Purple Pillows Comparison (3 Models)


    Here I’m putting three pillows head to head in a Purple pillow showdown.

    I’ve individually reviewed the Original Purple pillow, the Purple Harmony pillow and the Purple Cloud pillow.

    You can find all of those reviews on this website, but here I give a thorough comparison of all three to help you find the right Purple pillow for you.


    Let’s take a look at Purple’s policies and prices because no matter how much you think a pillow is gonna be right for you, you should read the fine print.

    Purple offers free shipping within the contiguous United States. Customers in Hawaii and Alaska will have to pay an additional shipping fee.

    Purple offers a 100 night sleep trial on all these pillows and that means you can test it out at home for a hundred nights and if you decide it’s not a good fit for you, you can return it within that trial period for a full refund.

    Finally Purple offers a one year warranty on all three of these pillows.

    Purple Pillow


    The Purple Cloud is the least expensive of these three pillows at $49 for a standard size and $69 for a king size.

    The Original Purple comes in one standard size priced at $109 and the Purple Harmony is $159 for a standard size or $199 for a king size.

    Keep in mind that these prices do change often, not to mention that there’s usually seasonal sales.


    Let’s take a look at the construction of these three pillows, starting off with the Original Purple pillow.

    Original is made from the hyper elastic polymer Purple grid. The same material used in Purple’s mattresses.

    This is a super durable material that maintains its shape well as well as allowing for a lot of airflow.

    The cover is a breathable mesh and the pillow comes with two foam boosters that can be added under the Purple grid to heighten the loft of the pillow.

    The Purple Harmony’s pillow core is talalay latex, which is a naturally bouncy and cool material. The foam block is also perforated to allow for even more airflow.

    The cover of the pillow is a breathable mesh, and sewn into it is the Purple grid hex, a light version of the Purple grid. This Purple grid hex gel pad has a lot of air channels to promote cooling.

    The Purple Cloud pillow is filled with silicone covered gel fibers. A down alternative that doesn’t go flat or require as much fluffing as traditional down.

    The cover is made of 300 thread count cotton, which is also a breathable material.

    The entire Purple Cloud pillow is machine washable whereas only the covers of the Harmony and Original Purple pillow are machine washable.

    However you can remove the Purple grid from the Original Purple pillow and hand wash it with warm water.

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    Let’s go over the lofts of these three pillows, which is essentially the height of the pillow.

    The loft of the Original Purple pillow is three inches but it also comes with boosters that you can add in to raise the loft and those boosters are an inch and a half inch in height.

    The Purple Harmony comes in three different lofts, a low, medium and a high. The low is 5.5 inches, the medium is 6.5 inches and the high is 7.5 inches.

    The Purple Cloud comes in just one loft, which is 6 inches, but I’ll come back to loft in the sleeping position section.


    Let’s compare how these pillows feel.

    I personally tested all three of these pillows out by actually sleeping on them, but keep in mind that feel can be subjective, so you might have a slightly different experience than me.

    Let’s start off with the Original Purple pillow. Overall I thought it was pretty firm. This was surprising to me because when you touch it, it feels jelly-like and squishy, but when you actually lay your head down on the purple grid, it keeps your head and neck very elevated and supported with just a little bit of contouring.

    The Purple Harmony had more of a medium firmness. The combo of the latex and the purple grid makes it super bouncy and supportive, but it also has enough give that you get some contouring around your head and neck.

    I also rated the Purple Cloud’s firmness as medium, but it has a much different feel than the Harmony.

    The gel fiber used in this pillow gives it some of the softness of traditional down, but it still has a little bit more of an elevating feel and keeps your head and neck supported. It has some of the moldability of traditional down but not quite as much. When I press into it, it reforms pretty quickly.


    All three of these pillows were pretty good at cooling, but the Purple Harmony and the Original Purple pillow were especially good thanks to the purple grid which allows for a lot of air flow.

