Adjustable Purple Pillow Review

    Purple Pillow

    If you’re looking for an incredibly unique pillow, you can’t do much better than the Purple.

    Unlike other pillows that are made with feathers or fluff, this one is made from a squishy gel grid. The result a super supportive pillow that will last you years.

    And best of all, it comes with boosters so you can easily adjust the height.

    But is this the right pillow for you?

    To help you find out I’ll go over its firmness, feel and unique construction.

    Let’s get started.

    Made with their proprietary gel grid, Purple makes some of the most recognizable bedding products on the market.

    It feels both squishy and firm at the same time, so you’ll never need to worry about it sagging.

    Purple has several different pillows on the market, such as Purple Plush and the Purple Harmony. But today I’m specifically looking at the original Purple pillow.

    You ready to see what it’s all about? Let’s take a look at its construction.

    Purple Pillow


    Around the Purple pillow you’ll find their moisture-wicking breeze mesh cover. It is super stretchy and breathable, which provides great airflow and it easily conforms to the gel grid underneath.

    When you flip the pillow over you’ll find that there’s a zipper on the bottom and inside you’ll find two boosters. One of them is a half inch thick. The other one is a full inch thick. This will help you get the pillow to your perfect height. So no matter your weight or body size, you’ll be able to get it to where you need it to be.

    And underneath this you’ll find the proprietary Purple gel grid. It provides plenty of room for airflow, so it won’t trap heat and it feels squishy and firm at the same time.

    You won’t find this material out there anywhere else. It is super unique.

    You might be wondering what does all this construction mean.

    Let’s talk about the height also known as its loft. This is a customizable pillow, so you can get it to three inches, all the way up to four and a half inches tall.

    If you tend to sleep hot at night, the Purple pillow is a great pick.

    It has several cooling features built in, like the breeze mesh cover on the outside and the grid itself allows for plenty of airflow, so it feels super breathable.

    And finally let’s talk about how it is to clean the Purple pillow.

    The cover is machine washable so that’s super easy to maintain.

    If you need to clean the gel grid underneath you’ll want to do that in warm water by hand. The pillow boosters will also need to be washed by hand, but you can tumble dry them on low.

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    Firmness and Feel

    Now I’m going to talk about firmness and feel.

    Right out the gate, when you get this Purple pillow, you’ll notice it feels super firm. When your head rests on it, it’ll sink in slightly, but you’ll still get plenty of support thanks to the squishy gel grid.

    Speaking of the squishy gel grid, that is what makes the Purple pillow feel unlike anything else out there.

    You’ll notice when you first touch it, it feels pretty soft, but as soon as you apply pressure, you’ll get that firmness and support that you need.

    adjustable height pillow

    Sleeping Positions

    When you get a new pillow, you really want to make sure that it helps you maintain a neutral alignment.

    What this means is that side sleepers will have their ears aligned with their shoulders and if you are back or stomach sleeping, you’ll want your chin to be in line with your sternum.

    On the Purple pillow, this is a great fit for most back sleepers. Lightweight people might want to add a half inch booster. Larger people might want to add the one inch booster. But again you’ll get the proper support that you need in the sleeping position.

    Side sleepers will also find this pillow very comfortable because it’s not going to sag as you apply pressure to it throughout the night.

    You should still keep your ears in line with your shoulders throughout the whole evening. Again depending on your height, you might need to add a booster. Lightweight people might just need a half inch, while larger people might need one and a half.

    However, stomach sleepers, this pillow isn’t going to be a great pick for you. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you want to rest on something that is almost completely flat. So even if you take the boosters away from this pillow, it’s still gonna be three inches thick, which could crane your neck out of alignment and cause pain over time.


    Let’s look closely at the pros and cons of the Purple pillow, starting with the pros.

    This is gonna be a great pick if you’re a back or a side sleeper because it has the boosters at the bottom. You can easily adjust it to the height you need and get that support.

    It’s also a great pick if you’re a hot sleeper. This nice gel grid allows for plenty of airflow, so it won’t trap heat and it’s a very durable pillow. This is going to last you for a long time.

    supportive pillow


    The Purple pillow does have a few cons though. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you’re probably not going to reach a neutral alignment on this because it’s three inches thick. You’re going to want to find something a lot flatter.

    Also this is a much pricier pillow than others you’ll find on the market. So if you’re on a very strict budget, you might want to choose something else.

    And last but not least, this pillow has a very unique feel, so if you really prefer a memory foam pillow or a down pillow, this isn’t going to be the one for you. This feels both squishy and firm at the same time.


    Before i wrap up, I’m going to touch on some additional information about the Purple pillow.

    First of all, they do offer free shipping and free returns.

    There’s a 100 night sleep trial period, a one year warranty and different bedding accessories are available.

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