Purple Harmony Pillow Review


    If you switch sleeping positions in the night, you’re going to want to find a pillow that will keep you comfortable, no matter what.

    That’s exactly what you’ll find in the Purple Harmony.

    This pillow is available in three loft sizes, so it works for a variety of different body types.

    But is it the right one for you?

    To help you find out, I’ll go over its firmness, feel and unique features.

    Purple is known for their unique squishy proprietary gel grid. You’ll find it in their mattresses and you’ll find it in the Purple Harmony pillow.

    It feels soft at first, but when you apply pressure, it creates tons of support.

    Want to learn more about how this works? To find out, let’s take a close look at its construction.



    The Purple Harmony pillow has a thin mesh cover. It is super stretchy and super breathable, but what’s really unique about it is when you unzip it, you’ll find a layer of the Purple hex grid inside the cover.

    This is just a thinner version of what you’ll find in their mattresses. It feels soft and squishy and super responsive. You’ll see whenever you press into it, it immediately snaps back into place.

    Best of all, it has 2 000 open air channels, which provides amazing airflow, which is great if you’re a hot sleeper.

    Underneath the cover you’ll find a core made out of ventilated talalay latex. This is a naturally breathable material. Unlike memory foam, it won’t trap body heat as easily. It’s both soft and supportive and when you apply pressure on it, it’s not going to sink or sag overnight.

    You might be wondering, what does this all mean.

    First let’s talk about the pillow’s height, also known as its loft.

    I have the medium loft pillow, but it’s also available in a low and a high loft.

    The low loft pillow is five and a half inches tall, the medium is six and a half and the high loft is seven and a half inches tall.

    Let’s talk about its cooling features.

    As I mentioned earlier, this pillow is amazing if you’re a hot sleeper.

    It has the thin breathable mesh cover. Then it has the Purple hex grid with 2000 open air channels, followed by a layer of talalay latex. Talalay latex is naturally breathable and this one has little air holes throughout. Overall you will not be trapping body heat on this pillow.

    Finally let’s talk about how you clean this pillow. The cover is machine washable, just wash on the cold cycle and tumble dry on low. If you happen to get the interior talalay latex core dirty, you’ll want to spot clean that.

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    Firmness and Feel

    We couldn’t do a pillow review without talking about firmness and feel.

    When you first get the Purple Harmony pillow, you’ll notice it feels a nice medium firm.

    It’s soft on the outside thanks to their proprietary gel grid, but supportive in the core thanks to the talalay latex. This also gives the pillow a completely one-of-a-kind feel.

    Like I mentioned earlier, the proprietary gel grid feels squishy at first, but when you apply pressure, it creates a nice level of firmness. This combined with the talalay latex core creates a really well balanced feel.

    Talalay latex pillow

    Sleeping Positions

    When you buy a new pillow, you really want to make sure that it helps you maintain a neutral alignment.

    What this means is that if you’re side sleeping, your ears align with your shoulders, and if you’re on your back or your stomach, your chin will line up with your sternum.

    The Purple pillow is fantastic for combination sleepers and it’s super versatile.

    For an average weight person, the medium loft works great while back sleeping. It creates a nice balance of comfort and support.

    If you’re a little bit larger framed, however, you may want to get the high loft pillow for this sleeping position.

    For side sleeping it’s a similar story. I felt a really great amount of support. It kept my ears in line with my shoulders, but if you’re a little bit larger, you might want a taller pillow to help you maintain that neutral alignment.

    If you’re a stomach sleeper, you’re going to want to try to find a pillow that is almost completely flat. This pillow will help you maintain a neutral alignment and help prevent neck pain over time. If this is your strict sleeping position you’ll want to get the low loft pillow.

    But if you’re a combination sleeper and you switch between your back side and stomach, a medium loft pillow will work fine.


    I’m going to go over some of the pros and cons of the Purple Harmony pillow, starting with the good stuff.

    First of all, this is a fantastic choice if you’re a combination sleeper. Thanks to its unique construction, it will provide comfort and support in a variety of different sleeping positions.

    Second of all, this is a great choice if you are a hot sleeper. It has a thin breathable mesh cover and ventilated talalay latex, which provides plenty of airflow.

    And finally it has loads of customization options. It’s available in a low, medium and high loft, so depending on your frame and sleeping position, you’ll be able to find the right one for you.



    I can’t talk about the pros without also touching on some of the cons.

    First of all, this is not going to be a good choice if you love a traditional feeling pillow. Because of the unique gel grid on the outside, it does have one of a kind feel. If you’re looking for something more fluffy and malleable, you might want to go elsewhere.

    Second of all, this pillow isn’t going to be a good choice if you’re on a strict budget. It’s a little bit on the pricier side, so if you’re strapped for cash, you’ll want to look somewhere else.

    And finally, this is not a good choice for people who prefer an especially firm pillow.


    Before I wrap up, I’m going to go over some additional information about the Purple Harmony pillow.

    They offer free shipping, they have a 100 night sleep trial period, a one year warranty and different bedding accessories are available.

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