Soft Pillow For Back Sleeper (Memory Foam)


    Here I will be talking about the TEMPUR-Cloud from TEMPUR-Pedic.

    This is the company’s most popular pillow and in this article I’ll be going over the TEMPUR-Cloud’s construction, how it feels, who it’s good for, who it’s not so good for. At the end of the article I’ll be answering some of your frequently asked questions.


    soft pillow back sleeper

    The TEMPUR-Cloud comes with a removable quilted polyester cover that is machine washable, which makes for easy upkeep and is a plus for any of you with hypoallergenic concerns.

    You can use the zipper on the side to open it up and the insert is a solid block of memory foam.

    This is TEMPUR-Pedic’s patented foam, which I’ll touch on more in the next section, but it’s great quality and very impressionable.

    But one thing to point out is that it’s not ventilated. It doesn’t have any perforations in it so it’s not very breathable. Just keep that in mind if you tend to sleep hot.

    This traditional looking pillow has a height of 5 inches. It has a pretty low profile but TEMPUR-Pedic claims that this pillow can travel easily.


    For non-mattress nerds, the feel of a pillow is what you really care about.

    You might even say heck to the rest of this article and just be like tell me how my head is gonna feel on this pillow.

    This pillow’s feel can be summed up in one word – soft. Not only in the cover but also the firmness level.

    The TEMPUR-Cloud has that traditional contouring memory foam feel to it. It’s very impressionable and slow to respond, so when you lie down, the foam will shape to your head, giving you that ultra cradling engulfing feeling.

    That means it’ll be great for pressure relief if you tend to experience any neck pain or just like getting your head hugged by your pillow.

    It’s also very malleable, so you can easily form it into whatever shape feels best for you.

    Plus if you’re a side or stomach sleeper, I think you’ll really enjoy the plush feeling against your face while you sleep.

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    Sleep Positions

    Before you go getting all excited about this awesome pillow. you have to make sure it is right for your sleeping position.

    Does your preferred position past the test?

    Back sleepers, I think you will really enjoy this pillow. It has the perfect low profile for you to fit into a comfortable neutral spine position.

    It has great support for your neck and head so you’ll sink right into the impressionable surface and be contoured to all around.

    As for side sleepers, I think this pillow will only be comfortable for your position if you are on the more petite side.

    Anyone with normal to broad shoulders won’t get the necessary loft from this pillow to comfortably rest their shoulders without some serious cramming.

    Side sleepers need a taller pillow in general that can support their head and leave room for their shoulders and keep your spine in proper neutral alignment.

    Stomach sleepers, I think you’ll love this option. It has the perfect sink that your face will
    comfortably form to the surface, while the loft is low enough that you won’t experience any discomfort from your neck or back when you wake up.

    This is really important for your sleeping position because if you have a pillow that’s too high, your neck will be contorted and you’ll be thrown out of proper alignment and that’s just not good and not healthy for your sleep.

    back sleep memory foam pillow


    Pillow buying can be super confusing, so I made a pros and cons list to help make that decision a little bit easier for you.

    Starting off with the pros.

    Number one, this pillow is super easy to care for. Thanks to that removable cover that’s also machine washable. If you have any hypoallergenic concerns or you just want some easy upkeep, this is the pillow for you.

    Moving on to number two, it’s great for pressure relieving thanks to that extra soft memory foam. If you experience any aches and pains, this is another great pillow for you.

    Moving on to number three, this is one of the more affordable pillows that TEMPUR-Pedic offers. If you’re really interested in buying a pillow from this company, this is a great option.


    Moving on to the cons.

    This could get a little too hot for you hot sleepers out there. There’s no ventilated foam or any advanced cooling features, so it can get a little hot when in use.

    Moving on to number two, TEMPUR-Pedic doesn’t offer any trial periods or returns or exchanges on their pillows. Just know that that is a commitment before you buy.

    And lastly, this is not the best option for side sleepers. I just don’t think it’s lofty enough for the average sized person.

    If you are on the petite side, it could work for you, but if you’re average to a little bit larger bodied, this might not be the best fit for you.


    I’m going to go over some quick hits regarding TEMPUR-Pedic’s policies so you all know exactly what to expect when you go to buy.

    TEMPUR-Pedic does not allow for returns or exchanges on their pillows and they don’t offer any trial periods either.

    Just know that before you go to buy. Once you buy, you have it.

    But to outweigh the bad with the good, this pillow does come with a five year warranty and ships for free.

    good pillow for sleeping on back


    It’s time to get into those frequently asked questions about the TEMPUR-Cloud.

    What size is the TEMPUR-Cloud pillow?

    This pillow is one size only and exact dimensions are 33.5 by 16 by 6.5. But that’s a bunch of scientific measurement numbers just to tell you that this is a standard size pillow and it will fit all standard size or queen size pillowcases.

    Do you need to put a pillow case on your TEMPUR-Cloud?

    That’s completely up to you. Personally I like putting pillowcases on my pillows for aesthetic reasons and for just easy upkeep. But the good thing about this pillow is it’s a removable cover and machine washable so you can easily just sleep right on this pillowcase if you’d like.

    How long should this pillow last you?

    This pillow comes with a five year warranty, so that’s usually a pretty good indicator that it’ll last four to five years, but with proper care I think you could get more time out of it.

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