10 Top of The Line Bed Sheets


    Bed sheets are an important part of your sleep, but with so many different kinds out there, it can be hard to pick what’s best for you.

    For this article I’ve compiled a list of my 10 top of the line bed sheets.

    Top of The Line Bed Sheets

    Top Pick

    Starting off we’ve got my pick, the Casper Hyperlite. Here’s why I love these sheets.

    They’re made from 100% tencel lyocell, which is a natural material derived from eucalyptus leaves and it’s going to feel really soft, it’s going to be cool to the touch, it’s going to have a lot of breathability and it’s going to have some moisture wicking properties.

    All this to say it’s a win for hot sleepers.

    The top sheet is also a little bit thinner, so I don’t think overheating is going to be an issue for you either.

    The fitted sheet can fit mattresses up to 17 inches tall, so those are some really deep pockets and that fitted sheet is definitely gonna stay on your bed if you toss and turn, so you won’t have to worry about the corners popping up during the night.

    You are gonna have to pay a little bit extra for these sheets, but believe me, they’re gonna be worth it.

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    Best Cooling

    Are you a hot sleeper wanting a set of sheets to actively keep you cool while you use them?

    Look no further than the Sleep Number True Temp sheets.

    These are made from a blend of cotton, spandex and polyester, so they’re going to feel a little bit crisp, but they’re really going to be nice and soft too.

    But here’s why hot sleepers should look into these sheets?

    They feature something called 37.5 active particle technology. As its name suggests, it’s going to actively work to keep you cool.

    When you start to overheat, this technology will dissipate heat away from your body, so you’re going to have a cool night of sleep underneath these sheets.

    Plus cotton is a really breathable material, so this combination of features is a great option for hot sleepers out there.

    Best Value

    Some of the picks on this list might ask you to shell out a little extra money, but if you’re looking for a budget friendly option, definitely go with the Brooklyn Bedding brushed microfiber sheet set.

    Here’s why I love them as my best value pick.

    Brooklyn Bedding will sell a queen size set before discount at around fifty dollars. That is a really good option for high quality sheets.

    Plus all three of the king size options cap out at around $60, so again just a really good value pick here.

    They’re made from brushed and polyester microfibers which will give these sheets a really soft and velvety feel.

    Color lovers, you’ve got six options to pick from and i think hot sleepers should enjoy these sheets because they’re going to be very breathable and they should be moisture wicking too.

    Best Luxury

    What if you’re the type of person that is willing to shell out a little extra money for an especially luxurious set of sheets.

    Enter Cozy Earth bamboo sheets. They’ve been endorsed by Oprah after all.

    Here’s why I love them as my best luxury pick.

    They’re made from a material called bamboo viscose, which is going to feel much softer than cotton or linen. I agree with Oprah, she didn’t call them the softest sheets for nothing.

    These are also a great option for hot sleepers because bamboo as a material is going to be very breathable and it wicks away moisture so you shouldn’t feel hot and sweaty underneath these sheets.

    These are our best luxury sheets so they are going to be pricey but you get what you pay for. Bamboo viscose is a very durable material so these will last you a very long time.

    Best Linens

    Linens are the oldest style of sheets and my favorite linens are the Avocado organic linen sheets.

    Here’s why I love them.

    These sheets are made from flax stalks, which is a great eco-friendly material and they’re a good hypoallergenic pick for people with allergies.

    They also feel much different than cotton or bamboo sheets. They have a bit of a texture to them, they don’t tend to pill as much and they’re much more durable but they do get softer over time.

    Hot sleepers will enjoy these sheets too because they have a lot of breathability and you won’t feel hot and sweaty underneath these sheets.

    Best Cotton

    It’s been rumored that my favorite set of cotton sheets have been used by former presidents Clinton and Bush, so naturally I had to check out the Boll & Branch sheets too.

    They’re made from 100% cotton, but that cotton has been spun to give it a really soft texture. But it’s still gonna feel pretty crisp, like a fresh pressed shirt.

