Snowman Down Comforter Review


    If you’re looking for a fluffy down comforter, something’s gonna keep you nice and warm at night, but also not have you waking up hot and sweaty, you definitely want to take a look at the Snowman down comforter.

    That’s what I’m talking about here.

    I’m going to talk about its construction, my experience with it, who it’s good fit for and who it’s not a good fit for.

    Let’s get started.



    On the outside it’s gonna have a hundred percent cotton shell. Smooth to touch and nice feel to it overall.

    Running along the sides of the comforter you’re gonna have a nice beige, kind of gold, piping around the side, giving a nice luxury look to it.

    On all four corners you’re gonna have duvet tabs. Also duvet tabs on all four sides. So eight in total. It’s gonna make it easy to tie this within a duvet cover to kind of change the look and the feel of this down comforter.

    In terms of the overall design of the comforter, it is going to be a baffle box design.

    Usually the comforters have two different types of designs. You have either sewn through or baffle box.

    Sewn throughs are actually sew all through the comforter to keep that fill in place. With the baffle box, it has more of a cube shape to it. It allows the fill to fully expand.

    Just a quick note about the outer cover. They say it is anti mite, hypoallergenic and also down proof .

    A lot of times people with allergies sleeping under a down comforter have issues with the runny nose and watery eyes. The company says you shouldn’t have this issue with this down comforter.

    In terms of the down inside, it’s going to be white goose down, 800 fill power and for the queen size 55 ounces.

    In terms of the color options, you have white, khaki and blue. In terms of size options, you have twin, queen and king. I have the queen and by dimensions, it’s 90 inches by 90 inches.

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    My Experience

    Now I want to talk about my experience with the Snowman down comforter.

    Starting with feel, on the outside, it has that very nice feel to, it’s a hundred percent cotton, somewhat smooth to the touch. I will note though, it is on the crinklier side and some people have this issue with down comforter, especially it has more of a crinklier outer shell.

    So it might wake you up when you’re sleeping under it at night. I did not have this issue, but it’s something to take note of.

    What’s great about this comforter though are the duvet tabs on all four corners and all four sides. So if you want to cut down on that noise, get the outside a different feel, very easy to tie it within a duvet cover.


    Speaking of loft, this is really what makes this down comforters stand out. The Snowman has a very fluffy, lofty look and feel.

    Just looking at the side of the comforter, basically looking at the side of the mattress, it really rises up off the top of the mattress. You have an 800 fill power down fill inside. Even though it’s only 55 ounces, it’s still very fluffy, a very full down comforter.

    Lying underneath it as well is very nice, it has kind of cloud-like feel, so very nice to sleep underneath the Snowman.

    In terms of temperature, a lot of times with down comforters or even down alternative comforters, people struggle with sleeping hot, waking up hot and sweaty.

    While this is a warmer down comforter, I did not wake up sweaty whatsoever. I think it’s still a breathable comforter, with some nice airflow because of cotton.

    It’s also a lighter comforter, only 55 ounces, so it’s fluffy, it’s warm, but also not too hot. It shouldn’t make you sleep hot at night.


    So let’s talk about the pros. Who I think the Snowman might be a good fit for.

    First off, if you’re looking for a very fluffy down comforter, the Snowman should definitely work for you.

    Again, 800 fill power, a nice amount of fluff, got a baffle box design as well, really rises up the top of the mattress.

    When you think of a down comforter, you want something extra fluffy, the Snowman should definitely be at the top of your list.

    Also if you’re looking for a down comforter, but you don’t want to break the bank, you should definitely take a look at the Snowman.

    Right now, for the queen size, only around $160, a very good deal for a quality down comforter. You want something this nice, a lot of times you have to spend $300, $400, even $500.

    And then last but not least, if you want a fluffier, warm comforter, but you don’t want to sleep hot at night, you should also take a look at the Snowman.

    What’s great about this is you have very breathable outer shell, a lighter fill, only 55 ounces of down fill, it has a lot of room for airflow, so you get that fluff, you get some nice insulation, but you shouldn’t be sleeping hot.



    Now I’m going to talk about the cons or who I think the Snowman might not be the best fit for.

    First off, some people will find down to be unethical or want to avoid down for a number of reasons, and if that applies to you, you probably want to stay away from the Snowman, because it does have down in the fill.

    If you are person who struggles with allergies, you might want to look elsewhere. The company says this is hypoallergenic, but I recommend if you have serious allergies, you probably want to go for a down alternative. You won’t have that dust mite buildup, you won’t struggle with allergies so much with the down alternative comforter.

    And then last but not least, speaking about price, for $160 for a queen-size, a very good deal for a down comforter. But that can still be too pricey for some people and if you want to save some money, you can find a much more affordable down alternative comforter.


    Now I want to answer some frequently asked questions about the Snowman down comforter.

    How much does the Snowman down comforter cost?

    On Amazon right now, it ranges in price from $135 for a twin size, up to $170 for a king size.

    How fluffy is the Snowman down comforter?

    In my opinion, it is a very fluffy comforter. 800 fill power, white goose down inside, 55 ounces, a baffle box design, definitely one of the fluffier down comforters that I’ve come across.

    Does the Snowman down comforter sleep hot?

    In my experience, it does not sleep hot. It has a cotton outer shell, so nice breathability there. 55 ounces of down, so not a super heavy down comforter, a lot of room for airflow. Me personally, I did not sleep hot underneath the Snowman.

    What kind of down is in the Snowman?

    They actually use a white goose down as their fill. Again 800 fill power within this down comforter, 55 ounces.

    At this point you should know if the Snowman down comforter is the right choice for you.

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