Queen 15-pound Weighted Blanket For Adults (With Cover)


    The Bear Mattress Company offers a wide range of items to assist you enjoy the finest night’s sleep possible.

    I’ll go through all of the Bear Weighted Blanket’s various features in this article. Keep reading for all of the specifics, as well as my objective assessment of who this blanket would be most suited for.

    I’ll explain you what it’s made of, how it works, and which sleepers should try it.


    queen 15 pound weighted blanket

    The Bear Weighted Blanket is designed in a simple but effective manner. It looks like a lot of other conventional weighted blankets. It starts with a quilted microfiber cover that incorporates a weighted bead filler that gives the blanket its weight.

    The exterior cover is composed entirely of polyester microfiber. It is quite soft and cozy to cuddle up with.

    The blanket is packed with glass beads on the inside. While the quilting on the blanket is attractive, it also has a specific function.

    The quilting prevents the beads from shifting throughout the blanket and ensures that an even amount of weight is distributed across the blanket. When you sleep underneath it, it applies uniform pressure.

    However, please remember that the cover fabric is not removable. Weighted blankets frequently include removable duvet covers that allow sleepers to try out different materials and textures, but this one does not. It does, however, have four corner loops in case you want to dress it up with your own duvet cover.

    Weight & Colors

    15 pound weighted blanket for adults

    There is just one size and weight option for the Bear Weighted Blanket. It’s a 15-pound Queen-size blanket.

    What is it about this blanket that makes it so heavy? Each gridded square of this blanket is filled with thousands upon thousands of tiny glass beads, weighing a total of 15 pounds. Glass beads or plastic pellets are commonly used to fill weighted blankets, and I think that glass beads provide a superior weight distribution.

    This blanket’s actual measurements are 60′′ x 80′′ x 14′′, which means it can fit the top of a Queen size mattress perfectly but does not drape over the sides like that of a duvet or quilt would. Most adults will be able to fit into this size and weight ratio.

    Bear offers a few muted neutral color choices for their weighted blankets. There are three colors: cream, light gray, and charcoal. These neutral tones would look great in almost any decor. However, if you’re looking for a bright splash of color, you won’t find it here.

    The Bear weighted blanket is only offered in a 15-pound version, so it’ll work best for sleepers who weigh around 150 pounds. If you’re not precisely 150 pounds, don’t sweat; you can add or subtract a few pounds.

    When looking for weighted blankets, however, the weight that is equivalent to 10% of your own body weight is the best choice.

    People who weigh 200 pounds, for example, should look for a 20-pound blanket, while those who weigh 250 pounds should look for a 25-pound blanket, and so forth.

    Obviously, you don’t need a blanket that’s exactly 10% of your body weight, but the closer you get, the more the blanket’s relaxing effects will serve you.


    15 pound weighted blanket with cover

    The Bear Weighted Blanket is quite pleasant. The microfibre cover is smooth to the touch and ideal for snoozing beneath. I like to remind users that many conventional style weighted blankets can be quite hot to sleep under.

    This is due to the fact that your body is completely encased, leaving very little room for heat to exit. Polyester is a hot material since it is not very breathable. Unless you have a tendency to overheat at night, this should not be a problem.

    Hot sleepers will like the fact that polyester is a naturally moisture-wicking fabric, in addition to its exceptionally soft texture. This indicates that the cover material is actively working to remove any night sweats you may have while sleeping.

    The Bear Weighted Blanket’s quilting is one of my favorites since it helps to produce uniform pressure across the blanket. Which is extremely beneficial when it comes to getting the most out of your weighted blanket.


    They recommend following some special care guidelines when it comes to cleaning your Bear Weighted Blanket. This blanket should not be washed or dried in a washing machine.

    It’s also not a good idea to iron it because the polyester fabric will melt if exposed to too much heat. I typically advise putting a clean sheet between yourself and a blanket to keep it clean throughout everyday use.

    If your blanket becomes filthy, they suggest hand washing it in cold water with a mild detergent. Spot cleaning is preferable if at all possible. Allow your blanket to air dry and make sure it is thoroughly dry before using it again.

    The Bear Weighted Blanket, on the other hand, is hypoallergenic! This bed is resistant to household allergens such as mold, mildew, germs, and pesky dust mites, so stuffy dreamers may smile.

    Pros & Cons

    quality 15 pound weighted blanket

    Are you shopping for a Queen-size, 15-pound weighted blanket with a microfibre cover in a classic style? The Bear weighted blanket is the right choice for you.

    This is a great go-to weighted blanket because it doesn’t include any fancy fabrics or add-ons that drive up the price, making it ideal for people on a budget.

    If you become warm when sleeping, you might want to look for a blanket made of more breathable fabrics. In addition, if you or your family are prone to spills and accidents, a blanket that is more easy to wash could be a better choice.

    Ultimately, this is going to be an excellent blanket for folks who don’t need to wash their top blankets very often and are seeking for a simple weighted blanket that does the work without causing too much trouble.


    It has soft and smooth cover fabric. The microfiber cover fabric feels really soft and pleasant on the skin. It also includes four corner loops for attaching a duvet cover.

    Gridded Stitching is an essential component of any weighted blanket since it evenly distributes the pressure.

    It’s cost-effective. Weighted blankets can be quite costly (up to $250). This blanket is reasonably priced, making it great for budget-conscious people.


    This blanket is only available in a 15-pound weight choice, thus people who weigh significantly less or much more than 150 pounds should generally look elsewhere.

    This weighted blanket should not be machine washed or dried, and should only be spot-cleaned. That’s why, for an additional level of protection, I recommend buying a compatible duvet cover to place over this blanket.

    If you’re searching for a weighted blanket with a few unique characteristics, this isn’t the blanket for you. While other models feature dual-sided covers, printed patterns, or cooling materials, this weighted blanket is simple and functional.



    A weighted blanket in a Queen size for $150 or less is excellent value for money. With the blanket, your money goes a very long way. You also get a 30-night trial period to acquire a pleasant experience for the blanket before deciding whether or not to retain it.

    You’ll also get a one-year warranty with your order, which gives you a lot of peace of mind about the blanket’s durability. It even comes with free shipping.


    The Bear Weighted Blanket is convenient and simple at the end of the day. It does exactly what you’d expect a weighted blanket to do, and nothing more. Isn’t it true that all you actually need is a comfy weighted blanket and nothing else?

    This is what makes the Bear Weighted Blanket such a good choice for individuals who seek a low-cost blanket without worrying about superfluous frills.

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