Great Side Sleeper Cooling Pillow


    Here I’m reviewing the Layla Kapok pillow. This cooling pillow is awesome for side sleepers, As a side sleeper myself, I am super excited to try it out.

    Let’s jump in.

    Layla is a super popular bed in a box brand and they sell great memory foam mattresses in addition to bed frames, weighted blankets and other bedding.

    The Kapok pillow is one of two pills they offer and it’s also their most popular model.

    Side Sleeper Cooling Pillow


    I want to kick things off by talking a little bit about what this pillow is made of.

    It is the standard shape and it comes in a queen and a king size. For this review I’m using the queen size model.

    The cover is a cooling cover and it’s made of a polyester and viscose blend fabric but it’s woven through with CuTEC copper yarn and that yarn is antimicrobial, which is really nice and commonly used in many performance fabrics to wick moisture and decrease odor. So these are also both great things especially if you sweat a lot at night.

    And then that copper helps to draw heat away from your body, which can really keep you cool throughout the night. Again, especially nice feature for hot sleepers.

    Moving onto the internal fill.

    The pillow does use an adjustable fill, which means it is super easy to mold and you can also unzip the cover and take some fill out and adjust a loft of your pillow.

    That fill is made from a blend of memory foam and Kapok fibers. Kapok fiber comes from the seeds other Kapok tree and essentially it’s a really nice natural pillow material, it feels kind of cottony in my hand when I touch it.

    Layla kapok filling

    I think these pillow materials are really nice, this definitely feels like a luxury pillow to me and I think your pillow will also be quite durable.

    If you had it for a year or so, when it starts to flatten out a little bit, it won’t maybe lump and bunch the way a down alternative pillow will. The fill will still stay pretty evenly distributed, which I think is a really great thing of this Layla pillow.

    Before we move on, I do want to again highlight the cooling features of this pillow.

    As I mentioned, the copper in the cover means that the cover sleeps nice and cool, but that internal fill is also really great for promoting airflow because Kapok is pretty airy, pretty light, fluffy and cooling. That really mitigates any heat trapping tendency that the memory foam in the fill might have. Plus that memory foam is shredded so it won’t trap heat nearly as much as solid memory foam would.

    So all in all, I think this is a really great pick for hot sleepers.


    Let’s get into a little more about how this pillow feels.

    As I mentioned, it is super moldable thanks for that internal fill, which I think makes it really nice and huggable, which is something I like in my pillows.

    It has a more firm to medium firm feel, so it’s not going to compress super far under your head when you lie down on it, which brings me actually to my next section which is about pillow loft.

    Loft is basically just how tall a pillow is. Even if a pillow has a super high loft, if it compresses really easily, it’s not going to feel like a high lofted pillow.

    But this pillow doesn’t really compress very far so it does feel pretty high lofted. This is actually one of the highest lofted pillows that I’ve ever tested and can stand at about 7 inches when you not have your head on it, and it’s not going to compress super far when you lie down, which means it’s going to stay lofted throughout the night.

    But fill is adjustable, so you can always unzip it and remove some of the filling if you’d like to reduce the loft a little bit and prefer a bit of a softer, flatter pillow feel.


    cooling pillow for side sleepers
    So who is going to feel most comfortable on a slightly firm pillow with a high loft?

    First of all, as I mentioned at the top of this review, I would recommend this pillow first and foremost to side sleepers. That high loft and firmer feel are really going to help them keep their spines aligned and actually relieve some pressure around the shoulder area. Plus it’s going to make sure that their neck is nice and supported throughout the night, which can really help them alleviate some neck pain.

    If your back sleeper, I think this pillow is also a really nice option for you whey you lie down on it. It is actually going to come up and cradle your cheeks a little bit, so you can rest to one side or the other comfortably and still get that neck support you look for. And if you like a bit of a flatter pillow, you can just remove some of that fill.

    If you sleep on your stomach, I don’t think this is the pillow for you. You’re going to have to crane your neck upwards to rest on it which can lead to pain overnight and you’d have to remove so much feeling that I don’t really think purchasing the pillow is worth it for you at that point.

    If you’re someone who likes to hug a pillow at night, or maybe place one between your knees, I think this is a great pillow for that.

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    Let’s recap what we’ve learned so far.

    This pillow is great for side sleepers. High loft, firm feel, great for you all.

    Great for hot sleepers. This pillow sleeps nice and cool, is a great for anyone who over heats at night.

    And folks who are looking for a long-lasting pillow that’s going to maintain it’s loft over time and stay comfortable throughout years.

    On the other hand, I would not necessarily recommend this pillow to stomach sleepers. I think it’s too firm and too tall for you all.

    If you’re a budget shopper, this pillow is a little bit on the pricier side. I think it’s long-lasting so it’s worth your money. But if you’re looking for a quick fix this is probably not the pillow for you.

    If you’re someone who’s looking for a machine washable pillow, this pillow is spot cleaning only. If you really want to wash the cover, you can open it up and take all the filling out. But I think that’s a big mess and a big hassle. So you’re not gonna be able to wash it in a washing machine.


    So in case you are interested in buying this pillow, I want to give you some info on Layla’s company policies.

    First of, this pillow comes with a super lengthy 120 night sleep trial and 5-year warranty. That’s way longer than industry standard.

    It’s going to ship for free and it will arrive in a box so you’ll need to massage it and fluff it up a little bit before you sleep on it.

    That is for my review of the Layla Kapok pillow.

    Layla Kapok & Memory Foam Pillows Review

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