9 Top Rated Bed Pillows to Buy – Side, Back & Stomach Sleepers

    top rated pillow

    You cannot have a restful sleep without a good pillow!

    Finding the best one depends on your personal preferences – are you a side, stomach or back sleeper.

    The main goal is to have your head and neck aligned when you’re lying down.

    The picks below are top rated bed pillows, including popular brands that have performed well in the past, or new models with innovative features.

    Nolah Pillows

    best pillows for all sleep positions

    Nolah has two great pillows – AirFiber and AirFoam. One of them is a fluffy, more traditional pillow, and the other one is made of AirFoam which Nolah uses in their mattresses.

    They have the same policies, which are free delivery, free no hassle returns and 120 night trial period.

    Nolah has a better trial period than most other brands. At 120 nights, which is a full 4 months, it is more than enough time to figure out if a pillow is comfortable enough for you and your sleeper type.

    They are also covered by a two-year warranty if you decide to keep them.

    What each pillow is made of?

    best pillows for all position sleepers

    The AirFiber is the typical fluffy pillow you normally see, but better. The fill is an alternative fill. It does a great job of maintaining its shape with your head on it. It also does a good job of puffing back into shape after pressure is removed from it. It doesn’t ever go flat.

    The AirFoam pillow is much different.

    This material is a hybrid between memory foam and neutral foam. I would describe it as soft memory foam that’s more responsive than you’d expect. The result is a really comfortable pillow that feels dense and foamy, but without that long response time that classic memory foam has.

    When it comes to temperature, both of these pillows are cooler than you’d expect. That’s because both of them have surprisingly great air flow.

    The AirFiber, because it’s a light and loose material, allows for great airflow. The AirFoam pillow has great air flow because it’s actually aerated in two separate ways.

    First it has holes that go all the way through and second and has these borders cut out in it, which also increases and promotes air flow.

    These are both great pillows for anyone who tends to sleep on the warmer side or anyone who likes to flip their pillow over in the middle of the night to find the cooler side.

    The cover that’s provided on both of these pillows is made with a 100 percent cotton and I’m pretty impressed with it. It is soft and thicker than the standard pillowcase.

    Both of these pillows will be fine for any sleeper type, but technically the AirFiber pillow will be probably better for back and stomach sleepers and the AirFoam will be better for side sleepers because it has a higher loft when compressed.

    Both stand at six inches tall when uncompressed. The AirFiber pillow compresses to about an inch or so when you lay your head down on it. The AirFoam pillow is a little denser and keeps its shape a little more ,so it compresses to about two inches when you lay your head down on it.

    I will not talk about the price because they often offer discounts. To check the latest price, click the links below.

    AirFoam | AirFiber

    Bear Pillow

    top rated pillow

    The cover of this pillow is this really soft, cool to the touch material. It’s like a cooling yarn. They actually call it double ice fabric. It’s super soft but then also it is definitely cool to the touch and stays cool throughout the entire night. The cover is removable and machine washable.

    It comes in two different sizes. You have a queen, which is a 5 pound pillow and then they also have a king that weighs 7 pounds.

    If we look at the foam inside, it’s a loft-X hybrid foam. I don’t really know a ton about the actual material itself, but it looks to me as a blend between memory foam and latex foam. It’s responsive and supportive, like latex foam is. It responds right back to shape. But it contours a little bit to you very similar to memory foam.

    It doesn’t feel like one or the other, it’s somewhat of a hybrid between the two. So it is a little bit in-between memory foam and latex foam.

    It is aerated so it can increase the airflow. Capping the pillow at both ends are mesh panels, allowing the pillows to maintain airflow and remain cool.

    It’s hypoallergenic and antimicrobial pillow that helps stop dust mites, bacteria and allergens.

    Compressed it’s about five inches, maybe five and a half inches, in terms of its thickness. When you lay your head on it, it compresses to about three and a half inches to four inches.

    From what I’ve experienced, this is a side sleeper or a back sleeper pillow. It could even have a little bit too much loft for some back sleepers out there.

    When you lay on your back, you want your head to face almost straight upward, to keep that C-curvature on your neck. This one can push your head forward a little bit too much and you won’t like how it feels in your neck.

    On your side though, you want to keep your nose in proper alignment with your spine. That’s a good rule of thumb. I found that this is a great side sleeper pillow and I can sleep on my back with it.

    It is absolutely 100% not a stomach sleeper pillow. You will kink your neck. It has just far too much loft.

    If you’re a side sleeper or a back sleeper, I think you’ll be fine with this pillow.

    Bear offers free shipping via FedEx and you have a hundred nights to try it out.

