Real Egyptian Cotton Sheets (Percale, Sateen)

    In this article I’m taking a look at real Egyptian cotton sheets.

    But before that, I recommend you to take a look at these silver infused bed sheets. These antibacterial bed sheets have some really amazing features. For example, they can be washed 3 times less often!


    Parachute Sateen

    First up on my list is the Parachute Sateen Sheet Set. I have to say that it is one of my all-time favorite sheet sets.

    It’s made from 100% Egyptian cotton and woven it into a silky sateen weave that feels very smooth and soothing on the skin.

    Something that I personally love about this bedding is that it looks as silky as it feels. Not every brand sateen style is exactly the same and some sateen sheets are crafted to offer more of a subtle luster.

    But if you’re someone who loves a really luminous sheen, this is probably gonna be right up your alley. Because it’s made from 100% Egyptian cotton it is guaranteed that this bedding is woven from long fine supple fibers.

    That means better durability, a softer finish and overall better performance. That’s why Egyptian cotton is widely regarded as a superior type of cotton.

    I’ll talk more about why that is a little bit later.

    When it comes to price. they range from about $109 to $169, depending on which size you choose and you get a nice 60 day trial period to test it out.

    Snowe Home

    Next is the percale sheet set from Snowe Home. It offers a totally different look and feel as compared to the bedding I just talked about.

    While you’re still getting that strong durability from the long Egyptian cotton fibers, this fabric is going to feel more crisp than silky and look way less shiny as well. If you prefer that crisp classic cotton look and feel, this is a great way to go.

    It’s important to note that a high thread count doesn’t always necessarily guarantee high quality fabric and I’ll talk about why that is later on.

    When you’re working with superior materials like Egyptian cotton, a high thread count is a great indicator of durability, resistance to pilling, color retention and as I said, overall performance.

    What we’re working with here is a luxuriously high thread count of 500, which really serves to boost this sheet set super soft feel.

    depending on the size you choose, price ranges from about $188 to $228 and it comes with a nice 90-day trial period.

    Luxor Linens

    The Delano Organic Sheet Set from Luxor Linens is unlike all the other sheet sets in this roundup, because it’s actually blended with bamboo.

    You’ve got the Egyptian cotton giving you that great strength and durability, while the bamboo brings some unique and wonderful perks to the table.

    Bamboo fibers are super strong, they’re naturally moisture wicking and sustainably sourced, which makes bamboo base bedding a great pick for eco-friendly sleepers.

    Bamboo based bedding also comes with a natural luster as well as a light breezy quality that helps hot sleepers stay cool.

    If you’re exclusively looking for 100% Egyptian cotton, take comfort in the fact that this brand also offers a wide variety of sheet sets, many of which are made entirely of Egyptian cotton.

    Another cool thing about this brand is that all of its sheet sets can be customized with monograms, which might be particularly beneficial for folks who are looking to add a little sort of aesthetic flair or even give a sheet set as a gift.

    Ultimately this sheet set made my top picks because it blends two of the softest, most durable materials out there. And don’t forget the bamboo has great antimicrobial properties as well, making the sheets that extra resistant to allergens, mold and mildew.

    That said, Egyptian cotton and bamboo are also among the pricier materials out there and this sheet set is a little a bit more expensive than the others in this roundup, ranging from about $235 to $350. But do keep in mind that you have a nice 30 day trial period to test it out.

    Parachute Percale

    Next on my list is another pic from Parachute because I’m a big fan of their Egyptian cotton bedding. It comes at a surprisingly affordable price point.

    This one is Parachute’s percale sheets set and it’s made from 100% Egyptian cotton. It’s super soft, durable and offers a very crisp and breathable feel that percale lovers are sure to enjoy.

    It also has a lightweight feel, certainly lighter in weight as compared to the sateen option that we looked at earlier, so this is gonna be a better option for sleepers who run hot.

    Something great about this sheet set is that it’s pretty reasonably priced for this type of bedding. Most Egyptian cotton bedding that I’ve ever tested typically starts at around $150 or $160, but this set starts at about $109 and you also have the option to mix and match sizes colors and fabrics to customize your own sheet set.

    And remember Parachute does offer that 60 day trial period so you can personally test it out.

    Pure Parima

    Finally we come to Yalda Sheet Set by Pure Parima. This is a brand that specializes in Egyptian cotton bedding.

    Pure Parima offers a wide variety of colors and styles with different types of embroidery and hem stitching.

    The important thing to take away is that it’s all certified by the Egyptian Cotton Association. Certification from the Egyptian Cotton Association comes with a few guarantees.

    Firstly, the cotton fibers are extra-long, which means the finished fabric is going to be extra durable and secondly, the cotton fibers used to weave this fabric were picked by hand from the Nile River Valley, rather than by machine. This helps keep the fibers long, strong and intact, so that the finished product feels exceptionally smooth to the touch.

    Additionally, this bedding features a nice high thread count of 400, which enhances its luxurious look and feel. They’re also sateen woven, which gives them this really gorgeous luster and draping over the mattress and your body shape.

    Something I like about the Yalda in particular is that it features a double open hem stitch on the borders of the pillowcases and the top sheet.

    There are a range of sheet sets from this brand, all of which are certified Egyptian cotton. I do think that the Yalda sheet set in particular is really pleasing to the eye, not to mention it features super deep 18-inch pockets, perfect for folks with really tall mattresses.

    Depending on the size you choose, price range from about $195 to $260 and you have a hundred full nights to return it for a full refund.


    Allow me to address some frequently asked questions about Egyptian cotton bedding.

    Is Egyptian Cotton the Best?

    The reason that Egyptian cotton is widely regarded as a superior type of cotton is because it features extra long supple cotton fibers and in the world of cotton bedding, the general rule of thumb is the longer the fibers, also known as staples, the softer and more durable the finished product will be.

    Is Percale Better Than Egyptian Cotton?

    An important distinction to make is Egyptian cotton is the type of cotton and percale is the type of weave style that’s used to actually make Egyptian cotton bedding.

    This weave style is known for being extra crisp, breathable and great for sleepers who run hot.

    What is The Best Thread Count For Egyptian Cotton?

    The short answer is a thread count of anywhere from 400 to 700 is considered luxuriously high. However it’s important to note that thread count sort of loses its value if you’re not working with high quality materials, like Egyptian cotton.

    For example, if you see that a cotton sheet set advertises a super high thread count of a thousand or 1200 there’s a good chance that you’re working with inferior shorter cotton fibers.

    Is Supima Cotton Better Than Egyptian Cotton?

    Actually supima cotton bedding and Egyptian cotton bedding are very comparable, because they both feature long supple fibers, which like I said, is gonna make the finished product softer and more durable.

    The main difference between them is geographical as Egyptian cotton bedding comes from the Nile River Valley, while supima cotton is exclusively sourced in the U.S.

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