2 Really Good Bed Sheets Made From Bamboo


    Here I want to talk about two great bed sheets.

    Brooklyn Bedding Deep Pocket Bamboo Cotton Sheets

    Brooklyn-Bedding-Bamboo Cotton-Sheets

    If you’re someone who is a hot sleeper or you sleep on a high profile mattress, you’re going to want to pay attention to the first option because these sheets are for you.

    In this review I’m going to unpack each of these features, look at how these sheets are constructed, and I’ll tell you why these are some of my favorite sheets.

    Let’s take a look at the Brooklyn Bedding part of this name.

    Brooklyn Bedding has been making bedding products for nearly 20 years. They make numerous mattresses alongside a suite of bedding products like sheets, pillows, blankets, and bed foundations.

    So these sheets are one of four different kinds in their lineup. They also sell sheets made from Tencel and some made from microfiber.

    This set is available in seven different sizes and three different colors. They have a classic white and a gray. I have the khaki color.

    You get a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow cases.

    Let’s take a look at the bamboo cotton part of this name.

    The sheets were constructed using a material that is a blend of cotton and rayon that’s been derived from bamboo.

    What that means is you are getting sheets that are breathable because of the cotton, but also moisture-wicking because of the rayon.

    So if you’re someone who sleeps hot or if you live in a hot climate, these sheets will do a great job of helping you stay cool by moving heat away from your body and keeping that moisture away from you as well.

    I should also highlight satin weave. It’s not only soft and luxurious to the touch, but it’s ideal for people with sensitive skin. So you won’t have that issue of coarse fabric rubbing against you or irritating your skin.

    Finally, so let’s deal with the deep pocket adjective in this title.

    These sheets can fit high profile mattresses that are up to 17 inches high. If you have one of those pillow top mattresses or a luxury mattress, which tends to be constructed much higher than others, then these will be a great fit.

    The depth of the pocket also means you’re not gonna have that annoying tendency of a fitted sheet that pulls up in the middle of the night. These should stay firmly fitted on your bed.

    Overall, these sheets are breathable, cool, soft to the touch, and should fit the most high profile mattresses. I also found they were durable and affordable.

    And that’s why these are some of my favorite sheets.

    Let’s take a look at some of the fine print.

    These are reasonably priced sheets. Buyers in the contiguous United States receive free shipping and all buyers receive a 30-night sleep trial.

    This all adds up to a quality set of sheets at a reasonable price point.

    Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets


    Cozy Earth is a Utah-based brand that offers a variety of bedding accessories, like pillows, and blankets, and pajamas for both men and women, and also sheets.

    Cozy Earth makes products that are breathable, and soft, and free from harmful chemicals and toxins, just like these sheets.

    These are sustainably made from bamboo.

    These sheets come in six different sizes, from twin beds all the way up to California king, and they’re available in five different colors. They come in white, light grey, driftwood, charcoal, and oat, which is a very subtle cream color.

    What’s notable about these fitted sheets is they have really deep pockets. They can easily fit some of the most high-profile beds, almost up to about 20 inches.

    And when you buy a set, you get a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillow cases.

    These sheets are incredibly soft, very silky smooth. They’re made from organic and wild-harvested bamboo that’s free from pesticides.

    Once that bamboo is harvested, it’s turned into a fabric like this, using a process called viscose. Traditionally the viscose process uses a lot of water and chemicals to turn bamboo, which is a pretty rigid plant, into something this soft and silky.

    But Cozy Earth says it uses recycled wastewater in their process and they avoid the use of caustic chemicals.

    In other words, the viscose process tends to have its own sustainability issues, which is important to highlight, but Cozy Earth tries to reduce some of that through its business practices.

    The result is that you get a silky, soft sheets made from materials that can be more sustainably sourced and produced than something like cotton or wool.

    One of the things that I should also add is that what gives a silky sheen is sateen weave.
    This weave gives it a luxurious feel, and you’ll actually find that as you wash these sheets, they’re gonna soften after each wash.

    What’s it like to sleep on these? I found that these were not just soft to the touch, which they really are, but they’re breathable and they’re cool.

    If you’re someone who tends to sleep hot, or if you live in a hot and humid climate, this material will help air flow around your body to mitigate some of that buildup of heat.

    Bamboo sheets are also naturally moisture wicking, which is gonna help move any heat or moisture away from you while you sleep.

    The cleaning and the care of these sheets are fairly straightforward. You can wash them in the regular cycle on cold and they can be machine dried.

    I also recommend that about every four to six months, you actually hang them outside in the sun for several hours. What that’s gonna do is allow the fibers to naturally relax and expand. That’s gonna lengthen the look and the overall lifespan of your sheets.

    These are luxury sheets. There’s no doubt about it. And if you’re gonna pay a premium dollar for them, it’s probably worth going a few extra steps just to take care of them.

    If you take care of these sheets, they are gonna take care of you.

    Let’s take a look at a few quick details.

    You can try these sheets for 100 nights. If you’re unhappy with them, you can return them for a full refund. Shipping is free to U.S. Customers.

    These sheets are priced relatively higher than some others on the market.

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