Snowe Home Linen Sheets Review


    Here I’m looking at the Linen Sheet Set from Snowe Home.

    I’m going to show you what it’s made of, what it feels like, and what separates it from literally every sheet set that I’ve ever tested.

    First Impressions


    I’m just going to come right out and say it, this is a gorgeous sheet set.

    This color is so elegant and lovely and I know that this is made from linen, but I almost can’t believe that it’s pure linen, because it’s so soft and smooth.

    The thing about linen is the fibers are thicker as compared to cotton, so it usually produces a stiffer yarn which contributes to that distinctly coarse texture that some of you may be familiar with.

    Which is why I’m just so impressed by how really soft and smooth and not at all coarse these are and I’m wondering, why are they so smooth?

    Let’s take a closer look.


    This sheet set is made from 100-percent linen which is one of the world’s oldest and most beloved textiles.


    Because it’s strong, durable, super breathable and only gets softer as the years go by.

    Now linen is derived from natural flax fibers, which are sustainable sourced so there’s a nice eco-friendly perk there.

    Snowe sources its flax from Belgium which is considered by many to produce the most high-quality flax in the world thanks to the country’s humidity.

    Then, the flax is sent to Snowe’s partners in Italy where the product is finished and that’s where things get interesting.

    Because linen fibers are thicker and produce a stiffer yarn you often get coarse texture that not everyone finds to be very cozy. And some folks find it to be scratchy.

    What Snowe’s partners in Italy do they use a proprietary technology wherein they whip and blast the linen fibers with air until they’re completely relaxed, leaving the finished product super smooth.

    Set Options

    The sheet set that I have is in a color they call Slate Blue, which is my personal favorite, but there are white and gray options available as well.

    Each sheet set comes with one top sheet, two pillow cases.

    Then one fitted sheet capable of accommodating mattresses up to 17-inches deep, so super deep pockets.

    Even folks with taller mattresses should be able to find a good fit.



    Remember when I said that this linen sheet set feels different from every other linen
    sheets set that I’ve tested?

    Well it’s true and I thought that I’d talk about some other linen sheet sets that I’ve tested so that you can kind of get a basis for comparison.

    I recently tested linen sheet sets from both MagicLinen and Tuft & Needle.

    Both of those sheet sets have also undergone a garment washing process.

    Essentially it’s a textile manufacturing technique used to boost the softness of the material, as well as give the fabric a uniquely worn in aesthetic.

    That said, the proprietary technique of whipping and blasting these linen fibers with air, that we see in the Snowe Linen Sheet Set, is really giving it this unique, super soft, totally smooth feel.

    According to the folks at Snowe, this is meant to make these sheets feel like they’ve been line-drying on the Italian country side for the last hundred years, so you’re getting a totally smooth, not at all course or scratchy feel with the Snowe Linen Sheets.

    Now when it comes to the Tuft & Needle and Magic Linen, the garment washing process was different.

    It didn’t involve that proprietary technology, so you’re still left with a little bit of that course feel that is so characteristic of linen.

    So if we’re comparing, I do think that the linen sheet set from Snowe is softer in feel, but for those sleepers who prefer that distinctly rough texture that comes with linen, you might be better off with Magic Linen or Tuft & Needle.

    Now if you’ve been wondering about Snowe’s other bedding I also tested their Cotton Percale Sheet Set as well as their Sateen Cotton Sheet Set. Those offer completely different feels.

    They’re completely different materials as compared to the linen that we’re talking about here, but folks who really like that classic crisp feel are probably going to be more compatible with Snowe’s Percale bedding.

    Which is made from 100 percent long-staple Egyptian cotton, and you’re getting a very durable, really strong but also impeccably smooth feel, but also that great crisp breath-ability from the percale weave.

    Then with sateen, you’re getting a very light luster that comes from that weave style. You’re also getting much more of a silky hand feel.

    So at the end of the day bedding is really a matter of personal preference.



    I know I’ve just hit you with a lot of information so let’s recap the highlights of the Snowe Linen Sheet Set so you know if it’s the right one for you.

    Aside from how aesthetically pleasing this sheet set is, one of my favorite things about linen is that it’s thermo regulating.

    Which essentially means it adapts to your body’s temperature, helping you to keep warm, serves as a great insulator when you’re cold and helps to cool you down when you’re too warm.

    Almost like it’s got a mind of its own. Something great about linen is you can enjoy it year round.

    To folks who avoid linen bedding because it often offers this uniquely course texture, feels a little bit scratchy, I recommend this sheet set.

    Not at all scratchy or coarse, it’s so silky smooth. I’m so impressed by how smooth this sheet set is.

    Now something great about Snowe, is that it offers a 90-day trial period, wherein you have 90-days to test this bedding out and if you don’t love it just send it on back for a refund.

    Best Bed Sheets to Buy


    At the same time, that distinctly course texture that comes with a lot of linen bedding is the basis of appeal for some sleepers.

    So I just want to reiterate that this really is some of the smoothest linen bedding that I’ve ever felt.

    Another thing about linen bedding is that it usually comes at a higher price point than say cotton bedding, for example, and this is no exception.

    With prices up to $600, depending on the size set that you get, the fact of the matter is that these sheets are just not going to be in everyone’s price range.

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