Tempur-Pedic Mattresses Review (Full Comparison)


    Here I’m going to be doing a mega comparison of all of the beds from Tempur-Pedic.

    Tempur-Pedic is obviously a pretty big name when it comes to bedding brands. They’ve been around for a while now, long before this whole online mattress craze started. Their name is basically synonymous for that traditional dense memory foam feel that a lot of sleepers out there really enjoy in their mattress.

    They offer five more premium options online that all feature this type of a feel.

    But if I’m being honest, their mattress lineup can be a little bit difficult to navigate through as there is a lot of information on paper to digest.

    But don’t worry, I have got you covered.

    I’ve reviewed around 100 different online beds and I know the Tempur-Pedic ones pretty well at this point.

    So in this article I’m going to try to give you a better understanding about all the beds within the Tempur-Pedic lineup.

    I’m going to start off by covering all the policies that Tempur-Pedic offers for their beds. Things like shipping, returns, trial periods and warranties.

    Then I’m gonna dig into those individual items pertaining to each mattress, like how they’re all constructed, how they’re gonna feel to the average sleeper, how much they cost and at the end I’ll even have a final verdict for you.


    Let’s start this thing off by covering all the policy information that Tempur-Pedic offers for their mattresses.

    If you buy them online, here’s essentially what you’re gonna get.

    First off they’re all gonna ship to you completely free through their respective methods. Once they’re in your possession you get 90 nights to test them out at home before they’re officially yours. You get a solid three months to sleep on their beds to make sure that they’re right for you.

    If they’re not for whatever reason, you get a return option. They do allow you to return their beds but it’s not going to be as straightforward as the free returns that you’d find with other mattress brands online.

    If you do keep them which I imagine you will, if you do all your proper research, these beds are backed by 10 year warranties.

    Common Things

    Before I start driving a wedge between all of these separate Tempur-Pedic beds, I guess I should first address what they all share in common, which quite frankly is a lot.

    The biggest thing is that these are high quality memory foam options that you are going to be paying a bit of a premium for.

    Their queen size MSRPs range from their base model, the Tempur-Cloud at around $2000, all the way up to their top tier Tempur-Breeze beds that cost just shy of $4700.

    These are definitely more expensive options that are nowhere near the range of budget tier.

    But a bed is ultimately a long-term investment that’ll likely last you for the next seven to ten years. So if you’re someone who knows that they want the specific feel of a Tempur-Pedic mattress and it’s within your budget, it could be well worth it.

    Tempur-Pedic as a brand has been known to offer really good discounts on their beds year-round though and these prices could change in the near future.

    Another commonality that I just alluded to is that they all share that quintessential dense memory foam feel.

    When you first go to lay down on a Tempur-Pedic bed, it might feel a lot firmer than you originally expected, but then you’ll slowly start to sink into those top layers of viscous memory foam, which will conform around the shape of your body.

    This feel can be quite divisive among sleepers. A lot of people really enjoy the sink in sensation that this type of memory foam provides, because it can make you feel like you’re secure in the bed while you sleep.

    But other certain combination sleepers don’t enjoy it because it can also make you feel like you’re stuck in the bed when you go to rotate between sleeping positions.

    All of the Tempur-Pedic mattresses, except for the Tempur-Cloud, also come with cooling covers that are noticeably cool to the touch. They’ll probably do a pretty good job at helping you stay temperature neutral throughout the night.



    Let’s start off by talking about the first bed within their mattress lineup, the Tempur-Cloud, which is their most affordable option and it actually comes with normal bed in a box shipping, unlike their other beds which will likely ship to you full size.

    It’s meant to compete with the likes of other popular bed in a box brands that feature memory foam, like Nectar or even Bear mattress.

    In terms of its construction, it’s made up of just two foam layers. You’ve got dense support foam on the bottom and a thick layer of viscous memory foam on top.

    It’s available in only one firmness level, which is right around a proper medium firm on the scale. It’ll probably be best for back and stomach sleepers who are looking for a firmer mattress that offers more support.

    Speaking of support though, since this is an all-foam mattress, I can only really recommend it for medium to petite-sized individuals.

