Tuft & Needle Original vs Mint Mattress Review


    In this article I’m going to be doing a mattress comparison between two really popular options from the brand Tuft & Needle.

    I’m going to be seeing how their Original bed stacks up against their Mint mattress.

    The Original Tuft & Needle is probably one of the most popular online beds ever just because of how simply accommodating and affordable it is.

    Their Mint bed is basically the enhanced version of their flagship mattress with a few more bells and whistles to suit the needs of side and combination sleepers.

    But if you’re trying to make a decision between these two options you’ve come to the right place. I’ve tested these two beds out extensively.

    So in this article I’m gonna tell you all about the policies that these two beds come with. Then I’m gonna delve into the things that they both share in common. Then I’ll talk all about the differences between the Original and the Mint.

    At the end I’ll even sum things up with a final verdict on who I see each option being best for.


    Let’s discuss all the types of policies that you’re going to be getting with either one of these beds.

    When you buy them online, you’re gonna receive the following policies, starting with completely free bed-in-a-box shipping.

    Both will arrive in a box that’s around four feet tall and the unboxing process is super fun and easy to do, especially if you have a friend there to help you out.

    Once the beds are in your possession, you also get 100 nights to try them both out in the comfort of your home risk-free. This is essentially your time to decide if these mattresses are right for you or not.

    If they’re not for whatever reason, within that time frame you get completely free returns. But on the flip side, if you end up enjoying these beds, you decide to keep them for the foreseeable future, they’re both backed by standard 10 year warranties.



    Now it’s time to get into the major similarities between these two. So what do these beds share in common?

    The major thing is that these are both all foam mattresses.

    At the end of the day, they’re likely going to be best for medium to petite sized individuals. If you’re a heavier person, say in the range of 225 pounds or more, you’re likely going to be better off going with a hybrid mattress, because those beds have pocketed coils, which provide you with a little bit more bi-directional support and long-term durability.

    Tuft & Needle does have hybrid mattress, which is a supportive hybrid mattress that uses those pocketed coils.

    Another commonality between these two is ultimately going to come down to feel. Both are going to have more of a soft neutral foam feel in general.

    The easiest way to describe this type of feel is just as a comfy foam bed. And that’s exactly what these two options are.


    I think the vast majority of sleeper types out there are going to find these beds to be accommodating and comfortable or at least not uncomfortable.

    This type of feel is really good for anyone who’s unsure as to what they want as far as a mattress feel goes. These two beds just have an unassuming feel that’s just going to be generally comfortable.

    Both are also available with antimicrobial covers which Tuft & Needle dubs their HieQ technology. This basically prevents a lot of allergens getting into that cover.

    On the Tuft & Needle Mint it comes with that HeiQ cover by default. You will have to spend up slightly to purchase it on the Original Tuft & Needle mattress.



    Let’s talk about some differences.

    The first one is going to come down to construction.

    As I mentioned these are both all foam beds. But the Original Tuft & Needle mattress is a two layer all foam bed, whereas the Mint is a three layer all foam bed.

    You’re gonna be getting some additional comfort in the form of a transition layer with the Tuft & Needle Mint mattress.

    If you just want a little more beef with your bed as far as construction goes, you might want to go with the Mint.

    This difference in construction is ultimately going to add up to give them another difference in firmness.

    The Original Tuft & Needle mattress is right around a medium like a proper medium on the scale.

    That means it’s gonna be good for all sleeper types, probably back, side, stomach and combination sleepers should be set with their Original bed.


    The mint mattress is gonna skew a little bit softer. I’d say it’s towards the medium soft end of the spectrum, maybe a little firmer than that.

    It’ll probably be best for side and combination sleepers at the end of the day.

    The last major difference is going to be how much you’re going to be spending for either bed.

    The Original Tuft & Needle is renowned for being a really affordable online option. A queen size usually goes for around six to seven hundred dollars, after discount.

    Whereas Tuft & Needle Mint will usually run you around a thousand dollars, give or take after discount.

    I do want to clarify that mattress brands like Tuft & Needle do like to tinker and play around with the pricing that they offer practically year round.

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    That’s pretty much going to sum it up for this mattress comparison. Either way you’re going here , Tuft & Needle is going to offer you a pretty comfortable bed.

    But at the end of the day who should go with the Mint and who should go with the flagship Tuft & Needle.

    I’d say look at Mint if you’re looking for a softer all foam bed. You’re more of a side or combination sleeper and you want to spend up for a more premium option from the brand.

    Look into the Original Tuft & Needle if you just want a comfy foam bed that will work for just about anyone as far as firmness and feel goes and you want the more affordable option between the two.

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