Top Rated Memory Foam Pillow

    Top Rated Memory Foam Pillow

    I’m excited to do this article because this top rated memory foam pillow that I have for you is my favorite one.

    I cannot wait to talk about Layla Memory Foam Pillow.

    I will talk all about the most important features of it; how does it feel; what it’s made of; I’ll mention all the pros and cons of it.

    In the end I’ll cover everything you need to know about the policies and the price of this pillow.

    Let’s get right into it.

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    So starting with the visuals of this pillow. Just look at it.

    Top Rated Memory Foam Pillow

    I really want to complement this beautiful honeycomb pattern that’s on the outer side of the pillow.

    I do sound like I’m totally in love with this pillow, but hang on tight, I’ll also have something negative to say about it.

    But just looking it, this top rated memory foam pillow looks great.

    The outer pillow feels nice. The pillow cover is made out of 100 percent polyester.

    Customer Layla pillow reviews say that this pillow has cooling features, but I wouldn’t count on that, and consider this pillow more or less temperature neutral.

    By the way this is the Layla memory foam pillow, which is the basic model. There’s the other one which is called Layla Kapok pillow that has a layer of infused gel.

    That one is the one that has special cooling features and would be a fantastic option for those who definitely consider themselves hot sleepers.

    On the other hand, the original Layla pillow doesn’t seem to be warming up as much, but if you know for yourself that you’re a hot sleeper, I urge you to try this pillow first, or get the Layla Kapok pillow instead.

    On the side of this Layla memory foam pillow, there’s a zip that you can unzip and
    then access the inner pillow and then you can unzip the inner section of it and open it up as well.

    By the way, I didn’t mention that the Layla pillow cover is removable and machine washable, so it is super useful for those who enjoy having their bedding clean all the time.

    Just be sure not to put the inner pillow into the machine wash.


    Inside there’s shredded memory foam that you can remove if you want to make the pillow softer or you can add more if you want to make it firmer.

    It’s a common feature for memory foam pillows, but it doesn’t come in all of the
    pillows, so I’m glad that this one has it.

    As I mentioned before in other reviews, memory foam tends to trap heat more, but as for this pillow, it has shredded memory foam and that means it has better airflow than a solid chunk of memory foam.

    I found this pillow to be very breathable and it doesn’t seem to be trapping heat as much and it’s going to be a good option for hot sleepers.

    cooling pillow memory foam

    Sleeping Positions

    So what is also important is how this top rated memory foam pillow actually feels for different types of sleeping positions.

    As for myself, I’m on a heavier sleeper side, so I found this pillow to be comfortable in all of the sleeping positions.

    So if you’re heavier like I am, I weigh around 180 pounds, you should definitely feel that sweet comfort, plus you should notice that your head, neck and spine align perfectly.

    Additionally, back sleepers should also feel that their head sinks a little into the pillow and it contours around your head, which also feels really nice.

    For stomach sleepers it’s also okay, but make sure that your head is not tilted upwards. If this happens, remove a little of the shredded memory foam that’s inside the pillow.

    Continuing this Layla pillow review, let’s talk about lighter men and women and how they will feel while sleeping on this pillow.

    Lighter guys and gals will feel that sweet pressure relief while side sleeping and your head, neck and spine should be perfectly aligned.

    However, while back and stomach sleeping, you might find the pillow to have a little too much of that memory foam inside, but that’s not a big deal, because you can just unzip the pillow and take a chunk of that memory foam without any hassle and it will make the pillow much more likely to fit your needs.

    My suggestion is: store that memory foam somewhere and don’t throw it away in case you will decide to add it back to the pillow.


    Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of this top rated memory foam pillow.

    I would like to highlight that the outer fabric feels nice and soft. You’ll feel comfortable touching it and I found this pillow to be breathable, although, in most of the cases, I believe that memory foam will definitely heat up a little bit.

    There’s no chance you can avoid that, but it’s not going to be that noticeable with the Layla pillow.

    And also, the inner pillow is adjustable and you can find your perfect sleeping position. I found it to be a very huge benefit. Some of the other pillows don’t have this kind of feature.

    And finally, this pillow comes with a 120-night money back guarantee, which is more than enough to decide whether this is the right pillow for you or maybe not.

    spine support pillow


    This pillow will require to remove some of the memory foam, if you’re a very strict stomach or back sleeper.

    Even though this pillow provides great pressure relief and contours around your head and neck, it might be a little too firm for stomach and back sleepers.

    Although it’s adjustable easily, you wouldn’t want to do that every evening. It will take some of your time to make the pillow fit the mold.

    And some guys who are very strict on their budget, might find this pillow a little less affordable.

    Policies & Pricing

    So summing up this Layla pillow review. It’s going to be a fantastic pillow for most of you, especially if you prefer your pillow being soft, fluffy, breathable and adjustable.

    I personally love this pillow and I really think that you would as well.

    In the worst case scenario you can return it within 120 nights.

    The MSRP of a standard size of this pillow is $89. But with a discount, which Layla often offers, you can save up to $20 bucks, so you can make the final price of just $69.

    The king size pillow, which is almost twice as big, costs $104, but with a discount you can save up to $20 bucks and get it for $84, which is I a great deal .

    Keep in mind that mattress manufacturers and pillow manufacturers, they’re the same, tend to change their discounts, they offer different offers, so be sure to go to their website and see what kind of price you can have.

    You also get free shipping and 5 year warranty.

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