Top Rated Mattress Toppers 2022


    Not happy with your mattress? The good news is that you do not need to buy a new one.

    Mattress toppers are an easy fix to make your bed much more comfortable!

    It’s also perfect for situations when you’re not at home (such as college dorms or care facilities) because it’s much easier to transport than a mattress.

    The good mattress topper will give you softness if your bed is uncomfortably hard, or add firmness if your body needs more support.

    There are also cooling options if you are a hot sleeper and ones with memory foam for people who suffer from back pain.

    Here are top rated mattress toppers with unique features and good reviews from satisfied customers.

    Layla Memory Foam Topper

    top rated mattress topper

    It’s a really great memory foam mattress topper. Let’s talk about the construction, who it’s a good fit for, who it’s not a good fit for.


    First I want to talk about the design of the Layla mattress topper.

    Starting on the outside and then working our way in, we first have a very soft cover, a very nice, smooth feel to it. It’s infused with ThermoGel that is going to help with cooling and with heat dissipation. It has the stretchy, breathable quality. It also has copper woven into the material.

    The cover fabric is the same cover fabric featured on the Layla mattress and the Layla pillow.

    Moving inside, there are two inches of very soft memory foam, very slow moving, that kind of quicksand-y classic memory foam feel.

    The memory foam is infused with copper. It’s going to do two things for you.

    Layla mattress topper

    First, it’s going to help with cooling and heat dissipation. It really draws heat away from the sleeper, making for a nice, cool sleep experience. Second, it’s antimicrobial. It’s going to help prevent bacteria growth in your mattress topper.

    So, you’re getting copper both in the cover fabric and in the memory foam. It really doubles down on those cooling properties.

    A really neat addition to this are straps on the corners to keep it secure to your mattress. They help your topper stay put on the mattress, despite how much rolling around you do.

    mattress topper with straps

    There’s also a zipper on the underside of the cover fabric that you can easily remove to be cleaned.

    The first thing you might be wondering of a mattress topper, especially with memory foam, is how is the off-gassing? Will it smell when you take it out of the box?

    There is a slight chemical smell. This is very normal with memory foam. It takes about a day to go away. After 24 hours, it’s ready to be used.

    It’s actually quite heavy. The queen size topper is about 30 pounds, but the king size is about 40 pounds.


    copper infused mattress topper

    Speaking of firmness, to test out the firmness of the Layla mattress topper, I put it on top of a mattress, which is close to an 8 out of 10 in terms of firmness. When I did that, it took the mattress down to a 7 out of 10, so about a full point of firmness taken away.

    In terms of sleeping positions, starting on my back, some extra contouring, some more support on my lumbar area. It really conformed to the curves of my body, a really nice match on my back.

    On my side, more pressure relief for my shoulders and my hips. Not quite as much you’ll feel if you’re a very light person. But a really heavier sleeper will not feel enough pressure relief.

    Moving to my stomach, I felt less support on my hips. I definitely was bowing in there, getting out of alignment.

    They also recommend using this with a Layla mattress. The Layla mattress is actually flippable, so you have a soft side and a firm side. What you can do is put this on each of the sides to get the exact firmness you’re looking for.

    Trying out for myself on the soft side, it softened it up, for sure. I felt even better pressure relief on my shoulders and hips. Even for a larger person like myself, a great match for side sleeping.

    On the firm side, the mattress was too firm for me as a back sleeper, but with this mattress topper on top, it softened it up just a little bit. Better lumbar support, better contouring, a great back-to-back sleeping there too.

    Let’s just talk about feel. It has that memory foam feel, that slow moving, quicksand-y feel memory foam. Doesn’t bounce back too quickly. It is a little bit hard to move around.


    A big issue of memory foam is that it can trap heat. With this, you have ThermoGel in the cover. You have copper in the actual memory foam.

    I can actually say, it slept quite cool.

    Pros & Cons

    mattress topper for side sleepers

    Let’s talk about the pros and who I think this mattress topper might be a good fit for.

    First, if you’re a back sleeper, it’s definitely a great choice. It conforms to the curves of your body. It supports your lumbar area in very nice way. It contours very well. Back sleepers should really enjoy this.

