8 Sheets That Keep You Coll and From Sweating!


    If you suffer from a hot night of sleep, I am here to save you. I have a list of the best cooling sheets just for you.

    Sleep Number True Temp


    These sheets are so cool because they can adapt to your body temperature.

    They’re made of a cotton polyester and spandex blend but the defining feature of these sheets is that they have Sleep Numbers proprietary 37.5 active particle technology.

    This is just a fancy way of saying these sheets will adapt to your body temperature and help dissipate heat when you get too hot.

    Let’s talk about thread count really quickly.

    A high thread count is not always an indicator of quality and a low thread count can actually help with breathability.

    Thread count really just refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric. Certain materials need a specific thread count.

    Since the Sleep Number True Temp sheets are made of cotton, they have a thread count of 300 and you typically don’t want to see cotton sheets dip below 200.

    This is just a great option for people looking for a cool night of sleep.

    Cozy Earth


    Bamboo sheets tend to sleep a little bit cooler than materials like flannel or linen.

    The Cozy Earth bamboo sheets are a great option for bamboo sheets lovers and they’re just super luxurious too.

    They’re made from a material called viscose which is derived from bamboo fibers and they’re gonna have some moisture wicking properties too, which means you shouldn’t sleep too hot and sweaty underneath these sheets.

    Oprah called them the softest sheets out there and I have to agree. So if you’re a soft sheet lover, these are great for you.

    Bamboo sheets typically want a thread count of 300, which the Cozy Earth have and they’re just a great option for sleeping cool at night.

    American Blossom Linens


    Sometimes you just rest a lot easier knowing you have an organic product that also happens to be made where you live.

    American Blossoms is a US-based company that makes their sheets out of 100% organic west Texas cotton.

    These sheets are chemical free and they aren’t treated with any dyes. They have a custom thread count of 180, which means they’re going to be very breathable and cotton as a material itself is pretty breathable too, so you’re going to get a very cool night of sleep on these organic sheets.

    These are going to feel rather crisp out of the box, but they’re designed to get softer the more you use and wash them.

    Finally my favorite part about the American Blossom sheets is that you have two years to test them out.

    This is part of American Blossom’s happiness guarantee so you’ll definitely have tons of time to figure out whether or not these are the sheets for you.



    Breathable, thin, moisture wicking and cool to the touch, Casper’s Hyperlite sheets are a great option if you’re looking to sleep cool in the middle of a summer heat wave.

    They’re made from 100% tencel lyocell, which is a material derived from eucalyptus leaves.

    They have some moisture wicking properties to them, which means you shouldn’t sleep too hot underneath them. They’re cool to the touch and they’re going to be very breathable.

    They have a thread count of 200, which is a little bit lower, but again that just means they’re going to be very breathable, so they’re a perfect option for sleeping in the middle of summer heat.



    Are you a fan of that all cotton feel in your sheets? The Parachute percale sheets are a great option for you.

    As a material, cotton is going to be rather breathable, so you should sleep rather cool underneath these sheets.

    For reference, percale pertains to the weave used to construct these sheets. A percale weave or also called a plain weave, leaves sheets feeling rather crisp and looking matte. But it’s rather a loose construction so there’s tons of room for airflow.

    These sheets are made from 100% Egyptian cotton which is a little bit lighter and breathable than natural cotton.

    You also are going to have a thread count of 300 like many other sheets in this list, which is a good indicator of how breathable they’re going to be.



    Don’t you just hate it when your sheets are not staying on the bed while you sleep? It’s no fun and neither are sleeping hot.

    The Puffy bamboo sheets have deep pockets that should stay on your bed and give you a cool night of sleep.

    They have deep pockets that will fit a bed up to 16 inches tall so they’ll fit your bed and stay safe and secure while you sleep.

    They are made of 100% bamboo viscose, which is just very cooling breathable and moisture wicking, so you won’t sleep hot underneath these sheets.

    my favorite thing about these Puffy sheets is that they feel very soft to the touch. They’re made of a satin weave, which leaves sheets feeling very silky and soft.

    So if you’re looking for a soft set of sheets that will stay on your bed while you sleep and give you a cool night of sleep, check them out.



    Stretching can be a big part of anyone’s day, but Purple figured why not make it a part of your sleep too.

    They develop their soft stretch sheets to be rather soft and stretchy.

    They’re made of a blend of rayon polyester and spandex and that rayon is made from bamboo viscose, which is going to be very moisture wicking and should sleep cool.

    But that spandex and polyester give this a good amount of stretch too.

    Speaking of that stretch, here’s how they work. Purple designed these sheets to work best with a purple mattress, but really they should work with any bed.

    but they’ll stretch and conform to your body while you sleep at night, which will give you maximum levels of comfort.



    If you have sensitive allergies then hypoallergenic products in your bedroom are a must.

    The Nolah bamboo sheets are a great set of hypoallergenic bamboo sheets that will give you a cool night of sleep.

    Personally I use these sheets every night and as a textbook hot sleeper, they definitely keep me cool while I use them.

    They’re made of 100% bamboo viscose, which is very cooling and breathable and moisture wicking. I love them for that reason.

    But let’s talk about those hypoallergenic properties.

    They carry an Oeko-Tex certification, which means they’re chemical and toxin-free, so you don’t have to worry about that. Bamboo also has natural properties, which makes them resistant to common allergens and bacteria in your sleep environment, so these are a great pick if you’re looking for a hypoallergenic set of sheets.


    You still have questions about all these cooling sheets? I’m here to help.

    Do cooling sheets work?

    Yes they do. There are tons of different factors to consider, like their materials, but in addition to that, let’s also look at their weave style.

    Percale style weaves tend to be a little bit more open and have room for airflow over satin weaves, which are just a little bit tighter knit.

    Let’s also circle back to thread count one more time. Again, a low thread count does not mean low quality.

    Oftentimes it just means that there’s more space in between the threads within a square inch so it’s gonna have tons of room for airflow too.

    Do cooling sheets work for night sweats?

    Many of the sheets I talked about in this list have some moisture wicking properties to them. This just means you should not sleep hot and sweaty while you’re using these sheets.

    Which is cooler, cotton or bamboo?

    both materials tend to be rather cool, so really it just boils down to personal preference,

    Cotton sheets tend to be a little bit more crisp feeling, while bamboo sheets are softer and more satin feeling, but overall both sleep relatively cool at night.

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