Tempur-Neck Pillow Review

    Here I will be bringing you another pillow review. It will be the Tempur-Neck by Tempur-pedic and it is one of the best pillows for neck pain.

    I will be going over the Tempur-Neck construction, how it feels, who it’s good for, who it’s not so good for, and at the end I’ll be answering some of your frequently asked questions.



    The Tempur-Neck was designed to give you proper spinal alignment, support, and comfort by catering to the natural curve of your body.

    Let’s look at the construction of this unique looking pillow.

    This pillow comes with a removable polyester knit cover with perforations which help the fabric’s breathability.

    It comes in an ergonomic shape that you can get in three sizes: small, medium, and large, all adapt to your shape as you lie down.

    When you go to buy and you’re trying to figure out the best size for you, just place a ruler perpendicular to your neck and measure the distance from the base of your neck to the outside edge of your shoulder.

    It’s important to note that this pillow is made specifically for back and side sleepers. From the look, you could imagine this design would not be comfortable for stomach sleepers, whose faces go directly on the pillow surface.

    When you open it up using the zipper, you can see a big solid block of memory foam that’s protected in a casing. This is where all your support is going to be coming from.


    If your pillow doesn’t feel good to you then what’s the use? I think the feel of the pillow is its most important quality.

    Let’s see how the Tempur-Neck matches up.

    First off, it’s definitely firm. It doesn’t have much give to it when you lie down on the surface so don’t expect an impressionable doughy feeling, but that’s not always a bad thing.

    It’s supportive and contouring and your head will fit perfectly right in between the head and neck supports on this pillow surface.

    Since it’s customized to your perfect shape and feel, you could imagine how comfortable this pillow is.

    You’ll feel perfectly shaped too in your head, neck, and shoulders which should help to alleviate any neck pain you suffer from.

    The patented Tempur material provides excellent pressure relief. Top customer testimonials say that their neck pain quickly disappeared after using this pillow, and I can attest to that after spending a few nights using it.


    Sleep Positions

    t’s not for everyone. Like I said earlier, this pillow will only work for back and side sleepers, as well as back and side combo sleepers.

    Back sleepers: your head will lie perfectly in between the upper head and neck supports giving you the ultimate cradled feeling. The pillow cuts off at the perfect spot too so your shoulders will have enough space to comfortably lie flat.

    As for side sleepers, the side of your face will comfortably fit in between the head and neck supports so that you’ll feel supported everywhere you need to be.

    If you do switch between those two positions, this pillow will allow you to transition with ease.

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    Pillow buying can be super confusing, so I made a pros and cons list to help make that decision a little bit easier for you.

    Starting off with the pros, this is a top of the line option for neck pain. So if you’ve been looking for something to alleviate that tightness or those aches that you feel in the morning, this option should help.

    This pillow caters perfectly to your body shape for optimal alignment which is the key to healthy sleeping.

    And lastly, this pillow comes with a 5-year warranty, which is great if something happens to your pillow you can exchange it and get a new one for free.



    Moving on to the cons.

    This pillow does not work for stomach sleepers. The design of this pillow will not be comfortable if you want to go face first into the surface.

    This pillow is pretty firm, so if you like something softer, more like a down alternative pillow, this won’t work for you.

    And lastly there are no exceptions for returns unfortunately. Tempur-pedic does not allow you to exchange or return your pillow. So even if you mis-measure and just want to get a new size, they will not honor that request.


    I’m going to go over some quick hits regarding Tempur-Pedic’s policies so you know exactly what to expect when you buy.

    Tempur-pedic unfortunately does not offer any trial periods or any returns for their pillows, so that’s something to be aware of before you buy this pillow. Once you get it, you get it, there’s no return.

    But to weigh out the bad with the good, this pillow does ship for free and also comes with a five year warranty.


    Let’s get into some of your frequently asked questions regarding the Tempur-Neck pillow.

    What are the care instructions for this pillow?

    The cover is removable and it’s also machine washable. I would let it air dry and it’s also good to note that you can’t put the memory foam core in the washing machine or you will damage it.

    Are Tempur-Pedic pillows worth the money?

    I think so. You spend a third of your life sleeping, so you might as well have a good quality pillow. A lot of customer reviews say that they experience great pressure relief and neck pain relief, so I would say it’s worth the money.

    Which Tempur-Pedic pillow is best?

    This is gonna depend on what you’re looking for. All of Tempur-Pedic pillows deal with different preferences.

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