WinkBed GravityLux Mattress Review


    This article is gonna be all about the GravityLux mattress from WinkBeds.

    WinkBeds is an American-based online mattress brand that makes a bunch of quality mattresses right out of the great state of Wisconsin.

    The GravityLux is their more premium memory foam all-foam mattress.

    If you’ve been shopping online and you’ve come across this option and you’re rather curious about it and you want to get to know it a little bit more, you’ve come to the right place because in this article I’m going to try to tell you everything that you need to know about the GravityLux.

    I’m going to start off by talking about the policies that it comes with, then I’m going to talk about what it’s made up of, so it’s design and construction, then we’re going to talk about how it feels, how firm it is, how much it costs, elements that couples might want to consider.

    At the end I’ll even wrap things up with a final verdict on who I see it ultimately being best for.

    If you’re open-minded, this article should be all you need to make a well-informed decision about this bed before you buy it.



    First things first, I got to talk about the policies that this bed is backed.

    If you decide to order it online, you’re going to get the following policies starting with completely free bed in a box shipping.

    This bed is likely going to show up at your door inside of a box that’s around four feet tall. All you got to do is unbox it and it’s actually kind of fun if you have the help of a friend.

    Once it is unboxed, you might notice that the mattress looks a little bit squished and not to its true form. That’s totally normal since this is an all foam memory foam mattress. It probably just needs a day or two to sit out onto your foundation and fully inflate.

    Once this mattress is in your possession, you also get four full months to try it out in the comfort of your home risk free. That’s 120 nights to make a well-informed decision on whether or not you actually want to keep this bed.

    If you decide not to for whatever reason within that time frame, WinkBeds also offers completely free returns with this mattress in which case you’re just going to call WinkBeds and they’ll probably work with you to set up a mattress removal.

    But on the flip side, if the opposite occurs, you get the GravityLux in your home you sleep on it for a few nights and you fall in love, it’s love at first sleep, that’s great because this bed is backed by a lifetime warranty, which is above and beyond the usual industry standard.



    Now let’s talk about this bed’s construction. What exactly is this thing made up of?

    As I mentioned, this is an all-foam mattress and it starts off with a durable layer of support foam on the bottom.

    Above that you have more of a transitional layer that’s designed to have more of a zone support construction.

    What that means is that the layer is intended to give you more support under your back where you need it the most, while offering the other areas of your body a bit more pressure relief.

    On top of that zone support transition layer, you’ve got the bed’s primary comfort layer which is WinkBed’s air cell memory foam. This is a basic slow to respond memory foam that’s designed to not retain as much heat as a more traditional style of memory foam and help you sleep a little bit cooler at night.

    Rounding everything out is a tencel cover infused with some cooling gel foam and though WinkBed advertises this bed to have a ton of cooling properties to help you sleep cool, I’d say that the bed is pretty much gonna sleep temperature neutral at the end of the day.

    We don’t necessarily think this is going to be an active cooling option if you’re an excessively hot sleeper. But I certainly don’t think that the bed is going to warm up on you throughout the night.


    This construction all adds up to give this mattress kind of a nuanced feel. I’d say it’s a cross between a memory foam and a pillow top, so more of a memory foam pillow top feel.

    You will probably get a bit of a sinking sensation from this mattress, but that should be balanced out nicely by its comfort cooling gel found within its fluffy pillow top.

    I’ve come to really enjoy the feel of the GravityLux. It is kind of unique to this specific style of mattress and to mw it kind of almost resembles something like a Loom and Leaf.

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    In terms of firmness, you’ve got three different options to choose from. They have a soft, medium and a firm model.

    I tested their medium and I’d say it is right around a proper medium on the scale. So it’ll probably work just fine for all sleeper types, back, side, stomach and combination.

    But if you want a softer or a firmer version of the bed, you also have those options available.



    Now let’s get back into what couples should consider for the GravityLux.

    The first thing is edge support, so that basically is how well the perimeter edge of the bed holds up under pressure if you happen to sleep pretty close to it at night.

    For the GravityLux I’d say it’s average. It’s not going to be the best edge support I’ve ever seen in an online mattress, but it certainly isn’t the worst either. In any case you shouldn’t really be rolling off this mattress anytime soon.

    Motion isolation is another thing that most couples should take into account when getting an online bed. That’s basically how well it’s going to absorb cross-mattress movement.

    For the GravityLux I’d say it’s pretty good in this category. All-foam memory foam beds typically perform the best out of all the ones that out there.

    The GravityLux does a pretty good job at absorbing and deadening a lot of movement. So if your partner likes to wake up in the middle of the night, you shouldn’t be jostled awake from their movement.

    In terms of temperature regulation, I already touched on this, but I see the bed is pretty much sleeping temperature neutral.

    A lot of other factors besides the bed’s overall sleeping temperature do come into play when you’re talking about how cool or warm a bed sleeps. It could come down to how hot you keep your room or the types of sheets you use. So take all that stuff into consideration beforehand.

    In a nutshell though, I’d say that the GravityLux should be a pretty viable option for most couples out there. As long as you’re both okay with more of a memory foam pillow top bed.


    Now it’s time to get down to pricing. How much is the GravityLux gonna run you at the end of the day.

    As of when I’m writing this review, a queen size retails for right around $1800, but WinkBeds as a brand is typically pretty good with the discounts and promotions that they run with their beds, after which you can expect to save a few hundred dollars and that price coming down to the $1500 range.

    They usually also like to bundle in things, like mattress protectors, sheets and maybe even pillows sometimes.


    But that’s pretty much going to sum it up for this review.

    Now it’s time for me to address my final verdict. Who do I think this mattress is going to be good for and why?

    I’d say look into the GravityLux if you’re looking for more of a premium memory foam mattress that’s also got a bit of a pillow top feel, you want to choose between three different firmness options and you also want to bed from a reputable brand that’s backed by some pretty consumer-friendly policies.

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