Top Foam & Latex Mattresses For Kids (Non-toxic)


    In this article I’m going to be reviewing the two mattresses for kids that are coming from the brand Nest Bedding.

    So if you’ve been shopping online for a kids mattress for a while now, you’ve probably come across several options within the online space.

    Nest as a brand offers two pretty good ones. They have the Puffin and the Lark kids mattress.

    These are full-size mattresses and in this article I’m going to try to tell you everything that you need to know about these kid’s beds from Nest Bedding.

    I’m going to be talking about the policies that they come with, general things like shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties.

    And then I’m going to delve into each mattress and talk about how they feel, what their firmness is, what they’re made up of, their pricing. At the end I’ll even sum things up with a final verdict on who I see each option being best for.

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    To start out, I’m going to talk about the general policies that should apply to both the Puffin and the Lark mattress.

    If you buy them online, you should be getting the following policies, starting with completely free bed in the box shipping.

    This means that both beds will arrive inside of a box that’s around four feet tall and all you got to do is unbox them, which should be actually pretty fun for you and a kid to complete.

    Unlike the adult Nest Bedding mattresses, these two kids mattresses do not come with a 365 night trial period. They do come with completely free returns and a lifetime warranty if you decide to keep them.

    All of the foams in these beds are also CertiPUR-US certified. The Puffin and Lark beds are also made in the USA. If you care about getting American-made products, these two should be right up your alley.

    But that’s enough about the policy stuff, now let’s delve into each mattress individually, starting with the Puffin bed.



    This bed is designed to help support growing children. It’s designed for bigger kids.

    It’s comprised of just two all foam layers.

    On the bottom you start out with a five inch layer of dense support foam and then on top you have the primary comfort layer of energex foam and it’s about two inches of this stuff.

    Both of these foams in addition to the mattress cover are designed to be super breathable for the average kiddo.

    If your child happens to sleep on the warmer side, this should be a pretty good option for you, though it’s not really an active cooling bed as I found. I’d say it’s more around the temperature neutral sleeping range.

    This construction all adds up to give this bed more of a firmer neutral foam feel. It’s basically just gonna have this unassuming type of feel that’s not like a memory foam nor like a latex foam, but just something like an average comfy foam bed.

    That’s something that the everyday kid is probably going to be used to.

    In terms of firmness, I’m obviously not kid, so I can’t really test for the proper firmness that the average child will probably find the Puffin mattress.


    But I did have some petite size sleepers try the bed out and they found it to be right in between a medium and a medium firm.

    However your child likes to sleep, on their back, side, stomach or a combination of all three sleeping positions, they should be good to go on the Puffin bed.

    Getting a firmer kids bed to start is actually probably a good thing for you to consider, because all beds do tend to soften up as you use them. As your child grows, they’ll probably perceive the bed to be softer over time.

    You should get a good number of years of use out of this bed for your child.

    In terms of pricing for the Puffin bed, a full size currently retails for right around $600. But after discount, you can expect to pay just over the $500 range, something around $540.

    So this is a pretty affordable option if you’re in the market for a kids mattress.



    The lark is the natural and organic kids mattress within Nest Bedding’s lineup.

    In terms of construction, you have a bottom layer of dunlop latex foam for this bed’s primary support. And then on top you have the company’s Eco-flex foam with an organic cotton cover with some wool in it to round everything out.

    This construction adds up to give the Lark more of a latex foam feel in general. A good way to think about latex foam beds is essentially as the opposite of memory foam ones.

    Instead of getting a lot of body conforming sink in qualities, you’re gonna be getting a lot of pushback and resistance with little to no sinking.

    But it’s also a really comfy feel. I think most kids should find the feel of the Lark to be pretty accommodating.


    If you’re interested in getting your child a more natural and organic option, this is probably going to be one of the best ones on the market for you.

    The responsive nature of the latex foam and additional comfort foam layers used within this bed also give it a firmer profile. I’d say it’s also in between a medium and a medium firm. So it should be a pretty good option for most kids. As they grow they should perceive this bed to be softer than that firmness over time.

    It should work for all sleeper types right off the bat, back, side, stomach and combination sleepers should be able to get by just fine on the Lark natural kids bed.

    Since this is a more premium natural and organic offering from Nest Bedding, it is going to be priced a little bit more than the Puffin bed.

    A full size currently retails for right around $1200 but after discount, you can expect to pay closer to $1100.


    Tat pretty much is going to sum it up for my review of the Nest Bedding kids beds.

    I hope i helped you out towards your kids mattress search.

    But it’s time for my final verdict who should really go with these mattresses and why.

    I’d say look into the Puffin if you’re looking for a big kid’s bed that’s right in between a medium and a medium firm, which should soften up over time.

    You want something with more of a soft neutral foam feel for your kid and you want something that’s a little bit more affordable.

    Go with the Lark natural kids bed if you want more of a premium natural and organic offering for your child. You also want something that’s right in between a medium and a medium firm.

    Ad you want something with more of a latex foam feel that should be accommodating to most kiddos out there.

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