9 Best Weighted Blankets For Adults (With Glass Beads)

    In this article you will find out about 9 best weighted blankets for adults.

    If you’ve done any research about weighted blankets, you’ve probably heard the term deep pressure touch or DPT.

    Research into this kind of therapy and the different ways you can apply it, are still ongoing and researchers everywhere are trying to understand why it works really well for some people, especially adults who are under a lot of stress or have a lot of anxiety.

    Could this help you?

    Research is still ongoing and different adults respond differently to therapy, but we could say a lot of people feel a lot better and calmer after getting a nice, big hug from someone they care about, right? Well, that’s kind of the idea behind weighted blankets.

    It just puts a little extra pressure all over your body. And people report feeling more relaxed, sleeping better, sleeping deeper, feeling less anxious.

    Since this technology became more popular, these weighted blankets are popping up all over the place and they’re all different.

    So let’s talk about some of the best of these blankets.

    Lalya Weighted Blanket

    best weighted blankets for adults

    Layla loves a dual sided cover and this blanket has one.

    On one side it has a 300 thread count cotton. This side kind of feels like your sheets might feel, but more durable, so maybe a little less soft.

    But on the other side it feels really fuzzy and soft. It is incredibly soft!

    I did notice that the less fuzzy side sleeps a little bit cooler, but I really like the fuzzier side against my skin.

    Layla is fully integrated into one blanket, so no need to buy a weighted blanket and a duvet cover. The result is a well-balanced blanket from edge to edge.

    Inside each of the quilted hexagon panels, there are tiny glass beads sewn between two layers of poly-fill batting. It helps keep the blanket’s weight evenly distributed and quiet.

    The advantage of glass, according to Layla, is that it holds up better over time than plastic does, which is what is used in some competing brands.

    weighted blankets for sleep

    How it feels?

    I personally love a weighted blanket so I’m already sold on the premise of the technology.

    This one feels really nice.

    Most studies do suggest that you use a blanket that’s between five or ten percent of your body weight. You give or take a few pounds.

    This particular blanket is 20 pounds, so it’s a little heavier than what’s recommended for me at my weight of 140 pounds, but I really think a lot of it is just preference based.

    I think most adults of average weights and a bit heavier are gonna feel super cozy sleeping with this blanket alone. I recommend anyone significantly over 200 pounds to go with a slightly heavier blanket or try out the king-size from Layla.

    With DPT, it really does come down to preference and finding the weight that is most common for you.

    Layla offers this blanket in a twin, which is 15 pounds, queen which is 20 pounds and a king size and that’s 25 pounds.

    Before I go into who is going to love this blanket, let’s go over a few special features that might help you make your decision.

    Layla is offering a 120 night trial, so you can try it out risk-free to see if you’ve got the right size.

    After that you have a five-year warranty on the product.

    It’s also 100% machine washable and dryable. Just make sure your washer is big enough to accommodate the blanket you choose.

    weighted blankets with glass beads

    Who do we think should try out this blanket?

    People who are average sized or larger or are committed to sharing.

    Queen size is a perfect weighted blanket for average size and heavier folks, but the blanket is big enough for couples to share if they don’t mind close quarters. Remember there are different sizes if you need something larger or smaller.

    Next, adults who want two different feels. You can take this blanket between seasons, with the cotton side that’s designed to sleep cooler, and the fuzzier side that sleeps cozy and warm.

    It would also be incredibly easy to pair this blanket with another blanket if you need added warmth.

    And finally people who want durability. Layla has designed this blanket was strong stitching and durable glass beads that are designed to hold up over time.

    what weighted blanket should I get

    Layla weighted blanket has hundreds of positive reviews.

    Brooklyn Bedding Weighted Blanket

    weighted blankets for anxiety

    Over the years, I have been a big fan of Brooklyn Bedding’s products. They’re actually a great value and also very high-quality.

    That’s because they own their own factory. They pass on their savings to the customer, cutting out the middle man.

    Now when they got into the weighted-blanket game, I was really excited to see how it would compare to the other weighted blankets on the market.

    First off, in terms of weight options, you have two. You have 15 pounds and 20 pounds.

    There’s a very simple formula you can use to find the right weighted blanket in terms of weight.

    Take your body weight. Divide it by 10. Then add or subtract one or two pounds. If you are 230 pounds. Divide that by 10. That is 23 pounds. So you I want a weighted blanket a little bit heavier. So go for a 25-pound weighted blanket.

    However, since 20 is the heaviest option with this weighted blanket, go for that.

    In terms of size options, you only have one. That is going to be a queen size, 60 by 80 inches, and only one color option. That is going to be gray.

    What really makes this weighted blanket stand out is the duvet cover, and it has two sides.

    On one side you have a Minky material. Minky is very soft, very cozy, even has these Minky dots, a bumpy-massage feel to it.

    On the other side is going to be a cooling tencel fabric. Much smoother, much cooler to the touch. Supposed to keep you nice and cool at night.

    Inside the duvet cover, we have the actual weighted blanket. Let’s take a look at that now.

    When you unzip it, all around the edges of the weighted blanket you have duvet tabs. That is going to tie the actual weighted blanket inside your duvet cover to make it nice and secure and not moving around while you’re sleeping at night.

    The actual weighted blanket is going to have polyester microfiber shell on the outside, a gridded stitching and inside each square you’re going to have glass beads. It’s going to give the weighted blanket its weight.

    In terms of cleaning, it’s very, very simple. You can take the duvet cover right off. Wash it at home. If you are going to clean the weighted blanket itself, you’re going to spot-clean with mild detergent.

