Pluto Custom Pillow Review

    customizable pillow

    Rather than looking for a pillow that matches all of your requirements, consider making one yourself. The Pluto Pillow is totally customizable to fit your needs and sleeping habits.

    They give a detailed questionnaire to assist you figure out what you truly need in a pillow so you can sleep more soundly.

    They consider your height, sleeping position, habits, and other factors to find out the type of pillow will be the perfect match for you.

    Continue reading to find out what makes the Pluto pillow shopping trip special, as well as what you can anticipate from the pillows they design.


    custom made pillow for you

    Although there are approximately 30 diverse kinds of the Pluto Pillow, the majority of these pillows will have some structural parallels. This is a hybrid construction with a cover material that unzips to expose an interior core, followed by a contouring fill pillow portion.

    The pillow’s core will give most of the pillow’s support, firmness, and height. Certain core areas will be bigger than others, some will be firmer than others, and some will be better contoured. Usually, latex or foam will be used to construct these core portions.

    The outside fill section of the pillow is what provides your pillow the greater contouring comfort that a Pluto Pillow is known for. If you choose a fill type, this half of the pillow will have the classic down-alternative kind fluffy quality.

    This could be a large or small size, depending on your requirements. This part of the pillow has a zipper and is attached to the pillow’s cover material. The core cannot be machine washed, but this part can. I ‘ll go through care tips in greater detail later in the article.

    Last but not least, there’s the pillow’s cover. Quilted cover materials will be used in some cases, while smooth cover materials will be used in others. They offer a specific cover to help you stay cool if you mention in your quiz that you have trouble sleeping warm.

    Some may have a fluffy quilted cover made of a different material, while others may not. Each Pluto Pillow is unique in appearance and feel, so a few minor adjustments can have a major impact on your degree of comfort.

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    The Pluto Pillow is all about making a pillow that’s comfy for you and your sleeping habits. This is unlike usual buying experiences, when you are researching a certain pillow construction to determine if it will fit you.

    The Pluto Pillow Survey provides information about you and how you sleep, which is used to design the pillows. Your pillow developer will select a design that will function for you from the 35 distinct options available.

    This approach enables Pluto to create a personalized pillow that is tailored to you and your sleeping habits in order to create a pillow that is uniquely comfy for you. So, how comfortable are these pillows?

    Yes, it’s impossible not to have a comfy Pluto Pillow when they get so many various alternatives that will accommodate a variety of users. The quickest method to go awry is to be unaware of your own likes or sleeping habits.

    Even if your first attempt with Pluto fails, you have a 100-day trial period to check out your new pillow. If it isn’t your dream pillow, you can send it back for a refund and test again within the trial time.

    customizable pillow


    It is critical to take proper care of your pillow in order to ensure that it remains pleasant for a long period. The first and most effective method is to always use a pillow case that is washed or cleaned on a regular basis. Sweat, skin cells, dust, and allergies will be prevented as a result of this. This is correct for nearly any pillow you’ll purchase. Certain pillows, on the other hand, are easier to clean than others.

    I’m delighted to announce that the Pluto pillows are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. The outside of the pillow can be machine washed. The interior foam core portion, on the other hand, must not be immersed in water and cannot be machine washed.

    Pluto recommends removing the interior core foam from your pillow by unzipping it. The pillow’s outside, on the other hand, can be machine washed. They recommend using only mild detergent and washing on a cold gentle cycle. If you want to use bleach, make sure it doesn’t contain chlorine.

    Just tumble dry on low heat to dry. Again, extreme heat should be avoided because it may destroy the pillow. Pluto suggests doing this cleaning method every 90 days or whenever your pillow needs a deep clean. Alternatively, just fluff up your pillow every several days to keep that fluffy touch you adore.


    When I evaluate a product’s value for money, I consider the item’s quality and comfort in comparison to the amount you must spend. I  also compare it to the cost of similar high-quality options on the market.

    The majority of the designer pillows I analyze will cost more than $100 each. As a result, the Pluto Pillows are on par, if not a bit lower, in terms of pricing, making them indeed an excellent offer.

    This, however, ignores the fact that you are receiving a fully personalized pillow that is chosen to meet your individual comfort requirements. I feel that this is a quality buying experience that will assist you in finding a pillow that is right for you and your sleeping habits.

    Keep in mind that you get a 1-year limited warranty and a 100-day trial period to thoroughly examine your pillow and ensure that it is the proper match for you. For the most up-to-date pricing and promos, check their website.

    customized foam pillow


    You won’t find the normal product options to add to your cart when you explore the Pluto Pillow website. Rather, you’ll discover a detailed survey that’s neither too long or difficult to complete. They ask you a series of questions to allow them figure out what kind of pillow will best suit your needs. Continue reading to learn more about what to anticipate and how these queries might help you choose your pillow construction.

    The Pluto Pillow quiz is simple, quick, and comprehensive. It covers all of the major aspects that influence the type of pillow you choose and how you sleep in the most comfortable way possible.

    After you’ve completed the questionnaire, a pillow picker will choose a design for you, which you may then inspect and purchase. Before a final decision is made, you may get an email asking for even more information about your choices. Basically, this approach is simple and effective in assisting you in achieving the perfect pillow feel.


    After all, all we want from our pillows is a good night’s sleep and mornings with no pain. The appropriate pillow can make a big difference in how you sleep and avoid aches and pains from sleeping on a pillow that doesn’t fit you or your sleeping style.

    Ultimately, I adore Pluto’s idea of customized pillows. The designs are also wonderful in that I’m convinced that there will be a pillow from Pluto that will be a nice fit for you out of the 35 different construction possibilities.

    Custom Made Pillow For You!

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