Stand Alone Wardrobe Closet vs Fitted


    Should you buy a fitted or a stand alone wardrobe closet when shopping for one? Both offer benefits and drawbacks, but it ultimately depends on individual taste.

    When choosing the type of wardrobe closet to purchase, there are numerous factors to take into account. The most important considerations are space, storage requirements, and pricing.

    First and foremost, think about the area you have readily accessible. With its depth, a fitted wardrobe can significantly reduce the size of a bedroom while also spending precious wall space.

    If space is limited, though, you can include a fitted wardrobe closet into the bedroom. Hanging space, drawers, and shelves are just a few of the storage possibilities available.


    Cubbies for accessories and shoes can be added. There are a plethora of alternatives for customizing your wardrobe to meet your individual requirements.

    Small areas are better served by a stand alone wardrobe. Many bedrooms are simply not made or sized properly to accommodate a fitted wardrobe. Sloped ceilings, doors, and windows can all be a hindrance. A stand-alone can better fit into corners or niches.

    Furthermore, if necessary, a stand alone can be relocated around. Stand alone closets are also a wonderful way to bring a sophistication and beauty to your space. A really well stand alone wardrobe can be an eye-catching unique feature.

    Solid Wood Wardrobe Closet

    Your storage requirements should receive priority. Are you thinking about getting a wardrobe to supplement your current closet space or to serve as your main storage solution?

    If you only need additional storage, a stand alone wardrobe might suffice. If the space is absolutely lacking storage, a fitted wardrobe can offer the necessary storage while also highlighting the space.

    When it comes to fitted wardrobes, price is a major factor. They will have to be fitted by a specialist unless you are exceptionally skilled, which can be expensive.

    A stand alone wardrobe, on the other hand, can be obtained at a reasonable price. Stand alone wardrobes made of pine are sturdy and affordable, and they come in a variety of designs or can be built to fit your personal preferences and décor.

    Homes were not constructed with especially big spaces for keeping clothing before the period of walk-in closets as basic features in new building. As a result, fitted wardrobes are in demand.

    They provide a wide range of storage alternatives while ensuring maximum available space. Those without the modern convenience of walk-in closets can build a room that is arranged and designed for their specific requirements with custom-built fitted wardrobes.

    Stand alone wardrobes are still popular due to their aesthetic, size, and functionality. They are suitable for any type of interior and come in a wide range of patterns. They take up less room than fitted wardrobes and may be dragged around as needed.

    Whether you choose a stand alone wardrobe or a fitted wardrobe, start with the space you have readily accessible and the storage you need, then let the rest flow from there.

    Each has its own set of benefits, but the size of your bedroom and your particular demands will play a big role in your decision and storage possibilities. Whether it’s a stand alone unit or one that’s fitted into your space, the correct fit can be reached.

    The Benefits of a Stand Alone Wardrobe

    Because the wardrobe is portable, you can relocate it to a different room if you make a decision to re-furnish your bedroom or rearrange your home’s floorplan. It can also accompany you if you choose to relocate.

    You’ll be able to purchase other bedroom furniture pieces from the same line if you purchase a stand alone wardrobe. A chest of drawers, bedside tables, and vanity unit are examples of this. This will save you time when shopping for various components.

    If you enjoy redecorating your house or anticipate relocating in the coming years, the flexibility to sell and buy a new wardrobe could be beneficial.

    It’s likely that you’ll be able to take your stand alone wardrobe home the same day, obviously it depends on where you buy it.

    The Drawbacks of a Stand Alone Wardrobe

    Options are limited. Because stand alone wardrobes are typically available in three sizes: single, double, and three-door models. This can restrict your possibilities if you use standard depths and heights.

    Most stand alone wardrobes take up only three-quarters of a conventional room’s height. This leaves a lot of space above it that can’t be used.

    Wardrobe closets that stand alone can make a space feel crowded. They have a more cluttered aesthetic appeal.

    They usually have only hanging space or a combination of hanging space and drawers. These conventional layouts might not be sufficient for your storage needs.

    The Benefits of a Fitted Wardrobe

    Because the frame is custom constructed to your specifications, you can make the most of the available space.

    Internal storage can be tailored to your way of life and clothing needs.

    It’s simple to coordinate it to your decor and other furniture thanks to the wide range of colors and finishes available.

    By directing your attention to the ceiling rather than merely three-quarters of the way up the wall as a stand alone wardrobe does, it will make your room appear larger.

    The Drawbacks of a Fitted Wardrobe

    A fitted wardrobe is permanent due to the custom fit and cannot be moved with you if you relocate.

    It is usually more costly than stand alone wardrobes.

    Because a fitted wardrobe is permanently installed, you’ll have less freedom in how you arrange your room afterward.

    You won’t be able to get a fitted wardrobe from a store and have it delivered right away.

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