    These are really expensive pillows. The queen is $100 and the king as of right now is $116. Nevertheless, lots of people are buying them. At the time of writing this review, there are over 750 5-star ratings.

    Layla Kapok Pillow

    best rated bed pillow

    Talking about the overall feel of this pillow, you can get a sense just by looking at it. It’s sort of in-between memory foam and traditional down.

    It doesn’t feel strictly like memory foam, but it doesn’t feel like your typical fluffy pillow, even though it is a fluffy pillow, it’s sort of a hybrid in that sense.

    It uses kapok fibers and then they’re also using memory foam shreds. If it was just a memory foam slab, it’d feel like that, but it’s really fluffy because it has a bunch of those shreds inside the actual pillow.

    There’s no zipper, there’s no way to open up the pillow, so all of that is stuck inside and it is the way that it is. You’re not gonna be changing the pillow at all.

    The cover on this has copper infused in it, which is a technology that they use also in their bed. That’s to cool it down. Since it has memory foam, I would normally say it’s gonna heat up, but I spend a lot of time with it and it doesn’t heat up. It’s more of a neutral pillow. It’s not cool to the touch and I wouldn’t even consider it cool really, but it’s not gonna heat up.

    It’s also hypoallergenic, so it is allergy friendly and I had no issues with allergies or anything with this.

    It’s gonna be soft yet supportive. When you compress it, it comes right back to its shape. It has that soft pressure relief that you’ll need, but it also has plenty of support built into the pillow.

    This is a fairly hefty pillow, it’s actually right around eight inches tall uncompressed, and when you do compress it, it comes down to about four inches. That depends on the weight and the size of your head.

    Compressed to about four inches is actually a thick loft, it’s a tall loft for anybody that’s a stomach sleeper. If you’re a back or you’re a side sleeper, you typically want a pillow that keeps you a little bit more supported, keeps your neck and head in alignment.

    I’m gonna say this is a back and side sleeper pillow, If you’re a stomach sleeper, there are plenty of other options out there for you. It’s not going to compress enough for a stomach sleeper, it’ll kind of kink your neck a little bit.

    I’m a combo sleeper and I rotate throughout positions all throughout the night. I’ll find myself on my side and my back all the time and I had no problems with this pillow.

    I think this is a really comfortable, nice fluffy soft pillow. But my wife, she sleeps a lot on her stomach and it did mess with her neck a little bit.

    I have been really happy with the pillow, but it’s not perfect and it’s not gonna be right for every single type of sleeper out there.

    What about pricing? It starts at $99 for queen size. They have a king-sized one, which a $119. So if you have a queen-size mattress, you’ll be totally fine with the queen version, but if you have a king or a Cal king, you may consider getting that king-size, simply because it’ll take up more of your mattress, it’ll fit your mattress better.

    Layla offers free shipping on the pillow. It’s gonna show up right to your doorstep. They also offer free returns and they have a 120 night risk free trial. Try the pillow out for yourself, sleep on it for four whole months and then if you decide you don’t want it for any reason or no reason at all, you call them, they’re gonna send you a prepaid label and you’re gonna ship it right back and you just get your money back.

    It’s also backed by a five-year warranty and it’s made in the USA.

    Brooklyn Bedding Pillows

    There are four of these amazing pillows:

    • Talalay Latex
    • Luxury Cooling
    • Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
    • Ventilated Memory Foam

    They range in price from about $40 all the way up to $130. You can get a pretty affordable pillow all the way up to a premium option. We’ll talk about all the pillows one by one.

    Let’s start with the Talalay Latex.

    best pillow for sleeping

    Previously it had that charcoal-gray cover. Now it comes in two height profiles, a low profile and a high profile, both of which have an organic cotton cover. Not only is the foam inside naturally derived, it is actually made from the sap of a rubber tree. It is like a fluffy, airy, sponge like foam.

    But the cover itself is this really earthy smelling organic cotton cover. By the way, the cover is machine washable.

    It does depend on whether you get the low profile or the high profile in terms of who it’s best for. But between the two, they make an option for everybody.

    As an example for side sleepers with an average build, if you are laying on your side, you want a pillow that keeps you in a neutral spinal alignment. You don’t want to see your neck go up or down. You just want a comfortable neutral profile.

    For most average and larger individuals, the high profile one is a little bit better. If you’re a strict stomach sleeper and you like that instantly responsive feel that the Talalay latex provides, and you’re a medium or large build, you want the low profile, if you sleep exclusively on your stomach.

    If you’re petite, you want the low profile model, unless you just prefer a big pillow that you cuddle up with.

    I just like that they offer the two profiles because you get to select which one is best for you. Again, medium and heavy individuals probably want the high profile, unless you’re a stomach sleeper. Petite individuals probably want the low profile.

