Purple Ascent Adjustable Base Review

    Purple Ascent adjustable base

    If you’re looking for a great adjustable base to go with your mattress, you’ve come to the right place.

    Here I’m talking about the Purple Ascent adjustable base. I’m going to take a look at its construction, my experience with it, who it’s a good fit for and who it’s not a good fit for.

    Let’s get started.

    As the name suggests the Ascent comes from Purple, producer of some very high quality, very popular bed-in-a-box mattresses. They have the Purple, the Purple hybrid and the Purple hybrid premiere.

    If you want a great adjustable base to go with your Purple mattress or any other mattress, take a look at the Purple Ascent base.

    Setup & Unboxing

    Let’s talk about how to set up the Purple Ascent adjustable base.

    It is very easy. You have your box, bring it into your bedroom, it is quite heavy so ask someone for help. You take off the top lid of the box and you take out the adjustable base. It’s going to be folded in half.

    You’re going to unfold it so the bottom end is facing up. Then you’re going to screw on the six legs. It’s very easy. You make sure everything is plugged in correctly. Cut off the zip ties.

    Then you’re going to flip it over. You’re going to plug it into the wall and make sure your remote is paired. It should already be paired to the adjustable base. Then start using it and you’re good to go.

    Purple Ascent adjustable base

    How to Use

    Let’s talk about actually using the Purple Ascent adjustable base.

    I want to talk about design and overall look. First off, you do have a standard design with some foam and nice polyester fabric around the edges.

    But what really makes this stand out are the legs. They’re all wooden, which is very rare for an adjustable base.

    By itself, it’s a very good looking adjustable base.

    You also have your standard frame at the end to make sure the mattress does not slide off when you’re using it.

    But let’s take a look at the different features of this adjustable base, one by one. It’s all controlled by the remote control.

    Let’s go through all the settings.

    You have your normal settings, so head up and head down. And you have your foot up and your foot down.

    Let’s look at the extra features with this adjustable base.

    We have the anti-snore function, it’s going to raise the head section just a little bit to relieve pressure on the airway, hopefully cutting down on snoring.

    Then we have the sitting position. It takes the head up and feet up as well for a resting position.

    I’ll note that the sitting and the anti-snore functions are both adjustable to whatever you want to set them to. It’s kind of a memory function there.

    Lastly you have zero gravity, similar to what you get with the sitting position. This is not customizable. It’s meant to relieve pressure on the lower back.

    That is how to use the Purple Ascent adjustable base.

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    My Experience

    Now let’s talk about my experience using the Ascent.

    First off, let’s talk about compatibility. I’m using the Purple Ascent with the Purple hybrid premiere, three inch model, one of their thicker models.

    There is a little bit of bunching up and it kind of rises off the adjustable base when you’re using it, but overall not a bad match. If you want a better match, probably take a look at the Purple original mattress.

    Let’s take a look at the different settings with this adjustable base.

    Let’s talk about the head setting. When it is all the way up, it’s a good position for watching TV or relaxing or reading a book.

    Then you have the foot section. It goes all the way up to 45 degrees for your thighs. Your legs are out straight, very comfortable as well.

    We also have an anti-snore function and the idea behind that is to elevate the head just a little bit and relieve pressure on the airway. You can also customize this for your specific situation.

    You have the sitting position button, which actually is going to raise he head and foot section a little bit, kind of for watching TV and lying back and relaxing. Also customizable for your specific situation.

    This one actually has some pretty nice zero gravity. I don’t feel completely weightless but does relieve pressure on my lower back.

    Last but not least, you’re going to have your flat setting. It takes everything back to a flat neutral position.

    Speaking though of noise, it is kind of a noisier adjustable base. Using it, you can hear it. However, it shouldn’t be too bad for waking up your partner during the night, but definitely something to keep in mind.

    Speaking of wall hugging, the head area comes pretty far away from the wall when you incline the head area. So not the best wall hugging with the Purple.

    Purple Ascent bed


    Now let’s talk about the pros, who I think the Purple Ascent might be a good fit for.

    First off, if you want an adjustable base to use by itself without another bed frame, take a look at the Purple Ascent. It looks very nice by itself, very nice wooden legs, overall a very attractive adjustable base.

    Also looking for something with a good warranty and good sleep trial, this is also going to be a good fit for. You get a 10 year warranty, which is very nice for an adjustable base. And a 100 night sleep trial.


    Now let’s talk about the cons or who I think the Purple Ascent might not be the best fit for.

    If you’re looking for more of a deluxe, kind of advanced adjustable base, you might want to look elsewhere. This has more of a simple design overall.

    Next, if you want an adjustable base with massage features, you don’t get those with the Purple Ascent. If you want a massage feature, look elsewhere.

    Last but not least, if you want an adjustable base with great wall hugging, this is probably not going to work too well for you. When you incline the head portion of this adjustable base, you are going to move away from the wall.

    Purple Ascent wooden legs


    I want give you some additional information about the Purple Ascent adjustable base.

    It comes with free shipping and returns, a 100 night sleep trial, a 10 year warranty.

    Purple offers other mattress models, accessories and financing as well.


    Is the Purple adjustable base worth it. In my experience, it is definitely worth it. But it’s more about what you’re looking for in particular.

    If you want a very nicely designed adjustable base with a very good look overall. Also something with a great warranty, a good fit for you.

    But if you want a lot of extra features, specifically massage features, look elsewhere.

    How long will the Purple Ascent last? taking a look at its construction, overall design, it should last for between 10 and 15 years.

    In the end i think the Purple Ascent is a great match if you want something with a very nice design and a great warranty and sleep trial.

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