Pillow That Doesn’t Go Flat (Ultra-Durable)


    Here I’m going to be talking about the Purple Harmony, a pillow that doesn’t go flat.

    In this article I’m going to go over its construction, it’s feel, how it’s going to work for different types of sleepers. Give you some of my honest pros and cons and I’ll go over some FAQs.


    If you’re like me and you tend to sort low to high when you’re online shopping, I bet you’re wondering how much this pillow costs.

    So the Purple Harmony comes in a standard size as well as a king size. The standard size costs $159 and the king size costs $199.

    But keep in mind that pricing in this industry is very subject to change. So be sure to check the most up-to-date pricing.

    Pillow That Doesn't Go Fla


    Let’s quickly go over some of Purple’s policies.

    Purple offers free shipping on this pillow within the contiguous United States. Customers in Hawaii and Alaska will have to pay an additional shipping fee.

    Next Purple also offers a 100 night sleep trial on this pillow and that means you can test it out at home for a hundred nights.

    If you decide it’s not for you you can return it within that trial period for a full refund. Finally, Purple offers a one year warranty on this pillow.

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    As a brand Purple is the king of unique constructions in the world of bedding and mattresses.

    If you’ve heard of Purple before, you’ve probably seen their mattresses, which use their hyper elastic gel flex grid to create a distinctive feeling of floating on top of the mattress.

    Purple has utilized some of this same technology in the Purple Harmony pillow.

    The outer cover is made of a blend of 92% nylon and 8% spandex. It’s quite stretchy and it’s got little perforations on it like mesh on an athletic jersey that allow for some breathability and air flow. This cover is also machine washable.

    If we unzip the cover, we can see that there’s a honeycomb pattern on the inside. That’s where the Purple grid comes into action.

    This hexagonal patterned gel pad is sewn into the cover and Purple says there are 2 000 open air channels to promote even more airflow.

    Finally we have the core of the pillow, which is made from talalay latex. It’s encased in a polyester cover, but it’s got perforations to promote even more airflow.

    Latex is also a great material for keeping cool, because it’s a material that naturally maintains a cool temperature.

    Additionally both the standard and king sizes of the Purple Harmony pillow come in a low, medium and tall loft version. Loft is just basically how tall the pillow is.

    The low loft version is 5.5 inches tall. The medium is 6.5 inches and the tall version is 7.5 inches tall.

    I’ll come back to loft in a minute when I talk about how this pillow is to work for different sleeping positions.

    Talalay latex pillow


    Feel is actually a very subjective aspect of a pillow, so you might have a slightly different experience with this than I did.

    The first thing I noticed about the Purple Harmony pillow is that it has a cool to the touch feel.

    Given all those cooling materials that I talked about in the construction section, that makes a lot of sense.

    This pillow does a really good job of maintaining that cool side of the pillow feel on both sides of the pillow.

    Hot sleepers this is a great choice for you.

    The next thing that I noticed about the Purple Harmony pillow is that it has a super bouncy feel.

    Again this makes a lot of sense because the core is talalay latex, which is a material that’s commonly used in mattresses to give them a bouncy and responsive feel.

    Combine that with the Purple grid hex and this has a super elevating buoyant feel.

    Overall I would say this pillow has a medium firmness. It’s soft enough that your head can sink into it and you’ll get a little bit of contouring.

    But it’s still really supportive from that latex core and the hyperelastic gel grid.


    Now that I’ve talked about construction and feel, let’s marry those two ideas together and talk about how this pillow is gonna work for different types of sleepers.

    You sleep on either your back, side or stomach.

    Let’s kick things off with back sleepers.

    Back sleepers generally want a medium firmness and a medium loft to ensure proper spinal alignment and comfort.

    The Purple Harmony is checking all the boxes there. My head certainly was turned with this pillow. I really love the feel of the Purple Harmony.

    I tend to like a little bit of a lower loft anyway. so I love the low loft combined with the
    buoyant and supportive feel. But if you’re a little bit bigger than me or if you just like a little bit of a higher loft, I definitely recommend going with the medium version.

    Side sleepers are generally looking for a higher loft and a firmer feel to ensure that your head and neck stay in line with the rest of your spine.

    While the Purple Harmony has more of a medium than firm feel I actually think that buoyancy will help to keep your head and neck in line with the rest of your spine.

    I found it to be really comfortable for side sleeping.

    But if you’re a strict side sleeper I would definitely recommend going with either the medium or tall loft version depending on your size and preference.

    Finally stomach sleepers. It’s hard to find a really good pillow for stomach sleepers as you really need a low loft and soft feel to prevent your neck from craning while you’re on your stomach.

    I thought the Purple Harmony was just okay for stomach sleeping. I felt my neck craning just a little bit, which was honestly not very comfortable.

    If you’re a full-time stomach sleeper, I wouldn’t really recommend this pillow for you.

    If you’re a combo sleeper who switches between stomach and another position, you could be okay as long as you stick to the low loft version.



    I have covered a lot about the Purple Harmony pillow so let’s recap with some pros and cons.

    First the pros.

    My first pro for this pillow is all about the feel.

    I love that this pillow let me sink my head into it and get some contouring around my head and neck, but at the same time my head and neck were still properly supported. This is the exact balance that I love in a pillow and I think it’ll work for a lot of you folks too.

    Second, I really love how cooling this pillow is. Hot sleepers, this is going to be a great pick for you.

    Third, I also really appreciate that Purple offers this pillow in multiple lofts. So there should be something that will work for just about everyone.

    Fourth, I also really appreciate that the outer cover of this pillow is machine washable as that’ll just help you keep it super clean.

    Fifth, the pillow’s ultra-durable materials ensure that it maintains its shape with time and use. You get to enjoy that incredible float sensation night after night after night. This pillow that doesn’t go flat.


    Now onto the cons.

    My first con for this pillow would be that I found even the low loft to be too high for sleeping on my stomach comfortably.

    Someone with a bigger frame may find this loft to work for stomach sleeping, but on the whole I would caution stomach sleepers that this is probably going to cause your neck to crank just a bit.

    Second I would also say that if you’re looking for a more traditional style feel, like a down pillow, you may not like the bouncy responsive latex gel feel of the Purple Harmony.


    Let’s go through some frequently asked questions about the Purple Harmony, so you aren’t left wondering anything.

    Is the Purple Harmony good for neck pain?

    This is going to depend on your sleeping position, but if you’re a back sleeper or a side sleeper, I think the Purple Harmony will do a great job to prevent neck pain, as it does a good job of keeping the neck in line with the spine for these sleepers.

    Do the Purple Harmony pillows flatten?

    In my experience with this pillow, it retained its shape really well and given the durable and responsive materials that it’s made with, I think that would continue over time.

    Do Purple pillows smell?

    No in my experience, I didn’t notice any smell from this pillow, but if you should happen to just let it air out for a day or two and any smell should dissipate.

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