    This particular pillow is $89 for queen size and $99 for the king size. This definitely expensive for a pillow, but not absolutely crazy for a premium latex pillow.

    Let’s move on to their Cooling Pillow.

    best cooling pillow

    You don’t see that many cooling pillows out there. These pillows as basically being the pillow form of the Aurora mattress. They actively try to cool you down, they do a pretty good job of it, they have that silk-like active cooling cover. They have that soft foam feel.

    It’s actually quite responsive. They do use memory foam, but it’s more of a responsive memory foam feel. And then even inside, they have some gel infused foams, which are trying to help a temperature regulation.

    This pillow also comes in a high and a low profile. It’s the same story as the Talalay latex. If you’re a petite, probably go with the low profile. If you’re medium or large, probably go with a high profile.

    This particular pillow starts out at $129 and goes up to $149. So it is expensive, but if you want a cooling pillow though, it’s a really nice option.

    Let’s move over to the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow.

    Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

    This is their most affordable pillow. It’s $44 bucks for the queen-size and $49 for the king.

    It has that charcoal-gray cover. It’s incredibly comfortable. It has that soft foam feel. It does use shredded memory foam. It even has the gel memory foam in there too, making sure you don’t sleep too hot. It also comes with a washable cover.

    It only comes in one profile. It doesn’t have a low and a high profile. It is a pretty good pillow for all sleeping positions.

    The only thing is if you are a petite stomach sleeper, you probably won’t love it, because it’s a little too tall for you. You’ll find yourself hugging the edges in the corners of that particular pillow.

    The last one is their Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow.

    Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow

    If you can imagine just a big slab of memory foam with rounded corners and it has pin holes in it, that’s what this pillow is. It’s one big slab of softer memory foam. It’s a really comfy, super soft memory foam and really comfortable.

    It is a little slower to respond but it does a great job of cradling you.

    This pillow starts at $69, so still kind of expensive, but not absolutely egregious when you compare it to some of the Tempur-Pedic pillows out there.

    I think it’s a nice solution for people that just want a soft foam feel.

    Which one of these pillows should you get?

    You should get Talalay Latex if you want that super responsive feel, that airy, fluffy feel. You should the Cooling pillow if you’re a hot sleeper. You should get the Shredded Memory Foam pillow if you want something that’s a little bit more adjustable because you can move around the foam inside. And then get the Ventilated Memory Foam if you want that uniform foam feel that’s really comfortable.

    Let’s talk about the policies. You get free shipping. You get free returns. If you don’t like the pillow inside the first 30 nights, you can get your money back. As far as warranties go, they all come with a three year warranty, which is about one to two years longer than what we see from most brands out there.

    Keetsa Pillows

    Keetsa offers four very good pillows. Two of them are double sided.

    The first one is Good Nite Pillow.

    Keetsa Good Nite Pillow

    It is two pillows in one. The BioFoam side provides conforming support, while the fiberfill side feels like a traditional down pillow.

    Cotton jersey cover is 100% cotton. It is certified safe for contact with skin. There is also inner 100% cotton cover that provides breathability.

    This pillow is recommended for back sleepers because it provides robust support for the neck and spine.

    A great feature of this pillow is that you can adjust height. You can add or remove fiber filling by opening the small, inner, side zipper inside the grey outer cover.

    It’s available in queen size and costs $130.

    Another model is Soft Dual Comfort Pillow.

    Soft Dual Comfort Pillow

    BioFoam provides the conforming support on one side, while the soft loft of fiberfill is on the other. Acting like down alternative, fiber fill is removable so you can adjust the height and firmness of the pillow.

    The fiberfill also wicks away moisture, and increases airflow to keep you cooler.

    Two sizes available: standard at $90 and queen at $100.

    I also want to mention Keetsa’s Tea Leaf Contour Pillow.

    Tea Leaf Contour Pillow

    It is shaped to cradle your head and support your neck. It gives you a pressure-free, floating sensation. The center saddle of the pillow cradles your head while two mounds rise on both sides to support your neck.

    Inside is BioFoam memory foam that conforms to your body shape and temperature. Soft and durable linen-blend fabric cover enhances air ventilation for cooler sleep.

    EverGreen made from all-natural green tea is embedded in the memory foam for long-lasting natural odor control.

    You can choose between two sizes: small at $80 and standard at $90.

    Keetsa offers free shipping to 48 states and 5-year warranty.

    Down Pillows

    Here are some of top rated down pillows that are used and praised by many people.

    Hotel Grand Siberian Pillow

    Hotel Grand Siberian Pillow

    If you want a soft and huggable pillow, this one is for you. Providing the cloud-like comfort, it features a 500-thread-count cotton cover, making the exterior soft and welcoming to the touch. The cover does not crackle or make noises while you move.

