5 Top Rated Bamboo Bed Sheets That Don’t Pill


    There are tons of materials for sheets these days. You’ve got cotton, you’ve got polyester, you’ve got silk.

    My personal favorite is bamboo.

    Because I love bamboo so much, I’ve compiled a list of five top rated bamboo sheets that don’t pill.

    Let’s get started.



    Starting off, we’ve got my favorite pick, and this is where I get to be selfish. My favorite set of bamboo sheets are the ones I sleep on every night. The Puffy Bamboo sheets.

    Here’s why I took them home after I reviewed them.

    To start, they’re made from, you guessed it, 100% bamboo viscose, and that’s going to feel really super soft to the touch.

    More satin-like over cotton. It’s got a combination of breathability and moisture working, which is a great thing for hot sleepers like myself.

    So you won’t sleep hot and sweaty underneath the sheets. These are fairly durable, too. You’ve got 101 nights to test them out, and if you keep them, you have a lifetime warranty on these sheets.

    I love these sheets so much that when my parents ask for a recommendation, they were the first thing I told them, and they got to set themselves.

    Cozy Earth


    For my splurgers out there, my favorite set of luxury bamboo sheets were endorsed by none other than Oprah herself, the Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets.

    Oprah called them the softest sheets she’s encountered, and I have to agree.

    Bamboo just feels so much softer than cotton sheets. Again, with a combination of breathability and moisture wicking. You’re not going to sleep hot underneath these sheets, and they’re fairly durable, too.

    You have 100 nights to test them out, and if you keep them, Cozy Earth offers a ten year warranty on their sheets.

    Cozy Earth responsibly sources their bamboo, and they have a direct supply chain to ensure responsible production of these high quality sheets.

    And for my color lovers out there, good news. Cozy Earth recently introduced some neutral shades into their sheet lineup.

    Brooklyn Bedding

    Brooklyn-Bedding-Bamboo Cotton-Sheets

    Not sure if bamboo is for you? Well, Brooklyn Bedding has got you covered.

    They have a bamboo cotton blend sheets set available. Because this has bamboo in it, it’s going to feel super soft and satin like, but that cotton is going to make it feel a little bit crisp, too.

    For cotton lovers out there, this is a win for hot sleepers because both cotton and bamboo are super breathable materials.

    And bamboo has the added moisture wicking property to it, so there’s no sleeping hot and sweaty underneath these sheets.

    These sheets have deep pockets that can fit mattresses up to 17 inches tall. And for reference, most mattresses range from about eight to 14 inches, so those corners are staying on if you toss and turn.

    Now, Brooklyn Bedding does sell these in a few limited size options, but they have three to pick from.

    And out of all of the picks on this list, they’re definitely the most affordable, especially after discount.


    All of the sheets on this list are great for hot sleepers, but only one set of sheets felt cool to the touch – the Layla premium bamboo sheets.

    Right when I pulled them out of the package, they felt almost icy cool to the touch. That’s how cool they were.

    When I tested these sheets out, I didn’t kick them off during the night and they felt really cool all night long. Again, that’s a great feature from bamboo.

    They are breathable and they are moisture wicking, so these are great options for hot sleepers.

    If you decide to pick up a set of these sheets, you have a five year warranty from Layla.


    Bamboo is a fast growing material and it’s easy for a lot of companies to sustainably source it.

    However, Nolah went a few extra steps when making their eco friendly bamboo sheets.

    They have two main certifications. An OEKO Tex certification, which is fairly standard, but Nolah got their sheets certified by the forest stewardship Council as well.

    This certification means that the bamboo used in these sheets has been harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, economically viable and environmentally conscious.

    Before I switched to the Puffy sheets, these were the sheets I was sleeping on every night. So if you’re a hot sleeper like myself, these are a great option for you.

    Nolah only sells these sheets in white, but they still look really nice on a bed.

    See also antibacterial silver infused bed sheets.


    If you’ve never used bamboo sheets before, don’t worry. I’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions I’ve seen online about them.

    Are bamboo sheets good?

    Even as someone who might be a little biased, yes, bamboo is a great material for sheets.

    It’s got breathability and moisture wicking properties to it, which is a great option for hot sleepers. No sleeping hot and sweaty underneath bamboo sheets.

    When I went to bamboo, I did not look back at cotton or polyester, but that’s a personal preference.

    If you have sensitive skin or allergies, bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic.

    How do you wash bamboo sheets?

    The good news is bamboo sheets are relatively simple to take care of. All the sheets on this list are machine washable, but often you’ll see recommendations of cold water and
    gentle cycles.

    Do bamboo sheets peel?

    While bamboo sheets have a tendency to wrinkle more than cotton or polyester sheets, the good news is that they’re fairly durable.

    Even after multiple washes, you won’t have to worry about bamboo sheets pilling.

    I hope I have convinced you the ways of bamboo sheets.

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