4 Soft Linen Sheets That Last


    Linens are known as the oldest type of sheets. So old, in fact, that they are now a blanket term for all types of bedding.

    For this article I’ve compiled a short but mighty list of the best soft linen sheets that last.

    I’ll go over what makes them special, from their construction to color options and so much more. So stick around.

    Let’s get started.


    Starting off with my favorite linen, my editors pick – the Brooklinen linen sheets set.

    All linens are made from flax, and Brooklinen makes their linens with 100% European flax.

    Linens are known to have a bit of a texture to them, but they still feel really soft. In fact, Brooklinen will send you this set prewashed, which will help mitigate the shrinkage and will help soften these sheets.

    Like all Brooklinen sheets, the fitted sheet has long and short labels in the fitted sheet to take the guesswork out of dressing your bed.

    And if you’re looking for colors, Brooklinen sells this in a few natural shades, but they also have limited edition colors and designs that have been impressively hand dyed.


    Now, just because linens have a texture to them, that doesn’t mean they can’t feel super soft.

    Saatva linens are some of the softest linens I have encountered. This is another set that will come to you pre washed, meaning Saatva will wash the set, which will help mitigate the shrinkage and will make them even softer.

    They do have a bit of a texture to them, but Saatva designed these sheets to get softer the more you use and wash them.

    The Saatva linen sheets are OEKO-Tex certified, meaning no harmful chemicals or toxins went into the production of these sheets, making them fairly eco friendly.

    This will also show up in the color options. You’ve only got about three natural shades to pick from to avoid putting any chemicals or dyes into the production process, just like the ecofriendly and organic Avocado sheets.


    Avocado linen sheets are certified organic. They carry a GOTS certification, which is the gold standard for certified organic products.

    This means that the flax used to make these sheets is grown in an environmentally safe and sustainable way and is also socially responsible.

    These are a great option for hot sleepers because every time you change positions, or at least when I did, I felt the sheets open up and let lots of air flow through.

    These are a luxury option, but they’re fairly durable. With good care, these sheets should last you from anywhere between three to five years.


    All linens are made from flax, but some high quality European flax goes into Parachute’s linen set.

    Parachute works with a family owned factory in Portugal to process and make its linen sheets. These are also OEKO-Tex certified, meaning no harmful chemicals or toxins went into making these sheets, so they’re pretty ecofriendly set, too.

    Parachute will sell these sheets in a variety of natural and neutral shades, so if you don’t like white, you’ve got options.

    The fitted sheet can also fit mattresses up to 16 inches tall. And for reference, beds tend to range from about eight to 14 inches tall, so that fitted sheet will stay on the bed even if you toss and turn.

    See also antibacterial bed sheets.


    If you’ve never used linens before, don’t worry. I’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about these sheets.

    First question, how do you soften linen sheets?

    Simple answer is just use them. Linens will feel naturally textured, so there’s not much you can do about that. But they’re designed in a way that if you use them and the more you wash them, the softer they will feel.

    Second question, are linens sheets cool? Yes. Linens are a great option for hot sleepers because it’s a very breathable material and it has some moisture wicking properties, meaning you won’t feel hot and sweaty underneath these sheets.

    Many linens are made with looser construction, so there’s tons of room for air to flow through these sheets as well.

    Final question, how long do linen sheets last? The flax used to make these sheets is a very durable material. With good care, all of these sheets on this list should last you around three to five years.

    Thanks for sticking around. If you’ve made it this far, hopefully you’ve learned a little thing or two about linen sheets.

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