SweetNight Dreamland Hybrid Mattress Review


    In this review I’m going to talk about the Dreamland bed from the brand SweetNight.

    SweetNight makes a bunch of mattresses, all really affordable and some pretty quality ones too.

    Here I’m going to talk about everything that the Dreamland bed has to offer. I’m going to touch on the policies that this bed will come with if you do decide to order it online, then I’ll talk about the feel, firmness, construction, what this bed is made of. I’ll talk about pricing and I’ll try to have a final verdict at the end.

    Let’s get right into this review.


    If you order this bed online it’s going to be backed by the following policies, starting with free shipping.

    This thing will show up in a box to your house and once it’s there, you basically drag it inside and start ripping off all the packaging.

    Online beds sometimes may take a day or two to get to their true firmness level because they use some foams and stuff to inflate. I would say that that’s probably the case with this SweetNight bed. You might want to give it a day or two to get to its true size before you start judging it.

    Once the Dreamland hybrid is in your possession you get a sleep trial of 100 nights. This is basically your chance to try the bed out in your own home risk free and decide if this is the bed that you want to keep for the foreseeable future.

    That’s basically over three months of testing the bed in the comfort of your own home with your own sheets in your own environment.

    If you happen to not enjoy the Dreamland hybrid as much as you thought you would, that’s fine because SweetNight does offer free returns within that hundred night sleep trial.

    You basically would just call the company up or email them, figure out a way to get the mattress returned and they’ll work with you. They usually send a local delivery team to pick the bed up off your hands.

    But hopefully you do enjoy the bed and you don’t have to go down that route and if so, the bed is backed by a 10-year warranty, which is pretty much the mattress industry standard that we see with the online beds.



    Now let’s get into the main bulk of this review and touch on what this bed is made of.

    Let’s talk about construction.

    At the bottom, this bed has a thin layer of support foam, then there is a foam encased edge support barrier, which protects those pocketed coils, which act as the main support layer for this mattress.

    In general pocketed coils are great for people of all sizes, small, medium and large. If you’re a heavier person, you might want the bed with pocketed coils because it provides that bounce that you’re maybe looking for on a mattress.

    Above those coils you have a transition layer, and then on top a comfort foam layer.

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    SweetNight does use a memory foam as their comfort foam layer, but that doesn’t really mean that it’s going to have a memory foam feel.

    Instead it’s going to have more of a responsive neutral foam feel. On a traditional memory foam you usually see that dense slow to respond quality. But this is a kind of the opposite.

    The SweetNight bed is really fast to respond and that paired with those coils will provide a lot of pressure relief while being nice and responsive.

    It’s nice to know that the bed will change and adapt to your sleeping situation. Something like a dense memory foam bed is great for someone who sleeps strictly on their side and never turns over. But if you do like to move around this bed will be right up your alley.

    This bed is available in three different height options. There’s the eight inch, the 10 inch and the 12 inch.

    The benefits of going with a thinner mattress will be that you’ll probably save some money and it might be easier to move. But I’d pretty much recommend everyone go with the 12-inch since this bed is already really affordable.



    Let’s talk about firmness.

    This bed is right at a medium on the firmness scale, meaning it should work for all sleeper types, side, combination, back and stomach sleepers.

    Since this bed does use pocketed coils it should also work for all body types, small, medium, petite and rather large individuals.

    Like I mentioned earlier, pocketed coils just provide a lot more long-term support and durability for heavier body types.

    If you’re more petite you might like a bed with bounce which is great with pocketed coils. If you are really petite, you might find this bed to be a little firmer than that medium firmness because firmness is a subjective thing based on how much you weigh.

    If you’re a lot heavier you might find beds to be softer just because you have more mass. And if you’re more petite beds might feel a little bit firmer.

    But for the average size person this is right around a medium, great for all sleeper types.

    Other Beds

    If that medium firmness isn’t exactly what you want in a mattress, that’s fine, because SweetNight offers a bunch of other different beds.

    I’m going to give you just a little taste of what those are all about.

    They’ve got their SweetNight Sunkiss bed which is a flippable affordable all foam bed and it has more of a mixed foam feel.

    This bed is right around a medium. One of the sides is a little firmer than a medium, the other a little softer than a medium, but it’s nice to have a flippable bed option at your disposal.

    The next SweetNight bed that you might want to look into is the Breeze, which is an affordable all foam mattress. This one’s not flippable.

    Then you’ve got the Twilight mattress, which is a nice hybrid bed. The last bed I’ll talk about if you are into SweetNight beds is the Island, which has more of a pillow top feel and it does have pocketed coils, so if you want something with more of a pillow top feel, maybe check out the Island.



    Let’s touch on some things that couples might want to consider if you happen to be sharing the bed.

    Those being edge support and temperature regulation.

    In terms of temperature regulation, this bed is temperature neutral. You pretty much have to do something crazy if you want your bed to be extremely cold or extremely hot. Most beds are pretty much temperature neutral. Nothing to worry about there.

    The next thing that I’m going to talk about is edge support and this has to do with how well the perimeter edges of the mattress hold up under pressure.

    For this SweetNight bed it isn’t the best. Since they use foam on that edge, it’s going to be less supportive than those coils if they went all the way to the edge or even closer.

    There definitely are beds that have better edge support, but unless you’re sleeping really close to that edge, which I doubt a lot of people do, you probably should be fine on this bed.


    Now it’s time to talk about price and I do want to say that mattress brands like SweetNight do like to tinker with their pricing and promotions from time to time.

    But these prices are as of when I’m writing this article for a queen size and I’m talking about that 12 inch model. So before any discounts you should be paying around the $550 range for this bed.

    If you have a discount, that’ll basically lop almost a hundred dollars off this bed bringing it closer to the $450 or low $400 mark and that’s a pretty great value for a hybrid bed of this quality.

    If you want to save even more money, you can opt for the 10 inch or the 8 inch. I think the 8 inch is under $400, so basically youcan get a really nice bed from SweetNight for a really nice price.


    That’s basically the whole story when it comes to this mattress and at this point it’s time for me to tell you my final verdict.

    I would go for the SweetNight Dreamland hybrid if you’re looking for an affordable hybrid mattress with more of a responsive neutral foam feel that’s right around a medium.

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