    The weight distribution is pretty decent overall. Even weight across entire body. It’s pretty surprising considering how big these squares are on the gridding.

    The cover makes this weighted blanket stand out.

    weighted blanket 15 pounds

    First off with the cozy side, I love lying underneath this weighted blanket with the cozy side against my skin. It’s really, really nice. It’s fuzzy a little bit. The bumps are also creating a massaging effect. I feel really great under this side of the weighted blanket.

    Flipping it over to the cooling side, I did try it out on some warmer nights. It felt nice against my skin. Definitely smooth. It had a nice, cool and chill texture. That being said, not the coolest sleeping experience for me. A lot of times with weighted blankets, you are going to sleep hotter with the heavier weight.

    There’s less breathability, less room for airflow. I can say with this weighted blanket on one side you have the Minky. That’s blocking air from coming down. I’m not getting great airflow. I’m sleeping a little bit on the hot side.

    Speaking about how this weighted blanket works as a weighted blanket, it does work. It works very, very well.

    I used it for a couple nights. I slept very well underneath it, woke up feeling nice and refreshed.

    Who the Brooklyn Bedding weighted blanket might be a good fit for?

    If you weigh between 130 pounds and 220 pounds, looking for a nice weighted blanket, take a look at the Brooklyn Bedding. You should get enough weight for even the 15-pound or the 20-pound weighted blanket. Some nice, even, deep-tissue pressure across your entire body.

    If you’re looking for a good value, also you want to take a look at the Brooklyn Bedding weighted blanket. It comes in a very, nice duvet cover, high-quality materials.

    It’s priced very affordably at $150 for the largest size.

    Last but not least, you want something easy to clean. Again, back to the duvet cover. You can take it off very easily and wash it at home.

    weighted blanket 20 pounds

    Now, let’s talk about the cons.

    First off, if you’re looking for a lot of size and weight options, you’re really not going to find them with the Brooklyn Bedding. You only have one size option. It’s going to be queen size and only two weight options, 15 pounds and 20 pounds.

    Because of that, if you’re a much smaller person or you need a weighted blanket for a child or a lighter person, you’re probably not going to find a weighted blanket for you with the Brooklyn Bedding. Again, 15 pounds is their lightest option. It might be too heavy for you.

    On the other end, if you’re on the much heavier side and you want a heavier-weighted blanket, you’re probably not going to find it with this weighted blanket, either. Their heaviest option is only 20 pounds.

    Last but not least, if you are a hot sleeper, you might want to look elsewhere. Even using the more cooling side, I was sleeping somewhat hot underneath the Brooklyn Bedding.

    Weighted Blanket Washable

    In the end, I was impressed with the Brooklyn Bedding weighted blanket. I think it’s a very good value and it comes with a really awesome duvet cover.

    If you’re not sure it’s the right weighted blanket for you though, they do offer a 30-day return policy.

    Bear Weighted Blanket

    Bear Weighted Blanket

    If you are looking for the feeling of being lightly hugged, than this 15lb blanket is great option. It is super soft and the plush microfiber cover keeps you feeling cozy.

    It has a contouring design, which means that quilted channels evenly distribute the glass beads across the entire blanket. This hypoallergenic blanket is available in three colors: light gray, charcoal and cream.

    Bare Home 100% Cotton Weighted Sensory Blanket


    Crafted from 100-percent cotton for breathable comfort. It uses sand-like beads to apply pressure to the body. This filling helps maintain an ideal temperature while adding just the right amount of weight.

    Carefully designed squares keep the weight distributed throughout the blanket for a more even pressure. It also has corner loops for easy attachment.

    Available in eight sizes: 10lb, 12lb, 15lb, 17lb, 20lb, 22lb, 25lb, and 30lb. And four colors: light grey, green, dark blue and light pink.

    Beautyrest Luxury Quilted Weighted Blanket


    Designed for people with a minimum body weight of 120lbs.

    The faux cover features diamond quilting and the weighted insert has box quilting to stop the polyester and glass bead filling from shifting.

    Ten inner ties paired with a zipper closure on the cover keeps the insert secure. The cover is machine washable, while the insert should be spot cleaned.

    Available in 12lb and 18lb weights and three color: indigo, ivory and gray.

    Kasentex 100-percent Cotton Weighted Blanket


    Provides maximum comfort and luxurious softness with smooth texture. The fine glass beads are filled evenly, and double box stitched to prevent shifting from each compartment.

    Constructed from premium 100% cotton for breathability. It’s hypoallergenic and reversible.

    Available in dark grey, light grey and purple colors and two sizes: twin 12lb and 15lb and queen 15lb and 20lb.

    DreamLab Acupressure Weighted Blanket


    Filled with high-density glass microbeads, this blanket comes with removable plush cover that is ultra-soft and perfect for snuggling.

    Chic Home Ernest 3-Piece Navy Sherpa Blanket


    Extremely soft and cozy plush fabrication that is Sherpa lined and the top of the blanket is plush micro suede. Two pillow shams with the same detail. Two sizes: queen and king.

    Kellan 2 in 1 Warm & Cool Weighted Blanket


    Made for both warm and color weather. The reversible blanket has one side made of cotton sateen to ventilate heat away from your body in warm weather. The other side being made of dutch velvet to keep you warm in cold weather. Six different weight options available: 6, 8, 12, 15, 20 and 25 pounds.

    Weighted Blanket With Removable Cover (Washable Duvet Cover)

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