Review of Beautyrest Harmony Lux Mattresses Collection

    Beautyrest-Harmony-Lux Diamond-mattress

    Here I’m gonna take you through the new Harmony Lux collection from Beautyrest.

    This replaces what was previously called the Beautyrest Platinum collection and it’s got a host of new features including some that are specifically designed with sustainability and positive environmental impact in mind.


    In total there are going to be nine models in this collection and they start at $1099 and they go up to $1999 and those prices are queen-size MSRP for just the mattress by itself.

    But within that you’re gonna have two different levels.

    The first level, which you’re probably gonna see in most stores, refer to as the Carbon series and contains five models. Those cap out at about $1499 in a queen size.

    The second level, which starts at about $1699 and goes up from there, you’re probably gonna see referred to as the diamond series and that contains the other four models.

    The two key hallmarks of the Harmony Lux collection are center zoning and sustainability.

    Let’s start with sustainability because I really think that’s the most interesting and unique aspect of the Harmony Lux story.



    To explain it, I got to give you just a little background first.

    The top surface of a mattress often uses polyester fiber. Polyester is a material that does require the use of depletable resources to make, like petroleum. You can make polyester from recycled resources like plastic. Typically that is a process that takes plastic from recycling centers or even landfills and it is able to clean it and process it and turn it into polyester.

    That is obviously a little bit more of an expensive process than creating what’s called virgin polyester, but it’s also more sustainable.

    What Beautyrest has done is they’ve taken that a step further.

    They have partnered with a company called Seaqual.

    Seaqual does make recycled polyester fibers and yarns, but rather than getting their plastic from recycling centers and landfills, which is still great, they get it from the ocean.

    What you may or may not know is that the ocean unfortunately is full of plastic. In fact there’s even a thought that within a relatively short amount of time, the total weight of all the plastic in the ocean can even exceed the total weight of all the marine life in the ocean. And obviously the marine life in the ocean is being harmed by that plastic.

    Seaqual came up with a very clever system whereby they actually pay fishermen to bring them plastic from the ocea n. What happens is fishermen typically cast their nets down into the ocean and when they’re pulling those nets back up, they’re not only getting what they were after, the fish or what-have-you, they’re also getting a ton of plastic, which is a typically just a burden for the fishermen.

    By offering to pay these fishermen for that plastic, they’ve essentially created an incentive system for those fishermen to bring the plastic back with them rather than leaving it in the ocean.

    This is a more involved process, a more expensive process. This plastic has to be not only retrieved from the fishermen and purchased from the fishermen, but it also has to be cleaned, they take this plastic and chip it down into little pieces, then they melt it into pellets and then ultimately it gets turned into polyester fiber, which is actually strong fiber.

    Obviously this is a much more involved and expensive process that Seaqual uses to create its recycled polyester but it addresses not one but two key issues.

    One is the use of depletable resources and two is helping to pull plastic out of the ocean.

    Beautyrest in a sense has made an investment in helping to address both of those issues by using Seaqual’s fiber in its new mattresses.

    In fact, with every mattress in this Harmony Lux collection, you can think of it as the equivalent of pulling about 50 water bottles out of the ocean.

    Seaqual’s polyester fiber, in every Harmony Lux mattress, comprises about 40 to 50 percent of the total fabric used in the top panel.

    I think that is a pretty cool and very unique aspect of the Harmony Lux story.


    Next area of features that they’re all going to have in common relate to the support unit.

    The support unit of the Harmony Lux collection is the same in every mattress and what’s new about it is that they’ve introduced a focus on extra support underneath the center third of the mattress, which is designed to provide extra support underneath what for all of us is the heaviest part of our bodies, our hips.

    To achieve that, what they did is they actually created a new coil. It’s called the T3 twisted cable coil and it’s a similar premise to the cable that you might see used in a suspension bridge, where they’ve got strands of steel that are intertwined together to create something that’s even stronger than just a single strand of steel.

    Beautyrest done that with three strands of steel. That’s what they called the T3 coil and then twisted that into the shape of a coil to create a really sturdy durable coil that is completely unique to Beautyrest Black.

    For the Harmony Lux collection they actually created a similar version of this that’s called the T2 and instead of three coils, it takes two.

    When you compare the two, both of them are significantly and noticeably firmer, more supportive than a traditional pocketed coil. But you could definitely tell that the T2 is kind of in-between the T3 and the standard pocketed coil.

    It turns out T2 is too firm to have every coil in the center third be T2, so instead they have every other row within that center third is this T2 coil and then the rest of the mattress is the standard Beautyrest pocketed coil.

    What that does overall is it just gives that a little bit of extra support where you need it most, underneath your hips.

    In terms of the other characteristics of this support unit that is shared by all Harmony Lux mattresses, you’re looking at an 800 series coil system.

    What that means is that the coil density is 850 coils, based on a queen-size, and in each case it’s going to be a foam perimeter going around the edge of the mattress with firm foam to give that mattress a really strong edge when you sit on it or lie on the edge.

    In each case this is all going to be adjustable base compatible as well.

    Beautyrest-Harmony-Lux Diamond-mattress

    Side Panels

    Another thing that all the Harmony Lux models have in common is the side panel. A couple things to point out about it.

    One is an interesting pattern that catches your attention. It’s not something you see in a lot of other mattresses. And then the other is they’ve got functional handles. That’s something handy to help you reposition the mattress, rotate it or even move it around your house if you need to.

    Phase Change

    The next feature you’re going to find in all of the Harmony Lux mattresses is phase change material applied directly to the sleep surface, right on top of the cover.

