Top 5 Memory Foam Mattresses For Hot Sleepers


    Here I’m coming at you with my list of the best cooling memory foam mattresses within the online space.

    One thing about a more traditional style of memory foam bed is as you slowly start to sink into those top layers of viscous memory foam, they can warm up on you at night and cause you to sleep hot.

    But throughout the years, technological advancements have been made to these types of mattresses and there are now actually some pretty good cooling memory foam beds that are definitely worth your consideration, if you happen to be a hot sleeper.

    In this article I’ve got five of those beds to cover and since I do have a lot of them to address, I’m not going to be talking about these beds really specifically, more so rather generally.


    For starters let’s talk about all the general policies that should apply to each and every one of
    these beds.

    If you buy them online here’s the bare minimum stuff that’s going to apply to them in terms of policies.

    Al of these beds should ship to you completely free. Most will arrive with standard bed-in-the-box shipping. One may even show up full size, but however they get to you, it shouldn’t cost you anything extra.

    Once they’re all in your possession, you are also backed by at least a 100 night sleep trial. This is basically your chance to test the mattresses out in the comfort of your own home before you’re completely stuck with them.

    If within that respective trial period time frame you end up not really enjoying the beds for whatever reason, you get a return option. All but one are going to come with completely free returns.

    But if the opposite occurs and you end up keeping your brand new mattress and I think that should be the case for most folks out there, you’re backed by at least a standard 10-year warranty.

    Some go above and beyond in terms of their sleep trials and warranties.

    Now let’s get into my first pick for the best cooling memory foam beds.

    GhostBed Luxe


    This is the more enhanced version of the original GhostBed and it’s got a few more bells and whistles to suit the needs of hot sleepers.

    This bed uses a proprietary cooling material called GhostIce, which is actually laminated onto this bed’s primary comfort layer on top.

    The cover is noticeably cool to the touch, it’s actually one of the coolest covers that I’ve ever tested out.

    These factors should cause the GhostBed Luxe to sleep pretty cool. A lot cooler than a lot of other memory foam mattresses out there.

    Keep in mind when it comes to temperature regulation, a lot of other factors come into play, like your room’s overall temperature and even down to the types of pajamas or sheets that you have.

    Considering all that other stuff, it’ll probably sleep temperature neutral on you, if not a little bit cooler.

    When it comes down to feel with this bed, it features more of a memory foam feel.

    But it’s a lot more responsive than a more traditional style of memory foam bed, like a Tempur-Pedic for instance.

    You’re going to get a lot of that sink in body conforming sensation from this bed. But switching between sleeping positions on it is going to be relatively effortless.

    In terms of its firmness, it’s a medium on the scale, meaning that it should be fine for all sleeper types, back, side, stomach and combination. However you like to sleep, you should be set with this thing.

    A queen size GhostNed Luxe is currently going for around $1600 after discount. Keep in mind that GhostBed does like to offer bundles in addition to their discounts on their beds.

    Mattress With Strong Edge Support

    Saatva Loom & Leaf


    This is a more premium memory foam offering from the brand Saatva.

    If you’re a hot sleeper who’s looking for a more luxurious aesthetic when it comes to your bed, look no further.

    It features this nice golden embroidery and organic cotton cover that looks and actually smells pretty nice.

    But the real secret sauce with this bed can be found within the center third.

    It features a laminated cooling strip and it’s actually made up of a material that’s commonly used at hospitals and so it should sleep a lot cooler than the other Saatva mattresses and a lot of others within the online space.

    It could help you out in regards to temperature regulation, especially if you enjoy more of a memory foam feel, which it also features.

    But it’s more of a new age responsive type of memory foam feel. You are going to get that body conforming quality and sink in sensation without any of that stuck feeling.

    It’s also available in two different firmness profiles. They have a relaxed firm and a firm version.

    I’d recommend that most folks look into their relaxed firm as it’s right around a medium firm, so it should work for all sleeper types.

    This bed also comes with complimentary white glove delivery, in-home setup, and they may even remove your old bed for completely free.

    However because they offer all of these setup services that are special, their return process isn’t exactly free. They will charge you a small transportation fee if you do decide to return it.

    But I don’t think a lot of people are going to end up doing that as it’s quite a nice mattress.

    Cocoon Chill by Sealy


    If that was more of a premium offering out of your budget and you’re looking for more of an affordable option that’s also a cooling memory foam bed, look no further than the Cocoon Chill.

    Cocoon is a brand that’s offered by Sealy, which is one of the largest and most well-respected bedding manufacturers in the entire world.

    Their Cocoon Chill is basically their memory foam offering with a phase change cooling cover that is noticeably cold to the touch.

    I actually tested this bed out at home and slept on it for a number of nights. I found that it did help me in regards to temperature regulation. I myself am a bit of a hot sleeper, so it could help you out in that regard as well.

    In terms of firmness, the Cocoon Chill sits right in between a medium and a medium firm on the firmness scale.

    It should work just fine for all sleeper types. But since back and stomach sleepers usually prefer firmer mattresses, those types of sleepers may like it a little bit more than side and combination sleepers at the end of the day.

    As I mentioned, it’s also not bad on price. After discount you can usually pick up a queen size Cocoon Chill for right around the $800.



    That Cocoon Chill was sort of my budget pick for this list, but if you’re looking for the most top of the line, cream of the crop bed when it comes to cooling memory foam mattresses, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a better one out there than the TEMPUR-Breeze mattresses from Tempur-Pedic.

    The name Tempur-Pedic has basically become synonymous with that traditional dense memory foam feel that a lot of people are used to.

    That is certainly the case with the two TEMPUR-Breeze beds.

    You’re likely going to hop on these beds and feel them to be pretty firm at first but then you’ll slowly start to sink into their viscous top layers of memory foam, which will naturally conform to the shape of your body nicely.

    The TEMPUR-Breeze beds feature active cooling covers and the brand claims that they can either make you sleep three or even eight degrees cooler on a nightly basis.

    I’m not really sure how true that rings, but I’ve tested them out and I can report that they are quite chilly.

    There are a few different TEMPUR-Breeze models to choose from and you even have some hybrid options at your disposal.

    But price wise these are definitely going to be the most expensive beds on this list.

    A queen size TEMPUR-Breeze usually retails for anywhere between $4000 to $5000.

    So yeah, it’s a big chunk of change that you’re going to be spending on a memory foam bed.

    But if you want that nice dense traditional memory foam feel that Tempur-Pedic provides and you want a truly cold sleeping bed, this could be right up your alley.

    Nectar Premier Copper


    Rounding out this list of the coolest memory foam beds online, I have a new offering from the brand Nectar and this is their Premier Copper bed.

    Like all of the other Nectar beds, this features another dense memory foam feel that is slightly similar to Tempur-Pedic.

    This is essentially a more upgraded version of the original Nectar mattress. Only it is slightly softer and it features a cover that is infused with copper.

    Which is supposed to help regulate your overall sleeping temperature at night and it’s also antimicrobial, which could help you if you suffer from something like allergies.

    The Nectar Premiere Copper also comes with a removable machine washable cover. That’s nice if you want something that you can regularly deep clean.

    It’s also backed by a forever warranty and a 365 night sleep trial.

    As I mentioned it is a little bit softer than the flagship Nectar. It’s right in between a medium and a medium firm. Again good for all sleeper types but probably best for back and stomach sleepers.

    Price wise, it’s around $1700 after discount for a queen size.

    Nectar as a brand is pretty good with their discounts and they usually like to offer bundles as well with their mattress purchases.

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