Super Soft Cooling Pillow (Nolah AirFiber Review)

    Nolah AirFiber pillow

    Here I will review Nolah AirFiber pillow. Is this the best soft pillow that won’t sleep hot?

    If you love a soft pillow but prefer not to sleep on memory foam and your head gets hot at night, the Nolah AirFiber pillow may be perfect for you.

    This pillow is so soft you can take it in a pillow fight because it won’t hurt!

    soft cooling pillow

    Nolah offers you two free pillows when you order a mattress. However when I got my Nolah mattress, they sent me one of each of their pillows that you can buy separately on their website.

    So this is not the same pillow that you get free with your mattress.

    They also offer AirFoam pillow. The AirFiber pillow is very light and fluffy and it is a down alternative, so it feels like feathers but it isn’t. The other one though is completely different and it’s called the AirFoam. So there’s AirFoam and AirFiber.

    AirFoam pillow is made of the same foam that the mattress is made out of and it’s just a little bit different in that it is more of a molded kind of pillow, it’s not shredded or anything. And it doesn’t have a feather refill.

    But I’m going to focus here on the AirFiber.

    Some mattress companies that come in a box sell average pillows, but not Nolah.

    These pillows do not come compressed or rolled up. They come flat.

    The first test I do with a new pillow is the smell test. I found that there was no odor at all with the AirFiber pillow.

    It actually smells nice and that’s super important to me because I’m very sensitive to that smell that some memory foam or foam pillows have. I will get runny nose and my eyes will itch and run.

    So I didn’t have that problem at all.

    Nolah AirFiber pillow

    Let’s start with the most important part of a pillow – the materials, because that will help determine the feel and the firmness.

    To me that is the most important thing, how firm it is and how much support it offers.

    What I really like about Nolah compared to other mattress in a box companies is that they didn’t make their pillows as an afterthought. Rather they’re the pillows that I would not be surprised to see at a nice hotel.

    It’s made of AirFiber, which is Nolah’s name for a silky soft fiber.

    AirFiber is 100 temperature neutral and it’s a type of ultra thin and light polyester fiber. This AirFiber filling creates a lofty feel that’s very cloud like. You can mold it into the perfect shape to fit your preference.

    It is very huggable, movable and moldable.

    Let’s talk about the cover. It is made from a high-tech fabric called Outlast. It’s made to be temperature neutral, to keep you cool and comfortable all night. The material was developed by NASA to keep astronauts cool during takeoff.

    It’s the only space certified technology cooling material commercially available. Very good at keeping your head nice and cool all night long.

    It’s not cool to when you touch it, like some fabrics, like the gravity mattress. But it does do a good job at keeping you comfortable.

    To me this is an amazing cuddling or layering pillow. You can fold it in half easily if you’re one of those people who likes to fold.

    I don’t have a problem sleeping hot because I sleep more cool, but I did sleep on this pillow with the heat cranked up in the room and wearing very warm clothes to see if my head got overheated. at all. It didn’t!

    It has a zipper on one side only. But you can’t unzip it and take anything out of the pillow. That’s good because they are fibers, they’re not big chunks or shreds of foam.

    The cover has nice honeycomb pattern on the top but not on the bottom. It has attractive piping around the edge.

    Best Pillows For All Sleep Positions

    back side stomach sleep position pillow

    In my opinion, this pillow is perfect for all sleeping positions, back, side and stomach. Yes, it’s good stomach sleepers because it’s not too lofty, it’s not too thick.

    This pillow is machine washable on the delicate cycle, using warm water.

    It comes in a queen size only and it’s 20 by 30 inches. I’m mentioning that because their other pillow is a different dimension.

    As for thickness, it is six inches thick.

    AirFiber pillow costs $79 retail, but check the site for the most current price.

    I used to be a person who didn’t spend much more than forty dollars on a pillow, but then I found myself needing to replace them every six months or so, and always trying to make that a longer period.

    I found it worth it to pay a little bit more for quality and have your pillows last.

    Sleep trial is 120 nights. You have up to 120 nights to test out the Nolah pillow and after an initial 30 night break-in period, you can choose to return it up until the 120th night and get a full refund.

    What about warranty? Some pillows don’t have a warranty at all. This one comes with a two-year warranty.

    I have personally always been a fan of the Nolah pillow from the time that I first tried one over a year ago. I also really like the company and everyone I’ve met or talked to there.

    This is also made in the USA.

    best pillows for all position sleepers

    Nolah is on my list of top pillows that I recommend.

    I think it’s only drawback is that it only comes in one size. I usually like to have a king size pillow on my bed.

    I hope this helps you make a good decision if the Nolah AirFiber pillow is for you.

    It’s a great pillow and I really love it.

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