Stop Doing These 8 Bedroom Design Mistakes!


    Here I’m going to talk about the most common bedroom design mistakes that you might have done, why you shouldn’t do them and how you can fix them.

    Placing The Bed Near Door

    The first mistake is to never place a bed in front of the door.

    If you are wondering why, let me explain.

    Bedroom is the most private space in the home, so we should be careful when we design it in order to keep that privacy.

    If we put the bed just right in front of the door and if someone enters the room wrongly, this could be your friend that came to stay over or this could be your kids that couldn’t sleep and they just wanted to sleep with you, the first thing that they will see is going to be you on the bed alone or maybe with your partner.

    Maybe you like to sleep naked. It will not be a good experience. You shouldn’t really place your bed in front of the door.

    Another reason is that according to a research, people are feeling much more safe when their bed is not facing the door. And when they feel safe, they can have a better sleep as well.

    You will feel much more comfortable if you don’t place your bed in front of your door.


    Pushing Your Bed Into The Corner

    For the second mistake, I want to put one exception. If your room is extremely small and you have no choice but to push your bed into the corner, go ahead and do it. I completely understand you and support you.

    However if your bedroom is a decent sized bedroom, you really shouldn’t do that, especially if you have a partner. Getting into the bed and getting out from the bed should be easy for both people. You shouldn’t have to crush your partner for basic things.

    I had a friend who was doing this mistake.

    Basically she enjoyed sleeping close to the wall and her partner was sleeping on the other side all the time.

    The problem was she was getting up many times for toilet in the middle of the night and her partner’s sleep was very light. So every time she wakes up for the toilet, he also had to wake up because she was basically just jumping on him to get out of the bed. It was affecting the quality of her partner’s sleep.

    Please don’t do the same mistake as my friend and don’t push your bed into the corner. Bedroom should be the most comfortable place in your house.

    At least leave 50 to 60 centimeters from both sides of the bed for easy access.

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    Putting a Furniture in Front of a Heater

    This common and big mistake can cause some functional problems in your house and it can also affect your physical health.

    Before anything else, when you put any kind of furniture in front of your heater, you block the heat spreading into your room. This might be a problem especially on winter because you cannot really warm the room. You may end up with some high electricity or gas bills, depending on your heating.

    If your room is small you may think that this is not going to be a problem for you.

    But let me tell you another reason which is more about placing your bed next to a heater. Ii know it sounds cozy and warm to sleep next to a heater. I do understand it because I did it in the past too.

    But did you actually know that it’s not good for your physical health. According to a research, sleeping next to a heater for long hours is not good for your physical health. You can wake up with some extreme headaches and sometimes it’s not just headaches. You can also have a bleeding nose.

    I personally don’t think that it’s worth to take any kind of risks about your physical health.

    Having Too Many Items

    I know it’s tempting to buy new things that you like, because I am addicted to shopping. I know it sounds weird but I feel sad when I don’t buy the things that I want and how they would look nice in my room.

    But you shouldn’t buy unnecessary things and put them into your room. Your bedroom should be clean and refreshing. After doing daily chores and feeling tired, when we go to our bedroom at night, we shouldn’t feel like we are stuck there, but rather we should feel calm and relaxed.

    Personally if I want to buy some things from my bedroom, I first get rid of some stuff so that I can exchange their place with new things.

    This also helps me to control my shopping addiction. You can also consider donating your stuff to charities or you can sell them online to make some extra money.


    Tight Arrangement of Furniture

    This is another common mistake that I have seen a lot.

    Some people tend to place their furniture very close to each other and it can cause some functional problems.

    For example, if you place a desk near your chest of drawers, you may not be able to open your drawers fully. Or if you don’t leave enough space in front of your wardrobe, you may not open your panels easily and use your wardrobe fully.

    I definitely do understand that your bedroom might be small, but if your bedroom is small you should choose your furniture even much more wisely.

    For example, you can go for sliding wardrobe panels instead of the ones that you have to open in order to use the wardrobe.

    Trust me on this. There are so many ways to deal with it. So don’t put your furniture really close to each other.

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    Choosing Wrong Scale Furniture

    This is another common mistake that I have seen a lot.

    The scale of the furniture that you choose should match with the scale of your bedroom in order to create a nice interior.

    I know some people who have smaller sized bedroom tend to buy some bigger furniture, such as king-sized bed or a huge desk for their place, but they don’t really consider the size of the space and it doesn’t really look nice when they place them in their bedroom.

    Some people don’t even measure their space and this is another big problem. You should always measure your space before buying anything.

    On the other hand if your bedroom is bigger, you should still measure your space, because you shouldn’t go and choose the smallest furniture for your space. It will look out of scale.

    When people who have bigger bedrooms chose the wrong scale furniture, they are likely to complain that there are so much space in their bedroom that they don’t really know what to do about it.

    So be careful about the scale and measure your room before buying anything.



    Hanging Curtains Very Low

    You should always hang your curtains as high as possible. If your windows are not very high, it doesn’t mean that your curtains have to be short too. You don’t have to hang your curtains just right above your window. If you do that, your bedroom is very likely to look like it’s pushed down or small.

    Try to hang them near the ceiling as much as possible because this will give an illusion of a bigger space.

    I also want to warn you about something that I don’t really find reasonable regarding curtains.

    Don’t go and choose extremely long curtains for your bedroom.

    If it’s same as your wall height, that’s completely fine. But if you go above, maybe 10 to 15 centimeters more than your wall height, it will just cause the dirt and the dust gathering under your curtains and this is not really great.

    Don’t go extreme on the length of your curtains because it will be hard to clean and also it’s not very useful.

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    No Gap Between Furniture and Walls

    This is another common mistake that many people make.

    Some people just stick the furniture on the walls and they don’t leave any gap.

    This is something that you should definitely avoid if you don’t want to damage your walls because when you push the furniture way too much on the walls, you may damage the walls and you can end up with some marks. This might be a problem especially if you are living in a rented house.

    Try to leave at least seven to eight centimeters between the furniture and the walls.

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