    If you’re heavier, I always recommend going the route of a hybrid bed because their coils provide more long-term support and durability for bigger body types.

    But that’s exactly where the next bed in their mattress lineup comes in.



    The Tempur-Adapt mattress is available either as an all-foam or hybrid bed. The hybrid version of this mattress will be supportive enough to handle all body types, including heavier folks, since it uses those pocketed coils for its support base.

    Above those coils you have more of a transition layer, than that dense memory foam on top and then a nice cooling cover to round everything out.

    Both the all foam and hybrid models of the Tempur-Adapt are right around a medium firm on the scale. The hybrid might be a tinge firmer due to the responsive nature of those coils underneath.

    But in any case I see them being best for back, stomach and certain combination sleepers. They’re just much too firm for side sleepers who usually prefer softer beds that offer more pressure relief.



    If you are more of a side sleeper who’s looking for a softer Tempur-Pedic option, you might want to start your search at the Tempur-ProAdapt line.

    These are pretty similar to the Tempur-Adapt beds, only they add an additional layer of dense memory foam to make the mattresses even more pressure relieving.

    Like the Tempur-Adapt, the Tempur-ProAdapt is available in an all-foam and hybrid version. In addition to a soft model which will probably cater more to the pressure relieving needs of strict side sleepers.

    They also have a firm model which will likely be best for strict back and stomach sleepers who are looking for the most amount of underlying support from their bed.

    Keep in mind that the soft and firm models are only available as all foam beds. I can’t really recommend them to anyone who’s especially heavy, but they could be worth considering if you’re looking for a Tempur-Pedic that matches your specific sleeping



    If you’re looking for an even more targeted version of this pressure relief or support from your bed though, you might want to check out their Tempur-LuxeAdapt line.

    These beds are basically a lot like the Tempur-ProAdapt series, only a bit beefier as far as the quality and quantity of similar materials used inside.

    They have all sorts of fancy terms to describe all these changes. To me quite frankly, it sounds like a bunch of marketing noise. But in a nutshell, if you’re looking for a Tempur-Pedic that provides the most amount of softness or firmness for your particular needs, these are the ones to go with.

    They’re available in two different firmness levels. Those being either soft or firm. The soft will likely provide even more targeted pressure relief for the hips and shoulders of strict side sleepers, while the firm is probably going to give strict back or stomach sleepers the most amount of support under their lower back or trunk.

    These two options are also only available as all foam beds, so heavier people might want to look elsewhere, but for the average sized person, I think they’ll work just fine.


    Also worth mentioning about the ProAdapt, the LuxeAdapt and the Breeze lines is that their cooling covers are also machine washable, which is super nice, especially if you’re looking for something that you can regularly deep clean.

    With the covers on the Tempur-Cloud and Tempur-Adapt beds, you’re going to have to spot clean them if they happen to get dirty over time, which is a drag, but at least you can still clean them.



    But the cream of the crop as far as Tempur-Pedic beds are concerned is their Tempur-Breeze line. These are their ultra cool options that they say sleep three or even eight degrees cooler than any of their other beds and that’s due to a special phase change material that’s used inside.

    After laying down on one of these mattresses, I can truly say that it’s one of the coolest beds that I’ve ever tried out. No pun intended.

    They basically wrap all of the qualities from all their other lines into one.

    These beds are available in four different firmness options, those being soft, medium, medium hybrid and firm. They have options to pretty much accommodate any sleeper or body type.

    All the redeeming factors about the Tempur-Breeze beds considered, the sticker shock on them is still quite real.

    As I mentioned earlier, a queen size retails for somewhere around a whopping $4700. But like I said, Tempur-Pedic is pretty good with the discounts that they offer on their beds from time to time.

    Best Mattress to Sleep Cool


    That’s just about going to do it for this mega comparison of Tempur-Pedic.

    No matter which of these options you decide to go with, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a quality mattress from a reputable brand.

    But what are the big reasons to get one?

    I’d say looking at getting a Tempur-Pedic, if you don’t mind spending up for a more premium option with a traditional dense memory foam feel, you want a bunch of different options to choose from, and you’re maybe a hot sleeper who’s looking for a more cooling option.

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