    If you’re a side sleeper, definitely check this out. You’re going to feel some great pressure relief in your shoulders and in your hips. If you’re heavier, you might want to look elsewhere.

    Finally, if you’re looking for a memory foam topper but you worry about sleeping hot, I would definitely check this out. You have copper in the memory foam. You have ThermoGel in the cover.

    Overall, it should be a cooler sleeping memory foam topper.

    Let’s talk about the cons, and who I think this mattress topper may not be a good fit for.

    First, if you’re a stomach sleeper, it might be too soft for you. It softens the mattress up. You feel less support on your hips. You bow in there, get out of alignment.

    If you don’t like that memory foam feel, I would look elsewhere. This is very slow memory foam feel. If you want to look for something that’s more bounce or responsiveness, I would look elsewhere too.

    Finally, if you want more of an affordable memory foam mattress topper, this may not be the best pick for you. It’s right now around $249 for a queen size. If you want something more affordable, definitely look elsewhere.

    In the end, the Layla mattress topper is a great choice for back sleepers, side sleepers, and those who want that memory foam feel but worry about sleeping hot.

    However, if you’re more of a stomach sleeper, you don’t like the memory foam feel, it may not be the best choice for you.

    While it is on the pricier side, it does come with a 120-night sleep trial and a five-year warranty.

    In terms of sizes, you have twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

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    Lucid Mattress Toppers


    Let’s talk about Lucid’s line of top rated mattress toppers.

    Memory foam is well-known for its amazing plush qualities that wrap you up in a cozy cocoon of comfort and soften up any bed.

    You can find all kinds of memory foam toppers that all seem to serve the same purpose. So why choose Lucid mattress toppers? For a few reasons.

    They are backed by thousands of positive reviews. The super soft memory foam adds the ideal comfort layer to your bed.

    The best part is you can customize your bed, so it’s perfect for you.

    If you want the ultra plush feeling of being cradled by your mattress, then you’ll love 4 inch profile.

    Or if you prefer the gentle feeling of floating above your mattress, then two inch profile is the way to go.

    If you want something right in the middle, then try three inch.

    If you want something more than traditional memory foam, you can get this same amazing feel in relaxing lavender, cooling gel and odor neutralizing bamboo.

    Lucid also has gel infused memory foam topper.

    This best selling topper in this category is made of Lucid’s signature soft and squishy memory foam. It also has gel infusions that actively capture and distribute heat so you get the amazing comfort of memory foam without overheating.

    You can also customize your bed with 4, 3 and 2 inch profiles.

    Another amazing model is bamboo charcoal memory foam topper. It adds a cloud-like softness for comfort that can’t be beat. Plus this topper is ventilated and infused with bamboo charcoal to help regulate odor and temperature while you sleep.

    It is a variation of the best-selling Lucid memory foam topper, meaning this is the same soft, squishy memory foam customers love.

    Let’s talk in more details about one particular model.

    2-inch 5 Zoned Lavender Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper



    You can see it has a very interesting construction with the five zones.

    First off, it’s going to be two inches tall. It is going to be classic memory foam. What really sets this apart, though, is going to be this zoning.

    You have five zones with the Lucid 5-Zone Mattress Topper. From the top down, you have, the head area, shoulders, hips, knees, and then feet.


    You’re going to vary firmness across this topper, give you some different pressure relief on different areas. Also some more support in other areas as well. So a very interesting design.

    It is lavender-infused. That scent is supposed to help you sleep more deeply.

    In terms of sizes, you have, Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, and California King.

    Speaking about off-gassing, I really didn’t get much of that chemical smell with the Lucid. In terms of expansion, it expanded very quickly. I was ready to use the topper that night.

    Speaking about firmness. To test out the firmness of the Lucid 5-Zone Mattress Topper, I put it on top of a mattress that felt close to a 9/10 in terms of firmness. It brought that mattress down to a 7/10, so that took off about two points of firmness.


    It is going to matter about your sleeping position, and you’re going to feel some different firmness on different parts of your body because of the zoning.

    Definitely felt firmer under my lumbar area, softer near my head, softer near my feet. But it’s going to feel a little bit different in terms of firmness depending on your sleeping position.