    So if that’s what you love, these are ones to check out.

    Hot sleepers will love these sheets too because cotton as a material is really breathable so there’s just gonna be room for air to flow through.

    the fitted sheet has deep pockets and can fit mattresses up to 17 inches tall, so it’s going to stay secure on your mattress even if you toss in turn.

    For color lovers out there, you’ve got a few different options to pick from.

    Best Supima Cotton

    We’re in the cotton section of my list here and another type of cotton is called supima cotton.

    it’s designed to be more durable and softer than traditional cotton and it’s grown here in the U.S.

    My favorite set of sheets with this type of cotton are the GhostBed sheets.

    They’re made from a blend of supima cotton and tencel so they’re gonna feel a little bit crisp but not as crisp as some of the other cotton sheets on my list.

    My favorite thing about these sheets though is that the fitted sheet has a very thick two inch elastic band. So it’s going to stay secure on your bed. Those corners are not going to pop up and you shouldn’t have to readjust it if you toss and turn.

    hot sleepers are going to love these sheets because cotton is breathable and tencel has moisture-wicking properties to it, so you shouldn’t sleep hot and sweaty underneath these sheets.

    Best Egyptian Cotton

    Rounding out my cotton section we have Egyptian cotton.

    My favorite set of sheets with this type of cotton are the Parachute percale sheets.

    They are made from 100% Egyptian cotton. Since this type of cotton is grown in the Egyptian climate, it’s going to be more durable and a bit softer than cotton grown here in the U.S.

    They have something called a percale weave, which is one of two popular weave types for sheets.

    this type of weave is going to leave sheets feeling crisp and looking a little bit matte, but it’s going to allow air to flow through.

    While these sheets don’t offer anything particular in terms of cooling, we know cotton to be pretty breathable and with a breathable weave style, you shouldn’t feel too hot underneath these sheets.

    Best Sateen

    What if you don’t love crisp cotton sheets? Some of my favorite sheets are the Puffy bamboo sheets and here’s why.

    They’re made from 100% bamboo viscose and they have a satin weave, which is going to leave them feeling very silky and very soft.

    They also have a very thick elastic band and they can fit mattresses up to 15 inches tall. So that fitted sheet will stay on the bed, especially if you toss and turn.

    Bamboo is also just a really great option for hot sleepers because it’s going to be breathable and moisture wicking so you’ll definitely sleep cool underneath these sheets.

    Best Percale

    Rounding out my top of the line bed sheets list, we have my favorite percale weave sheets, the Tuft & Needle sheets.

    They’re made from percale weave, which is going to make them feel crisp and look matte on the bed. But they’re still going to feel really soft to the touch.

    These are a fairly affordable set of sheets too and you can test them out for 100 nights to figure
    out whether or not you really love them.

    Cotton is a breathable material so hot sleepers you won’t sleep hot underneath these sheets.

    Finally the fitted sheet has a very sturdy elastic band so those sheets are going to stay on your bed while you sleep.


    Before I wrap up I’m going to tackle some of the most popular questions about sheets I’ve seen online.

    What’s the best thread count for sheets?

    I’m going to let you in a little secret here. Thread count is a big marketing thing.

    There’s no one size fits all type of answer to this question. But as a general range, you want to see thread count go from 200 to about 800. That is considered a good thread count.

    Certain materials also have recommended thread counts. With bamboo sheets, you don’t want to see it go over 300 and for cotton sheets, you don’t really want to see a thread count dip below 200.

    What’s the best type of sheets?

    This boils down to personal preference. I love cotton and bamboo because they’re great options for hot sleepers.

    How long do sheets last?

    If you have a high quality set of sheets, at a minimum they should last you about a year. Other factors such as material or the construction play a role in durability too.

    For example, bamboo sheets can last you about five years because that is a very durable material.

    There you have it, my 10 top of the line bed sheets for this year.

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