    The Purple Harmony also has the latex core, which is going to contribute to even more cooling.

    I didn’t notice the Purple Cloud being especially cool when I tested it out, but it is a pretty breathable pillow thanks to the gel fiber and the cotton cover. So it should stay pretty temperature neutral overall.


    Sleeping Positions

    Let’s talk about how each of these pillows is going to work for different sleeping positions.

    Most of us sleep on either our back, our side, our stomach or some combination of those positions.

    Let’s go over back sleepers first.

    Back sleepers generally want a pillow with a medium firmness and a medium loft. I thought the Purple Harmony was the standout option for back sleepers as I felt perfectly comfortable and properly aligned sleeping on it.

    The Original Purple is also a solid choice for back sleepers especially if you like a firmer feel.

    However I didn’t think the Purple Cloud was the best for back sleepers as I thought it was too lofty.

    Now onto side sleepers. Side sleepers generally want a pillow with a higher loft and a firmer feel to ensure spinal alignment. The standout option for me was the Purple Cloud, which has a high loft that’s ideal for keeping side sleepers head and neck in line with their spine.

    The Harmony is also a great option for side sleepers particularly in the medium or high loft.

    The Original Purple can also work well for side sleepers but I would definitely recommend adding the boosters to get a bit of extra height.

    Finally stomach sleepers. It can be a little tricky when it comes to finding the right pillow as you want a pillow with a really low loft and usually a softer feel to prevent your neck from craning.

    Honestly the only pillow out of these three that I thought worked for stomach sleepers was the Original Purple pillow without the boosters added.

    It is firmer but I found that it did a good job of keeping my neck well aligned. The other
    two pillows were far too lofty for stomach sleeping.


    I’ve thrown a lot of information at you, so let’s recap and go over who should consider buying each of these pillows.

    First the Original Purple pillow. I love that it works for every sleeping position. It’s especially a good choice for combination sleepers.

    I also really like that it includes the adjustable booster so you can really adjust the loft to fit your height exactly. I also really like how cooling this pillow is, so it’s a really good choice for hot sleepers and it’s overall a really good choice for anyone who wants a firmer feel from their pillow.

    Now onto the Purple Harmony pillow. I’ll be honest with you, this was my favorite out of all three of these pillows.

    I’m a back sleeper and I found it to be perfect for sleeping on my back. I would recommend it to all my fellow back sleepers in either the low or the medium loft.

    Side sleepers are also going to find it really comfy in either the medium or the high loft. Out of all three pillows, I thought this was the most cooling. Hot sleepers, this is the best option for you. However it is the most expensive of all three pillows, so it’s not a great budget buy.

    Finally the Purple Cloud. If you’re a strict side sleeper, this is definitely the pillow for you. It’s also a great option for people who have allergies or just anyone who likes to keep things super clean as this entire pillow is machine washable.

    It’s also the least expensive of these three pillows as well as one of the more affordable luxury pillows I’ve ever reviewed, so this is a great option for shoppers on a budget.


    Let’s run through some frequently asked questions to make sure that you aren’t left wondering anything.

    Which Purple pillow is best?

    As with most bedding products, this really depends. Personally I love the Purple Harmony, the most out of all three of these pillows, because I really liked its bouncy, but supportive feel for lying on my back.

    But you might prefer a different pillow based on your sleeping position, your body type, what temperature you’re at usually when you sleep, and your budget.

    Do Purple pillows flatten?

    In my experience with all three of these pillows, they did a really good job at maintaining their shape.

    Even the Purple Cloud, which is made with the down alternative gel fiber, retains its shape well as each fiber is coated with silicone.

    Do you put a pillowcase on a Purple pillow?

    this is pretty much up to you. The Purple Harmony and the Original Purple pillow both have a removable cover so you could sleep right on them if you want and take the covers off and wash them.

    The Purple Cloud does not have a removable cover but the entire pillow is machine washable so you could sleep right on it if you want to.

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