    In terms of sleeping positions, starting on my back, this is a very, very good fit for back sleeping of many-sized people. That extra lumbar support, definitely softer under other parts of your body. Even without a pillow, very soft under my head. Very nice for back sleeping, I think it was just a very good fit. I’m also feeling some nice air flow going underneath me with these channels.

    Moving to my side, also feeling some nice pressure relief. A lot of times, the mattress topper, especially a memory foam mattress topper, drops right through it. I’m not having that experience with this 5-zone mattress topper. I’m feeling nice pressure relief on my shoulders and my hips, without pressing all the way through the topper. So very nice for side-sleeping as well.

    Moving to my stomach, even with the zoning, it’s not the best match for stomach sleeping. It is softening up the mattress. I’m actually feeling less support on my hips, I’m bowing in there. So not a very good match for stomach-sleeping.

    In terms of feel, it definitely has that slow moving memory foam feel, that quicksand-y feel when you push in. It takes a little bit to respond.

    It does have that classic memory foam feel. But, that being said, it does have these ridges across the entire surface, so it’s going to feel a little bit different than a flat memory foam mattress topper.

    You can flip it over, the company says it’s an option as well. You can flip the entire thing over and feel more of that flat experience without this zoning. The zoning will be underneath, but you won’t feel those ridges on top of the topper.

    2-inch Mattress Topper

    Let’s talk about the pros.

    Who I think this topper should be a good fit for.

    I think it’s a very good choice for back sleepers of many sizes, great design for back sleepers, extra lumbar support in the middle, nice and comfortable in other areas, some decent contouring from this memory foam.

    I think back sleepers, even if you’re a larger person,. should definitely check out the Lucid.

    If you are a side sleeper, of pretty much any size, I would definitely check out this mattress topper. I felt some great pressure relief in my shoulders and my hips. I’m also not bottoming out. So even if you’re on the larger side, if you’re a side sleeper, you should definitely take a look at the Lucid.

    Speaking about price, it is about $80 for a queen size.

    That is a very affordable price for such a nice mattress topper, so if you want to spend less money up-front on your purchase, I would definitely check out the Lucid.

    Let’s talk about the cons. Who I think this mattress topper might not be the best fit for.

    If you sleep primarily on your stomach, it’s probably not the best mattress topper for you. It’s softens the mattress about two points of firmness. Even with the zoning in the center, you’re not going to get quite enough support on your hips; you might bow in there and get out of alignment.

    TEMPUR-Supreme 3-inch Premium Foam Mattress Topper


    The top cover is a polyester blend. On the bottom is cotton polyester blend as well. It has more of a canvas feel. It’s going to give the topper some traction, so it won’t move around quite so much on top of your mattress.

    The cover is actually removable and you can wash it at home.

    On the inside, you have three inches of a TEMPUR material. This is a very soft memory foam. Slow moving, even for a memory foam. Also, very high density.


    To test out the firmness of this topper, I put it on top of a mattress that was close to a 9 out of 10 in terms of firmness. This brought the mattress down to a 6 out of 10. A very soft mattress topper.

    That is three points of firmness taken off the mattress.

    In terms of sleeping position, starting on my back was a very nice match for me. My hips sink in the right amount. Also, some nice contouring and this foam presses up into my lumbar area. Very, very nice for back sleeping.

    Moving to my side. This topper really shines. Lying on my side, I am feeling almost no pressure on my shoulders and my hips. Amazing pressure relief.

    Moving to my stomach, it is softening the mattress quite a bit. I’m bowing at the hips. Getting out of alignment. Not the best match for stomach sleeping.

    In terms of feel, as I said before, it does have this very, very soft slow moving memory foam feel.Very quicksand-y.

    A big issue with the memory foam toppers, is warmth. They can trap heat. With the TEMPUR-Topper, I can say I was sleeping a little bit warmer at night. Maybe not the best option for hot sleepers.

    I want to talk about the pros. Who I think this topper might be a good fit for.


    First off, I think if you’re looking for something for back sleeping, this is definitely a good option. If you have your mattress that is way too firm for you, your hips don’t sink in quite enough, going with the TEMPUR-Topper is definitely a good idea.

    It softens up the mattress. Your hips will sink in a little bit more. You’ll feel some nice foam pressing up into your lumbar area. It’s a very good choice for back sleeping.

