Organic, Natural Dunlop Latex Foam Mattress

    organic dunlop latex mattress

    In this article I’m bringing you my review of the brand new Eco Organic mattress from Avocado.

    If you didn’t know already, Avocado is probably one of the most popular natural and organic online mattress brands out there right now.

    They make a number of different options but the Eco Organic is basically their most affordable bed to date.

    It’s designed to suit your eco-friendly values along with your pocketbook.

    I’ve been testing it out for a bit now so in this article I just wanted to bring you my thoughts on this mattress and give you a well-informed opinion of it before you decide to buy.

    I’m going to cover the types of policies that you’re going to be receiving should you decide to order it online, then I’m going to get into the big stuff like this bed’s construction, how it feels, how firm or soft it is, elements for couples to consider, pricing.

    At the very end I’ll sum things up with a final verdict on who I see this mattress being best for and why.


    Let’s cover the types of policies that you’re going to be getting with the eco-organic mattress from Avocado.

    These policies are going to differ a little bit from the other beds that Avocado offers. But if you buy it online you should be getting completely free shipping to start.

    The bed is likely going to arrive at your door in a box that’s around like four feet tall. The unboxing process is super easy and kind of straightforward to do and it’s actually fun if you have a friend there to help you out.

    Once the bed is in your possession and set up you also get a 100 night sleep trial and this is basically your time to see if this bed is actually going to be right for you for the foreseeable future or not.

    If it isn’t for whatever reason at all, you get completely free returns within that time frame. But on the other hand, if you end up sleeping on this bed and loving it, that’s great because it’s backed by a 10-year warranty.

    organic dunlop latex mattress


    Now that you’re somewhat aware of the types of policies that you’re getting with this mattress, let’s delve into the bed itself and talk about what exactly it’s made up of.

    The cool thing about the Eco Organic is that it’s entirely comprised of sustainable materials.

    On the bottom it uses recycled steel coils for its support base. This factor naturally makes the bed a pretty good option to handle all body types including heavier folks.

    On top of those coils it uses dunlop latex foam for its primary comfort layer. Dunlop latex foam is basically the firmer style of latex foam and it’s really responsive and almost spongy.

    On top of that latex foam it uses organic wool to serve as an additional comfort layer and to act as a natural fire barrier.

    Rounding everything out is a nice organic cotton cover that gives the bed that fresh and earthy aesthetic.

    This bed is also backed by a bunch of eco certifications to prove just how sustainable its construction is. For the price, it probably has the most amount of them.

    All of the wool, cotton and latex foam used within the bed meets the global organic textile and latex standards and the entire mattress itself is also GreenGuard gold certified, which is actually one of the toughest certifications for natural and organic options to get nowadays.

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    That’s basically the construction of the eco-organic in a nutshell.

    Let’s talk about what this construction gives the bed in terms of its overall feel.

    This mattress has that quintessential latex foam feel associated with most other natural and organic options within its class.

    Latex foam is a very responsive material that snaps back into its original shape almost immediately once you relieve pressure from it.

    This gives the bed a really springy and almost spongy type of feel.

    This coupled with the extra comfort layers of organic cotton and wool should provide the bed with a lot of support and a little bit of pressure relief.

    dunlop latex foam mattress


    This type of feel should be accommodating to most sleepers out there especially if you dig more natural and organic options.

    I would say that this particular model is on the firmer end of the spectrum. Avocado currently advertises this bed to be right around a medium firmness on their website.

    But after I tried it out I thought it felt much firmer than that. I perceived it to be in between a medium firm and actually a proper firm on the scale.

    That’s quite a bit firmer than your average bed in a box mattress.

    Instead of being a perfect option for all sleeper types like Avocado recommends, I see this model being best for strict back and stomach sleepers who usually prefer the most amount of support from their bed.

    But since everybody is different, if you’re a side or combination sleeper that actually likes a firmer mattress, you may prefer it as well.

    Simply put though I’d say that strict back and stomach sleepers are likely going to be getting the most out of the Eco Organic.

    For Couples

    If you’re in a relationship and you plan on sharing the Eco Organic mattress with a partner, you want to be aware of a few different things.

    Those mainly being edge support. How sturdy the perimeter edges of the bed hold up under pressure. Motion isolation, which is how well the bed absorbs cross mattress movement. And temperature regulation and that obviously means how cool or hot the bed innately sleeps.

    In terms of edge support, I’d say it’s actually pretty good. They did incorporate reinforced recycled steel coils along the edges of this mattress. So if you do sleep pretty close to those edges, you’re probably not going to be falling off the Eco Organic anytime soon.

    In terms of motion isolation, I’d say it’s pretty much just average. Latex foam beds usually don’t perform the best in this category, especially when you compare them to memory foam options.

    But all in all, the bed will probably deaden a good amount of cross-mattress movement based on our tests.

    In terms of temperature regulation, I see the Eco Organic pretty much sleeping temperature neutral overall.

    The pocketed coil and wool layers are advertised to make the bed sleep super breathable. But I’d say it all adds up to create a temperature neutral sleeping surface.

    The thing to remember about temperature regulation is not really the bed itself , but other factors like how hot you keep your room, the types of sheets or pillows you use. All that stuff plays into the whole temperature regulation thing a little bit more than the bed.

    So it’s probably not going to actively cool you down at night but it certainly won’t be warming up on you either.

    natural dunlop latex mattress


    It’s time to talk about price. How much are you going to be shelling out for the Eco Organic.

    As I mentioned this is Avocado’s most affordable bed. This is a brand that creates more premium natural and organic options that do come with a bit of a sticker shock.

    It’s nice to see that they have a more budget-friendly option.

    As of when I’m doing this article, a queen size currently retails for just shy of a thousand dollars, which is a great price point especially for an Avocado mattress. It could be a good entry-level bed for you.


    That’s pretty much going to sum it up for my review of the new Eco Organic mattress from Avocado.

    this is Avocado’s most affordable bed to date and I think it’s a pretty quality option for the price.

    But the question remains who should really go with this option and why.

    I’d say look at getting it if you’re looking for a pretty affordable natural and organic option with a responsive latex foam feel, you want a bed with a firmness that’s a little bit firmer for strict back and stomach sleepers, and you want a sustainably sourced bed that’s got the papers to prove it.

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