TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable Pillow Review


    Here I will be checking out the TEMPUR-Cloud adjustable pillow.

    Word on the street is that this pillow works for all sleeping positions, but you shouldn’t
    always believe everything you hear.

    In this article I’ll be going over the TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable’s construction, how it feels, who it’s good for, who it’s not so good for. At the end of the article I’ll be answering some of your frequently asked questions.



    The TEMPUR-Cloud adjustable is a super special pillow because it’s so customizable, which if you’re used to sleeping on a traditional down or memory foam pillow, may be new to you.

    So let’s get into this pillow’s construction to get a better idea as to why it’s so unique.

    I’ll start off with the cover.

    It is made of 100% polyester knit and it’s removable and machine washable for easy care. Plus it’s treated with surface guard technology, which means it’s hypoallergenic. This is bonus point for me because I have really bad allergies.

    I’ll use the zipper on the side to open it up. The inside fill comes wrapped in a lightweight casing, which protects the fill and keeps it all in place.

    As for the fill itself, it is TEMPUR-pedic special TEMPUR-blend shredded fill. These are little tiny pieces of foam that help with pressure relief.

    They’re loose, so it won’t trap any body heat and it’s super malleable so you can manipulate the fill and mold it into a form that’s most comfortable for you.

    Best yet you can actually remove or add fill to this pillow to achieve your most customized and comfortable sleep yet.

    Before we move on, it’s important to note that this pillow only comes in one size. Standard size, but it should fit all standard to queen size pillowcases.

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    Regardless of your prior pillow knowledge, we can all agree that how a pillow feels is pretty important in your buying decision.

    We all want to be comfy when we sleep, right? With that in mind, how does the TEMPUR-Cloud adjustable feel when put to the test.

    The cover is soft to the touch and would be comfortable enough to sleep directly on if you chose not to use a separate pillowcase.

    The overall firmness and feel is medium soft. You can definitely feel the support while still getting that slight doughy sinking feeling.

    I’m not gonna lie, it does feel a little strange when you’re feeling around just because of those pieces of shredded memory foam. But once you actually lay your head down, you don’t notice that at all.

    When you lie on it, the pillow will adapt to the weight and shape of your head as you make an impression on the surface.

    You’ll also be able to easily flatten or fluff it when needed and form it into whatever shape you want.


    Sleep Positions

    When you sleep, do you tend to rest on your back, side, stomach or some combination of all three?

    That may seem like a silly question, but it’s important to know before going to buy a pillow, so you can determine what kind you’ll need.

    Back and stomach sleepers will need something that’s flatter, so that their spine can stay in alignment and with that same goal in mind side sleepers need something with a higher profile so that their head neck and shoulders can stay aligned with their back in neutral position.

    Let’s see if the TEMPUR-Cloud adjustable will work for you.

    Back sleepers, this pillow will be a great option for you. Your head will sink just the right amount into the center of the surface, while staying propped up and leaving enough room to support your neck and shoulders.

    As for side sleepers, I’m on the taller side so I just fluffed up the middle section to be a high enough loft for me and my shoulders. Thanks to that adjustable fill, you’ll be able to manipulate this pillow in a way to work for you and whatever your primary position is.

    Stomach sleepers, this will also be great for you. You can either flatten this pillow to get your best result or, if you’re on the petite side, you may have to remove a bit of fill to get an even lower profile.


    Pillow buying can be super confusing so I made a pros and cons list to help make that decision a little bit easier for you.

    Starting off with the pros.

    The first one is this pillow works for all sleeping positions, since it’s customizable. It’s a great value buy.

    Moving on to number two, this is one of the more breathable options that TEMPUR-Pedic has due to that shredded memory foam. If you tend to sleep hot, and you want to buy something from TEMPUR-Pedic, this is a great option.

    Moving on to number three, this is one of the more affordable pillows that TEMPUR-Pedic offers. It retails for just under $70, which is great considering they have pillow options that are as expensive as $200.



    Moving on to the cons.

    This pillow doesn’t have any advanced cooling features. Although it’s one of their more breathable options due to that shredded memory foam, it doesn’t have any extra or added features to help combat any overheating.

    Number two, this pillow only comes in one size, which if you’re like me and you sleep on a big old king-size bed, you might want some king-sized pillows to match, but unfortunately this only comes in one size option.

    Snd lastly this is a standing con with TEMPUR-Pedic. They don’t allow for any exchanges or returns and they don’t have any trial periods. It is a commitment when you buy. Once you buy, you got to keep it.


    Now I’m gonna go over some quick hits regarding TEMPUR-Pedic’s policies, so you all know exactly what to expect when you go to.

    TEMPUR-Pedic does not allow for returns or exchanges on their pillows and they don’t offer any trial periods either. Just know that before you go to buy. Once you buy, you have it.

    But to outweigh the bad with the good, this pillow does come with a five year warranty and ships for free.


    Now it’s time to get into some of your frequently asked questions about the TEMPUR-Cloud adjustable.

    What is the difference between the TEMPUR-Cloud and the TEMPUR-Cloud adjustable?

    These are two different models that TEMPUR-Pedic offers. The main difference is just the insert. With the Cloud Adjustable, you’re gonna get that shredded memory foam and with the Cloud it’s just one big solid block of memory foam.

    What are the benefits of this pillow?

    I’d say the biggest perk of the TEMPUR-Cloud adjustable is just that adjustable fill. You can remove it, you can add it, scrunch it, manipulate it however you want to be most comfortable for you.

    How much does the TEMPUR-Cloud Adjustable cost?

    This pillow retails for $69 it’s the cheapest pillow that TEMPUR-Pedic offers.

    TEMPUR-Cloud Pillow Review

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