Saatva vs Layla Mattress (Comparison)


    Here I’ve got a mattress comparison for you today between Saatva and Layla.

    Both of these brands make a couple different beds. Layla has Layla and Layla hybrid, and Saatva has a few to choose from, but I’m going to be mainly covering the Original Saatva mattress.

    This article should have everything that you need to know to compare and contrast the two brands.

    I’ll start with the policies and talk about what they’re going to come with if you do order them online and then I’ll compare the beds and touch on all the similarities and differences and put them head to head.

    And at the end I should have a final verdict so you can make the choice and decide are these beds right for you and which one should you eventually go with.

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    If you order them online, you’re going to receive the following policies, all starting with completely free shipping.

    Layla is a bed in a box, no matter if you go with the Layla or Layla Hybrid mattress. It’s going to show up at your house in a four-ish foot tall box and you basically drag it in and unroll it onto your foundation.

    Saatva will show up to your house in a service called white glove delivery. That’s a service in which a local delivery team will bring the mattress to your house full size and they’ll help set it up for you.

    Sometimes they might haul away your old mattress. You might have to pay for that. It depends on the brand. You can check out all the info on Saatva’s website.

    Either way, you’re gonna get both of the mattress shipped to your house for free.

    Once the beds are in your possession, you get a 180 night sleep trial with Saatva and a 120 night sleep trial with Layla.

    That’s basically your chance to try the bed out and decide whether you want to keep it. With Layla, if you decide you don’t want to keep it, their beds come with completely free returns. With Saatva if you don’t want to keep it, you’re going to be charged a transportation fee because the white glove delivery does incur more costs.

    Hopefully you do enjoy these mattresses and if you read the rest of the article you’ll probably know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

    With Layla you get a lifetime warranty on their beds and with Saatva a 15-year warranty.

    If you need any more information about any of the policies or the warranties, check their websites. It’s nice to read those before you go ahead and order.



    Let’s get right on into this and talk about the Saatva Original mattress,

    This is a bed with two layers of coils. They’ve got innersprings on the bottom, then a layer of pocketed coils that acts as the transition layer, then there’s a comfort layer with some memory foam. All wrapped up in a euro pillow top with a nice organic cotton cover.

    Saatva looks really nice. To me it looks very kingly – a king could definitely sleep on the Saatva mattress.

    In terms of feel, it has a traditional innerspring feel and though it uses memory foam in the bed, you’re not gonna really feel it. Instead you’ll feel that pillow top and it’ll have a lot of bounce and responsiveness and might feel like the bed that you grow up sleeping on, since it does have those inner springs combined with those pocketed coils.

    Another very luxurious feature about Saatva is that it’s available in three firmness levels: plush soft, luxury firm and firm.

    The plush soft is around a medium on the firmness scale, so it’ll probably work great for all sleeper types.

    The luxury firm is around a medium firm, so it might be a little bit slanted towards back and stomach sleepers or combination sleepers.

    The firm is around a proper firm, so I would say if you’re a strict back or stomach sleeper, definitely go with the firm option.

    The price of the Saatva mattress is pretty much a luxurious price point. It’s not as high as some really luxurious beds, so that’s a plus, but it’s around $1600. A little bit under before any discounts.


    Layla hybrid mattress

    Let’s talk about Layla now.

    As I mentioned, there’s the Layla and Layla hybrid mattress. But basically both of these beds are pretty unique, because they’re flippable mattresses, so you get two tries at the right firmness that’s going to be right for you in the exact same bed.

    The construction is fairly similar and pretty simple.

    There’s basically the middle layer, which is support. It’ll either be all foam for the Original one, or pocketed coils for Layla Hybrid.

    And then on either side you’ll have copper infused memory foam. For the firm side it’s just the copper-infused memory foam, but for the soft side there’s a transition layer and the comfort layer is a little thicker.

    If you’re a heavier person, you may want to go with the hybrid bed, because pocketed coils provide a little bit more bi-directional support and durability for bigger people in the long term.

    Either way you go, both the beds have a pretty similar feel. It’s just a responsive airy memory foam feel. It will conform to your body once you’re laying down on it, but it’s not going to be the hard one that takes a while. It’ll be pretty quick to react.

    You’re not really going to feel stuck in this bed. It’s nice mix between a traditional memory foam and more of the soft neutral foam feel that you’re seeing in beds like Casper.

    When you’re thinking firmness, one of the cool parts about Layla is that both of these beds are flippable, so you get two tries to get the firmness that’s going to be right for you.

    It’s one of the major perks.

    On both of these beds, the soft side is going to be right at a medium soft, so pretty soft, probably best for side sleepers.

    On the firm side, Layla hybrid will be right around a medium, meaning that’ll work for all sleeper types, back, stomach, side and combination.

    The all foam bed will be a little bit firmer, maybe in the medium firm to firm range.

    It’s always nice to have two different firmness options in the exact same bed, and since you get to choose between your main support construction, that’s pretty cool as well.

    One thing I should note is that hybrid beds usually do cost more than all foam beds, but that brings us right into the price. How much will these two Layla beds cost you?

    For a queen size, all foam Layla, they’ve got an MSRP of $1100. In terms of Layla hybrid, that bed will be around $1700 MSRP for a queen size.

    So if you go with the Original Layla, that’ll be cheaper than the Saatva mattress, but if you decide to go with the Layla hybrid, that will be a little bit more expensive.

    I also want to say that prices of the online mattress variety change all the time. Sometimes they’re higher, sometimes they’re lower.

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    It’s time for the final verdict.

    Who should go with each bed and why? Do you want Layla, do you want Saatva, do you want Layla Hybrid’

    I’m going to tell you right now.

    I couldn’t see you going wrong with Saatva if you’re looking for something with a traditional pillow top feel, you want a bed available in three different firmness options and you want something delivered through white glove delivery.

    Or consider Layla if you’re looking for a flippable mattress with two different firmness levels available in both all foam or a coil option, with a nice responsive memory foam feel.

    That’s all I have for you in this comparison. Hopefully you enjoyed it.

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