Pillow With Customizable Firmness & Eco-friendly Cover


    Here I’m going to be talking about the Nest Easy Breather pillow.

    Nest bedding is a direct consumer mattress and bedding company that’s all about providing luxury organic and natural products to consumers.

    In this review I’ll go over the construction and feel of this pillow as well as go over its performance by sleeper type and give you some pros and cons based on my experience of testing it out.



    Let’s kick things off by taking a look at the construction of the Nest Easy Breather pillow.

    What a pillow is made of, is going to tell you a lot about how it’s going to feel.

    First things first, let’s take a look at the cover.

    The cover is made of a blend of fabrics. It’s going to be 49% blended adaptive cooling fabric, which is nest’s proprietary fabric that’s made primarily of tencel. And tencel is just a fabric that’s made from wood pulp, which is known for its eco-friendliness and its cooling properties.

    The rest of the blend in the cover is going to be 49% polyester and 2% spandex, so it’s got a little bit of stretch.

    If I unzip the cover, I can see the inner lining of the pillow, which is made of 100% knit cotton.

    This inner lining holds the actual fill of the pillow, which is 70% shredded memory foam and 30% polyester fiber.

    This filling is actually removable so you can adjust the loft of the pillow to the right height for you.

    When you receive the pillow, it’s going to be over stuffed, so I would definitely recommend taking some of the fill out and testing out what loft is going to work for you.

    Although I will say from my experience with these adjustable loft pillows, when you take out some of the fill, you will always find a little bit around your room. So just be careful when you’re taking it out to keep it contained.

    The foam used in the fill of this pillow is CertiPUR-US certified to be free from any harmful chemicals or pollutants.

    This entire pillow is machine washable.

    This pillow is going to come in four sizes. Standard, which is the size I have, queen, king and a side sleeper pillow, which is kind of like a boomerang shape that’s meant to be more ergonomic for side sleepers.

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    I just threw a lot of objective information at you, so let’s jazz it up a bit and go over something a little bit more subjective – feel.

    To give you the best understanding of this pillow, I took it home and I tested it out for a few nights, so here are my takeaways.

    Overall I would say the Nest Easy Breather has a pretty solidly medium feel.

    The shredded foam fill does allow for some give, so you get some contouring around your head and neck, but overall I would say it has a really supportive and elevating feel.

    I would say that the Nest Easy Breather has a decent amount of moldability and squish.

    You can see that I can press into the pillow and mold it a bit, but it immediately reforms to its shape.

    This is kind of like a nice middle ground between a traditional down pillow that’s extremely moldable and a memory foam block pillow that’s not at all moldable.

    I’ll also add that this pillow sleeps pretty cool. The cover has a really nice cool to the touch feel and the shredded fill allows for more air to circulate within the pillow, which prevents heat from being trapped.

    Overall I think hot sleepers are really going to enjoy this pillow.

    Sleeping Positions

    It’s time to apply what we know about construction and feel to how this pillow is going to work for different sleeper types.

    Whether you sleep on your back, your side or your stomach can play a huge role in what kind of pillow is going to be best for you.

    Not taking into account your sleeping position when you’re buying a pillow would be like buying a new pair of shoes without even knowing your shoe size.

    So let’s start off with back sleepers.

    Back sleepers are the happy medium group. They should aim for a medium loft and a medium firmness.

    I think the Nest Easy Breather is going to be an excellent choice for back sleepers since it has a medium firmness and you can lower the loft to a medium loft.

    I’m a back sleeper myself and i had to take out quite a bit of fill to get it to a loft that was comfortable for me. So just be sure to test out a few different levels.

    Let’s talk about side sleepers.

    I actually think the Nest Easy Breather is a really good choice for side sleepers too. Side sleepers generally need a higher loft and a firmer feel on their pillow.

    This pillow is going to come overstuffed so it should be really easy to adjust it to a nice high loft for a side sleeper.

    While the feel is more medium than firm, Ii still think this pillow is going to be really comfortable and supportive for side sleepers.

    Finally stomach sleepers.

    Zo me the Nest Easy Breather is not a fantastic choice for stomach sleepers as they generally want a pretty soft feel and a pretty low loft,

    I think you could remove a lot of the fill of this pillow to get it to a really low loft, but at that point it might be more worthwhile to just buy a pillow that already has a low loft.


    I love a good pros and cons list because I’m the type of person who can spend all day deliberating about with the right choices.

    So for my fellow indecisive people, I’ve put together a list of what I liked and what I didn’t like so much about this pillow.

    So first let’s go over my pros.

    My first pro for this pillow would definitely be the cooling features. I really like the cool to the touch feel of the cover and the fact that the shredded fill allows for some breathability, means this pillow sleeps really cool overall.

    Hot sleepers this is a great pick for you.

    Next, the adjustability is another big pro of this pillow for me. I really like that you can truly customize it to fit you exactly.


    Third I would also say the fact that this entire pillow is machine washable is another big pro for me. Alot of shredded foam fill pillows like this aren’t washable, so the fact that you can wash both the outer cover and the inner pillow itself is great.


    Now let’s go over some cons.

    My first con for this pillow would be that it’s not really worth the money for stomach sleepers in my opinion.

    I would just recommend picking a low loft pillow in the first place instead of basically removing all the felt from this one.

    Next, if you’re after a more traditional down pillow feel, I don’t think you’re really going to like the Nest Easy Breather as much as it’s not going to be quite as moldable.

    Third and finally I would say if you’re not the kind of person who wants to have to mess around with adjusting the loft and risk getting foam all over your room, then I would definitely recommend a different pillow instead.


    Let’s go over some of Nest bedding’s policies.

    Nest offers free shipping within the contiguous United States. Customers in Hawaii and Alaska will have to pay an additional shipping fee and Nest will also ship to Canada for an additional shipping fee.

    They also offer a 30 night sleep trial with this pillow and that means you can test the pillow out at home for 30 nights.

    If you decide it’s not a good fit for you, you can return it for a full refund.

    Finally nest also offers a two year warranty on this pillow. That will cover any manufacturing defects.

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