    With high thread count, there will be no feathers sticking through the pillow cover.

    Inside is a mix of 75%t Siberian white feather down and 25% feather fibers. Together they create a fill that supports your head, neck, and shoulders. It conforms to your alignment for all night comfort.

    You don’t need to beat on it to make it fluffy. You can mold it the way you want to around your head for support and comfort. It quickly resumes the original loft when not being used.

    It’s good for all sleepers; side, back and stomach.

    Two sizes are available. Jumbo with 20 ounces of fill and king with 25 ounces of fill.

    Buy with free shipping here:

    St. James Home Quilted Goose Feather and Down Pillow

    St. James Home Quilted Goose Feather and Down Pillow

    This is a high quality and easy to fluff pillow that has just the right amount of fill. Filled with 95% goose feathers and 5% goose down fill. It’s mid-loft and medium firm.

    It isn’t the type of down pillow that is very soft, the support is still there.

    The 233 thread count cotton shell is lined with 100% polyester. Quilted for added style, and finished with a 2-inch gusset for a higher loft.

    Choose from queen or king size to meet your sleeping needs.

    Set includes 2 pillows.

    Buy with free shipping here:

    Cheer Collection Alternative Down U Shape Pillow

    Cheer Collection Alternative Down U Shape Pillow

    This high quality, hypoallergenic down alternative U-shape pillow will support your entire body. It will relieve pressure to many areas of the body (head, neck, shoulders, hips) to drastically reduce your need to toss and turn.

    It naturally curves around your body for gentle and plush support. It can ease back, knee, ankle and hip joint pain by providing proper spine alignment.

    You can change the shape of the pillow to adjust to any sleeping position and comfort level.

    Features thick microfiber filling. Ultra soft and breathable cover is removable and machine washable. Weighs 2,800 g.

    The size of this body pillow is substantial. It would be in the way if your bed is smaller than queen-size.

    Many women sleep with a few pillows for props, under their legs or shoulders. But they often fell out of the bed before the night is over. Now they can have one pillow that will stay put all night long.

    Buy with free shipping here:

    Avana 4-piece Cool Gel Memory Foam Bed Wedge System

    Avana 4-piece Cool Gel Memory Foam Bed Wedge System

    Do you get congested at night and you need to sleep in a chair? Do you must sleep in an elevated position for whatever reason? Do you like watching a late night movie from your bed? If you answered yes, you will absolutely love this wedge system.

    With this medium firmness wedge system, you will get customized support for all parts of your body while sitting up in bed. Four pieces are:

    • Headrest for neck support
    • Back scoop for lumbar support
    • Knee rest alleviates joint pressure points
    • Scoop cradle for versatility

    You can create different inclines by adjusting the different components in different combinations.

    Gel memory foam construction redistributes heat to keep you cool and comfortable. Machine-washable covers are made of rayon-from-bamboo.

    This product really helps people. Here is what one person said: “Had major back surgery 2 years ago and have never been pain free when I sleep until now! Thank you for such an amazing product.”

    Buy with free shipping here:

    When Should You Buy a New Pillow?

    When is it time to get a new pillow? Sometimes you go around in life and you’re like “I don’t even remember the last time that I bought a pillow!”

    Or there comes a time when you start noticing that your pillow is not cuddling, you are not getting a good night’s sleep, you are waking up with your neck sore, your back sore and you’re just not feeling lively when you wake up in the morning.

    These are all signs that you need to buy a new pillow.

    We’re gonna talk about three tips on when you need to go and get a new pillow.

    You should be buying a new pillow every six months to two years. It all depends on if you’re getting a lot of use out of it, how you take care of your pillows, if you’re fluffing them every day, etc.

    If you taking good care of them, they can last the whole two-year period. But if you’re really abusing your pillows, you might need to switch out your pillows every six months.

    Here are three surefire signs to know when you do need to change your pillow.

    The first one is if you have a feathery pillow, maybe it’s a down pillow, and every time that you lay down and go to sleep you need to shake it out and fluff it, give it a nice padding and a nice beating to beef it up.

    So the first one is the fluff test. If you need to fluff your pillow every single time that you go to bed, it is time for you to find a pillow that’s going to work out for you.

    The second test is if it’s getting lumpy. When all the material has formed to one side of the pillow. It’s gonna really do some damage to your neck, to your spine and you just don’t want any of that.

    The third one is the fold test. Fold your pillow in half and if it springs back to life, you’re good. If you fold it in half and it just sits there or it teeters a little, it’s time for you to get a new pillow.

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