    I think this really shines with side sleepers. If you sleep on your side primarily, definitely check out the TEMPUR-Topper.

    Softens the mattress quite a bit. I think even if you’re a larger person, you won’t bottom out from the top. You’ll feel nice pressure relief on your shoulders and your hips. Even if you’re a lighter person, a great option there as well.

    Last but not least, if you sleep with a partner, oftentimes you may find yourselves waking each other up at night because of your movement. With this thick memory foam, it’ll help cut down on motion transfer, so you and your partner will sleep better throughout the night.


    Let’s talk about the cons. Who I think this topper may not be the best fit for.

    First off, if you sleep primarily on your stomach, you might want to look elsewhere. This is going to soften your mattress quite a bit. This could cause your hips to bow in when you’re on your stomach. You get out of alignment. Not the best match for stomach sleepers.

    Also, if you’re a hot sleeper, this is probably not the best choice for you. One of the things with memory foam like this is it can trap heat. Actually, it directs it back at you.

    When you’re on top of this topper, you can actually find yourself sleeping hot through the night. Also, if you have trouble moving around at night, you have mobility issues, probably not the best topper for you. Again, it is that slow moving memory foam feel.

    If you have trouble moving around at night, you’re worried about getting stuck in your mattress topper, probably not the best choice.

    In the end, I think this mattress topper is a great option for back sleepers, side sleepers and those who want that slow-moving memory foam feel.

    It also comes with a 10-year warranty and free shipping.

    Natural Latex 2-inch Mattress Topper with Organic Cotton Cover


    This hypoallergenic mattress topper is made with 100-percent dunlop latex. It has a three-pound density and measures 2′ thick for comfort.

    Cover is constructed from 100 percent organic cotton and is machine washable.

    Latex is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites for a healthier sleeping environment. It improves circulation, reduces motion transfer, and disperses weight for restful sleep

    Latex disperses your weight evenly, reducing pressure points to minimize tossing and turning.

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    More Top Rated Mattress Toppers

    Do you need more options to choose a perfect product for you?

    You can search by fill: foam, memory foam, gel memory foam, feather, down alternative and latex.

    You can also search by features: cooling, cover included, baffle box, egg crate.

    You can refine you search by size and thickness, brands, prices, customer ratings.

    Benefits of a Mattress Topper

    When you buy a new mattress, over the course of the years, your body can change and when that happens, you may find yourself wishing that you had a little bit softer comfort to help alleviate pressure points and contour to your lower back a little bit better.

    The good new is you don’t have to go out and buy a new mattress when your body starts to feel this way.

    You can just go and invest a small amount of money in a mattress topper.

    Mattress toppers are available in a wide variety of comfort preferences and styles, ranging from memory foam, which is the most popular because of it’s ability to contour to the shape of your body very well and slowly, all the way up to latex, which is the most expensive, but it’s also naturally anti-microbial and anti-dust mites, so there are some added benefits.

    So no matter what your needs are, you’re still going to be able to find a topper to soften up that mattress that you have, to make it more comfortable, so you don’t have to go out and buy a new mattress.

    Sometimes people ask what the purpose of a mattress topper is.

    A mattress topper is going to be a piece of foam that’s got a nice cover to it, that you can put directly on top of your mattress if your mattress is starting to wear out or if you just want any different comfort level to it.

    You can get a few different options.

    You can go with a pretty basic polyurethane foam, which is going to help add pressure point relief and give a new feeling to your mattress. Or you could get a more premium comfort padding layer, like memory foam, gel memory foam or latex, which is the ultimate pressure point relief and support.

    Basically the purpose of a mattress topper is to add new life to your old mattress or change the comfort of it.

    This is going to be different than a mattress protector or mattress encasement, which are designed to keep your mattress more hygienic, but also help the longevity of your mattress. But a topper will be primarily for comfort.

    Final Words

    Is your mattress hard and uncomfortable? Do you wake up with a stiff neck or stiff back? Are you tired of not being able to sleep through the night?

    The simple solution to many of these problems is a mattress topper. Unfortunately there are way too many toppers out there, all claiming to be the best.

    The models we reviewed here are top rated mattress toppers and recommended by thousands of reviews.

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