6 Top Rated Pillows For Side Sleepers


    74% of the population are side sleepers, myself included.

    So if you’re also a member of the side sleeper club, you’ll definitely want to check out this article.

    As a side sleeper myself, I know exactly what you should be looking for.

    So let’s check out my top picks.

    Whether you’re looking for something soft and slow moving or light and fluffy, I’ve got some great options for you.

    Buying A Pillow For Side Sleeping

    But you might be wondering what should I even look for for a pillow for side sleepers.

    Don’t worry I’m going to go over that right now.

    So first of all, you want to make sure that your pillow helps you maintain a neutral alignment.

    For us side sleepers that means that we want our ears to line up with our shoulders.

    You also want to make sure that you have a good loft for your pillow. Loft is just a fancy way of saying height.

    Generally side sleepers want something with a medium to a high loft. This of course does depend on your body type. Let’s talk about that too.

    If you are a little bit petite, you need more of a medium loft pillow. But if you’re a taller person, have a bigger head to support, you might need something with a bit more loft.

    Let’s also talk about your pillow’s firmness level.

    Because a pillow might be a great loft at first, but if it’s not super firm or if it sags throughout the night, your head’s gonna dip as the evening goes on, which can create pain and nobody wants that.

    Last but not least, let’s talk about the feel of your pillow.

    This is gonna be ultimately up to what you prefer. I’ve got options that are soft and fluffy and I also have options that are a little bit more firm and less malleable.

    Whatever it is that you want to sink your head into, I’ve got some picks for you.

    Let’s check them out.

    Eli & Elm


    The Eli & Elm cotton side sleeper pillow has a unique U-shaped design and that is meant to help side sleepers keep their neck in a neutral alignment throughout the night.

    Better yet this pillow has a customizable loft.

    It’ll arrive feeling pretty firm, but if that’s a little bit too lofty for you, you can easily unzip it, remove some of the fluff and get it to where you want it to be.

    Speaking of the fluff, let’s talk about what you’ll find inside this pillow.

    There are two things stuffed inside this U-shaped pillow. First you’ve got the latex noodles and you’ve got polyester fiber.

    The latex noodles have the soft and responsive feel, while the fiber feels nice and fluffy, kind of more of a traditional feel.

    Overall this will make the pillow feel a little bit soft and a little bit responsive, but still offers plenty of support.

    Because this fluff is so well made, we expect this pillow to last you a long time.

    Tuft & Needle


    One thing I really love about this pillow is that it has a classic medium loft.

    It doesn’t sag as the night goes on. It really supports your neck and I don’t feel it’s sagging as it goes on. I don’t get any of that neck pain.

    Another great thing about this pillow is that it doesn’t trap body heat.

    It has a soft and breathable cover around the outside, which is also machine washable.

    When you unzip it, you’ll get to the interior custom cut piece of their proprietary foam.

    This foam is aerated so it has tiny holes throughout. When you rest on top of it, it’s not going to trap body heat super easily and you’ll still feel very cool, very supported as the night goes on.

    Also I just want to mention that this is one of the most affordable pillows on my list. And it still lasts you a long time.

    Brooklyn Bedding


    Speaking of cooling pillows, my next pick also does a really great job of keeping you cool at night.

    I’m talking about the Brooklyn Bedding talalay latex pillow.

    This one is made with a solid piece of aerated latex. Latex is a fantastic material because it’s naturally responsive and breathable.

    It feels like memory foam but you’re not going to sink into it and trap body heat all around you.

    Plus this pillow is hypoallergenic and it comes in two loft sizes. But for us side sleepers out there, you definitely want to get that high loft pillow.

    Best Pillows For All Sleep Positions



    The next pillow is super one and it works really well for larger people.

    I’m talking about the Purple.

    This pillow consists of three inches of their proprietary squishy gel grid.

    I say it’s squishy because literally when you press into it, it feels almost like those toys you used to play with as a kid. Whenever you press into it, it creates a nice firm and supportive feel.

    And best of all, this pillow comes with several cloth boosters.

    So if that original three inch height isn’t quite tall enough for you, you can easily make it bigger and get the support that you need.

    The reason why I say this is great for larger people is because it can get up to four and a half inches tall.

    So if you really need to support your head and shoulders, this is a really great way to do it.


    layla kapok pillow

    Do want a pillow you can customize? I know just the thing.

    My next pillow is the Layla Kapok.

    This pillow has Layla’s signature hexagonal stitching on the outside, but what’s really cool about it is that it has copper fibers in it.

    this does two things. First it helps you stay cool, second it’s antimicrobial.

    But let’s get into why it is customizable.

    Inside you’ll find two pieces of inner filling. First you’ll find fibers from Kapok trees and second you’ll find pieces of open celled memory foam.

    If you feel like the pillow is just too lofty or too thick, you can just unzip it, remove it and get it to where you want it to be.

    Whether you’re larger or smaller, you’ll be able to find something that’ll keep you supported while you’re resting on your side.



    The GhostPillow from GhostBed is made with a thick slow moving piece of memory foam that provides amazing body contouring and pressure relief.

    But you might be thinking, don’t memory foam pillows trap body heat?

    Not with this guy!

    That’s because it’s got a nice phase change material on the outside, which helps regulate body temperature.

    The interior foam is actually infused with gel, which helps pull heat away from the body.

    Plus it’s got this nice medium loft so it works really well for petite side sleepers.

    Super Soft Cooling Pillow

    Pillow With Customizable Firmness & Eco-friendly Cover

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