Pillow That Stays Fluffy (Won’t Fall Flat or Clump)


    Here I talk about a great pillow. It is the Purple Cloud pillow.

    This has high expectations for me because anytime a company likes to put the name Cloud in their sleep products, I better feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud.

    I’ll go over the Purple Cloud’s construction, who it’s good for, who it’s not so good for, how it feels. At the end I’ll go over some frequently asked questions about this pillow.


    Pillow That Stays Fluffy

    Usually when I talk about the construction, I would open up the pillow and see what’s inside and talk about all the fill that makes this pillow have all the awesome and cool features that it does.

    Unfortunately with the Purple Cloud it doesn’t have a zipper or any way for me to get inside and see that fill.

    So I’ll do my best to use my most descriptive words to paint a perfect picture for you.

    The Purple Cloud pillow is a down alternative pillow, which means that it’s filled with materials that mimic feathers.

    In this case ultra fine gel fibers coated in silicone, so they won’t clump, trap heat or flatten over time. Plus, since there are no feathers, this pillow is also hypoallergenic. I’s even certified Clean Air Gold .

    As for the cover, that is made of a hundred percent cotton and although Purple claims that this material is breathable, I did notice some heat retention when I use this pillow overnight. But nothing to be too overly concerned about, unless you are a notoriously hot sleeper.

    One bonus point that I do want to add is that this entire pillow can go in both the washing machine and the dryer, which is great for upkeep and those with allergies.

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    Moving on to the feel. I take this category very seriously.

    Immediately I’m getting hotel pillow vibes from this guy. I mean from the cover to the overall plush and impressionable feel, a night sleep on this pillow might feel like you’re staying at the Ritz Carlton or the Four Seasons.

    I would definitely recommend putting your own pillowcase over this because it doesn’t feel very soft to the touch. I’d say this cover feels like a cotton handkerchief ,not silky or smooth and that’s not the ideal feel i want from my pillow at night.

    When I lie on this pillow it hugs my head and makes me feel very supported all around. It cushions me in all the right places and responds to any movement my head makes.

    When I get up, the pillow does a great job regaining its original shape. No fluffing or reshaping is required.

    Down alternative pillows are my personal favorite because coincidentally enough it does feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, So some bonus points for Purple out there for actually living up to the name of this pillow.


    Sleep Positions

    Here’s where things get personal.

    Before buying a pillow, it’s very important to know what sleeper you are. What position do you sleep in?

    Do you sleep on your back, your side, your stomach or a continuous cycle of all three. As long as your head, neck and spine are in alignment, you’ll have your best and healthiest night’s sleep.

    Let’s start first with back sleepers.

    Back sleepers, I absolutely love this option for you.

    You will sink just enough into the surface to feel coddled and conformed, while still being propped up and keeping your neck supported and aligned.

    Now side sleepers. Join the club. This is a great option for you as well.

    The Purple Cloud has a six inch loft, which is an appropriate height for side sleepers of all body types.

    Your head and neck will feel properly supported and your spine will be aligned throughout the night.

    Now stomach sleepers, unfortunately I can’t recommend this pillow for you. It is just far too lofty and you need a low loft pillow.

    If you were to use it, your neck could get overly strained and contorted and that just sounds uncomfortable.



    Pillow buying can be super confusing so, I made a pros and cons to help make that decision a little bit easier for you.

    Starting off with the pros.

    The Purple Cloud is a great option for you back sleepers out there. Thanks to the loft and support you get with this pillow, it is a recipe for some serious sleep. Feel cushioned and supported all night long.

    Moving on, this entire pillow is machine washable. It’s not often we come across a pillow that can be washed in its entirety without tedious directions.

    Moving on to number three, the Purple Cloud always stays fluffy thanks to those high quality gel fibers. This pillow is never going to clump or flatten over time.

    Lastly, I added an extra pro because this pillow is so wonderful. The Purple Cloud pillow is at a great price point, considering other luxury pillows can have a hefty price tag on them.

    The Purple Cloud comes in at around $50 a pillow, which is half the price of the original Purple pillow.


    Moving on to cons, this pillow could be too lofty for you stomach sleepers out there. Since it does have a high six inch loft, that would just be too much for your neck and just be super uncomfortable.

    Moving on to the second con, the cover is not removable, although it is nice that you can wash this pillow in its entirety. I like to see a removable cover just to keep maintenance low.

    Lastly the Purple Cloud could be too hot of a pillow for you if you do experience hot sleeping throughout the night.

    Thanks to that cotton cover, it could retain a little too much heat, so if that does sound like something that happens to you, I would just not go with this option,


    Now I’m going to go over some quick hits regarding Purple’s policy so you know exactly what to expect when you buy,

    Purple offers a 100 night sleep trial and a one-year warranty as well as free shipping for their products.


    Now I’m going to get into some frequently asked questions regarding the Purple Cloud pillow

    Does the Cloud pillow come in multiple sizes?

    Yes, it comes in the standard size or a king size option for an additional $18.


    Do you need to regularly fluff the Cloud pillow?

    No, the fill of this pillow was made specifically to never fall flat or clump so you don’t need to fluff the pillow.

    How long will my Cloud pillow last?

    In this case I usually use the warranty as a good indicator to see how long a pillow should last. In this case it is one year, but I feel like with some good care, this pillow could last much much longer than that.

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