Pillow Cube Pro Review

    Pillow Cube Pro

    In this article I’m going to be reviewing the Pillow Cube Pro pillow from Pillow Cube.

    The Pillow Cube Pro is a longer version of the Original Pillow Cube and it comes in a rectangular rather than a square shape-

    In this review I’m going to assess this pillow’s feel and materials, give my expert opinion on which sleepers I think it’s best for and I’ll also share some of Pillow Cube’s policies, like warranty and trial period.

    If you haven’t heard of Pillow Cube before, they advertise their pillow as the pillow made by side sleepers for side sleepers.

    Their Original Pillow Cube is actually in the shape of a cube, which is great for travel or if you don’t move around at all while you sleep.

    But the Pro is a better option for those who move around in their sleep, which honestly is most people.

    I’m here to find out if the Pillow Cube Pro lives up to Pillow Cube’s claim of being the pillow for side sleepers.

    So let’s get started reviewing.

    Pillow Cube Pro


    To start off this review, I’m going to go through the Pillow Cube’s materials.

    First of all, we have a nice soft and breathable cover. It’s pretty stretchy and you can easily take it off, which is really great for washing it. You can just zip it right off.

    Underneath the materials are very simple for the Pillow Cube. Underneath is just a solid block of what they call 60° carbon core, but really it’s just memory foam.

    You’re going to get that classic memory foam feel and that’ll bring me right into my next section on feel.

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    This is going to have the classic feel of memory foam. It has a super slow response to pressure and it’s really nice and moldable. It’s also going to contour to you really nicely.

    Something I also like about memory foam is it is a higher density foam so you’re not going to be sinking right through this. You’re actually going to be positioned kind of in the middle of it.

    I’d also like to mention that the Pillow Cube Pro comes in three styles. It has one with a four inch loft, one with a five inch loft and one with a six inch loft. I am testing the five inch loft, which is their most popular version.

    The four inch loft they say is designed more for side sleepers with a more narrow shoulder. A six inch version could be great for people who are much larger and have broader shoulders.

    I’d also say that the lower version is going to probably be the best option if you are a side and back combination sleeper because back sleepers don’t need a super high loft, not as high as side sleepers do. That lower loft is probably going to be a nice sweet spot for these sleepers.

    I definitely think that the Pillow Cube does live up to its promise, It is a great pillow for side sleepers. As a side sleeper myself, I could feel that spinal alignment that I got while I was laying on this pillow.

    What you need if you’re a side sleeper is a pillow that’s going to be high enough to balance your head with your shoulders and that’s going to prevent back pain and neck pain. So if you are a side sleeper who suffers from neck pain, I would definitely say that this pillow is worth checking out.

    However the one group that I really would strongly recommend look for another pillow is gonna be stomach sleepers.

    When I was going to shift to lay on my stomach, it was just feeling like my face was getting smashed in the pillow and I don’t really want something contouring around my face.

    Generally I steer stomach sleepers to a much lower loft pillow and something that’s going to have a softer feel. This has a medium firm feel. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you want a low loft soft pillow. That’s going to be the best option for you to prevent neck and back pain.



    Now that I’ve gone over materials and feel, I want to round things out with a quick list of pros and cons so. First of all the pros.

    I think this is a great pillow for side sleepers.

    As a side sleeper myself, I felt that nice spinal alignment. I really think that if you have neck pain you should look out for this pillow. It could really help you out.

    I also think it’s good for combination sleepers as well. If you’re a back and side combination sleeper, you’re going to find that this pillow has some nice loft and also it really retains its shape throughout, so you’re not going to move around and find a different feel. You’re going to get the same feel throughout, which is really nice.


    Next up some of the cons. If you are a stomach sleeper, this is not the pillow for you. Definitely too high loft, too firm. I would look for something else. I actually think that stomach sleepers do best on a low loft down pillow.

    Similarly I would say that if you’re after the feel of a moldable pillow, you’re going to want to go for something that’s down or faux down. This pillow is going to feel the same the whole way throughout and you can’t really fluff it or change its shape at all.



    Now I’m going to go over a couple of Pillow Cube’s policies.

    First off, they do not offer free shipping. Honestly a lot of brands do offer free shipping these days. That was something I was a little bit disappointed to see.

    Another thing is they do offer exchanges within 60 days of purchase, but returns are only accepted if the pillow is unopened. Since this pillow comes compressed it’s hard to test it out if you don’t open it up.

    So I would say it would be very hard to return this pillow if you do not want to exchange it.

    And lastly it does not come with a warranty. So that is something to look out for.

    That’s it for my review of the Pillow Cube Pro.

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