

    Some people have neck conditions, some people have back conditions, some people are allergic.

    That’s why you need to try to find the bedding product that perfectly suits you. That’s why you feel it when you leave home and you have what makes you comfortable and you have what you like.

    So when you can stay in a stranger’s home or in a hotel, you certainly feel ‘oh, this is uncomfortable, do people really sleep this way’.

    I guess it’s like most things in life. You get what you pay for. If you’re spending peanuts, you’re going to get a pillow and bedding good for a monkey, right?

    Think of how much time you spend in your bed sleeping. In fact, almost half the life you’re gonna spend on a bed. So it’s a good idea to sleep comfortably.

    There’s an anti-aging quality to the Sleep and Beyond pillows as well.

    Pillow manages to suspend the face over the sleeping surface. So it takes off the pressure on your eyes and your cheek bones. And these are the things that actually create wrinkles and age you.

    I’ve been needing to use this for much longer than the last few months!

    And then the other pillow is the myWoolly pillow.

    It has 300 thread count cotton on the pillow case. Inside of it, there are nice wooly tufts that you can easily just take out or put back in and position to your comfort level.

    Everything I’ve talked about here has a five-year warranty. But this has got a 10 year warranty. It’s the myProtector by Sleep and Beyond.

    This is pretty much everything you’d expect from a good-quality protector.

    It is breathable, waterproof protection against spills and stains, excellent body temperature regulator, very much like their other products that prevent overheating. It’s naturally hypoallergenic.

    It is pet dander barrier, prevents that kind of thing, dust mite and household allergen protection.

    I mean the list just goes on. You can machine wash it.

    Organic Merino Wool Bedding – Pillow, Comforter, Mattress Topper

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