    This is actually a little bit of a change from the Beautyrest Platinum line that this is replacing, where there was phase change up near the top of the mattress, but it was actually just below the cover. They’ve moved it on top of the cover to hopefully increase the impact that it has on you.

    Phase change material as you may already know is a cooling feature. It’s effectively tiny microscopic wax beads that as that wax inside them is heated from the heat from your body, it melts and then as it melts, it pulls heat from your body, which creates a cooling sensation.

    RightTemp Foam

    The last feature that all of these Harmony Lux mattresses do have in common is the use of what they call a RightTemp foam in the quilt panel of the mattress.

    RightTemp is essentially a carbon fiber poly foam. Carbon being a conductor, it does help heat travel more effectively away from your body. That’s why they put it up at the top of the mattress to give it a bit of a cooling sensation.

    Depending on the feel of the mattress, it’s either the very top of the quilt or it’s one inch down in the quilt. But in each case it’s about one inch layer.

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    Now that we’ve covered all the things that really all Harmony Lux mattresses are gonna have in common, let’s talk about how the models change as you move up through the line.

    I’ll start in the first level of the line, which contains five models and is called Carbon series in the stores near you.

    Carbon Series

    The entry level model in that series is the extra firm and this is pretty illustrative of the range of feels.

    This one I would characterize as a firm on the softness scale and definitely has more of that shallower cushioning depth for people who don’t really want to have that hugged or cradled sensation, who prefer to sleep on their mattress rather than in.

    As you move up through the line, you’re going to get other feels, all of which are going to be softer to varying degrees.

    You’re also going to get different profiles. From 12 and a half inch mattress to the pillow tops at the top of this Carbon series portion of the Harmony Lux line which are are almost 16 inches thick. So quite a substantial difference in terms of the profile.

    But in terms of the softness and feels, you get a firm and at the top is the softest, pillow top. And then some of these other ones in between would fall in that medium, medium soft, medium firm type range.

    What I would say in terms of memory feel, while all of these Carbon series models do have about a half inch of memory foam, you’re not going to get a whole lot of memory feel. In general less than an average amount of memory feel on the Carbon series

    In terms of cushioning depth in the Carbon series, I’d say cushioning depths is slightly deeper than average and likewise bounce is going to be slightly higher than average in all these Carbon series.

    In terms of recognizing the Carbon series mattresses, they’re all going to have this white themed cover that sets them apart from the the Diamond series portion of the collection.

    When you move to the top of the Carbon series portion of the Harmony Lux collection, at this level you do have a choice of feels. They’re both pillow tops. You have a medium pillow top and a plush pillow top.

    Diamond Series

    The upper part of the Harmony Lux collection is referred to under the name Diamond series.

    What you get here in this upper part of the line is two new features.

    The first of which is what they call SurfaceTouch Gel Memory Foam, which is three-quarter inch layer of gel memory foam. It’s a very quick responding gel memory foam, almost doesn’t have that slow responding characteristics that we normally associate with memory foam.

    But presumably you’re gonna still get a lot of those other properties that we typically associate with memory foam, like the pressure relief and the conformance. This foam lives directly below the cover in all of these Diamond series models.

    Below that you have a one-inch layer of what they call Micro Diamond memory foam. This is a specific type of memory foam that previously was only available at the Beautyrest Black level.

    It definitely has a lot more of that gooey, slow responding characteristic that we typically think of when we think of memory foam.

    I should add that both of these are going to have properties that are gonna help heat travel more effectively away from your body. In addition to the memory foam characteristics, you’re also going to have some cooling characteristics of both of these foams.

    But in total an inch and three-quarters of additional memory foam you’re gonna find in all of these Diamond series models.

    In terms of the different feels available in this Diamond series portion of the line, you’ve got four models and two price points, $1699 and $1999.

    At the $1699 level, you’re gonna have your choice of feel of two different tight tops, a medium and a plush, and then at the $1999 level, it’s going to be two different pillow tops, a medium pillow top and a plush pillow top.

    What I found is that the feels in the tight tops are actually a little closer together in feel then the pillow tops are, which are a little bit further apart in their feels.

    Specifically I’d characterize the softness of the medium tight top to be about a medium firm, and the plush I’d characterized as maybe a medium on the softness scale. Whereas at the pillow top level, I’d probably call the medium pillow top something more like a medium firm.

    In the plush pillow top, I would characterize as up close to a soft on the softness scale albeit towards the firmer end of that soft

    In terms of others feel characteristics, the biggest difference between all of these Diamond series models and the Carbon series models is going to be that they’re going to tend to have a lot more memory feel, above average memory feel in fact. Whereas the Carbon series mattresses are below average or less than average memory feel.

    There’s no above or below in terms of better or worse. It’s just a preference thing. Because of the inch and 3/4 memory foam, you’re gonna find in all of these have at least some amount of memory feel.

    When you get to the pillow top level, the key difference as you step up from the tight top to the pillow top, is that adds three additional inches of memory foam in both the plush and the medium pillow top.

    So those are going to have even more of that slow responding memory feel. Bounce wise they’re going to be relatively similar to the Carbon series, maybe just slightly less bounce than the Carbon series.

    In general similar to the Carbon series I’d say that these models tend to have a little bit deeper than average cushioning depth.

    In terms of spotting these Diamond series models, just like the Carbon series, they’re all going to have the same cover, which in this case is gray tone cover. So you’ll easily be able to recognize any of these Diamond series models.

    I hope you found this to be a helpful overview of the Harmony Lux collection from Beautyrest.

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